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We love the Card
We love the card, Lou
#175 - anne and Bruno Challamel - 12/06/2017 - 09:45
makes me smile
hi Lou,
As always, your writing can make me smile, even about the dead!
You're the best. Really, you are! sue
#174 - sue lawrence - 11/20/2017 - 10:37
Day of the Dead edition
Beautiful thought-provoking words on Days of the Dead. Mahalo!
Jan Rife
#173 - jan and jer rife - 11/16/2017 - 13:47
see you in march of 2018
Lou: Waiting till we return to Sma March 2018 to renew. We use the VIP card all the time. It is a great value and we wouldn't do the month without it. Always read the newsletter too!!
#172 - trudi wineman - 11/16/2017 - 13:42
living elsewhere
Lou, I just want to say thanks for keeping me on your mailing list for the VIP CLub Newsletter. I enjoy reading it to keep up with some of the changes going on in San Miguel since we had to leave in 2012. Great job!

#171 - Carol Schmidt - 11/16/2017 - 13:38
17th anniversary
a BIG congrats to you, lou on your amazing 17th anniversary!

#170 - carol romano - 07/21/2017 - 17:49
17th anniversay
hey Lou, Congratulations on your 17th anniversary! Thanks for all the hard work! Linda and Michael

#169 - linda and michael - 07/20/2017 - 19:39
17th anniversay
Feliz aniversario, Lou!

In gratitude! Joseph
#168 - joseph bennett - 07/20/2017 - 19:37
17th anniversay
Congrats Lou. You've made an amazing business!
#167 - cheryl finnegan - 07/20/2017 - 19:34
We want to renew!!!!!
Good morning, Lou.

Thank you so much for this timely notice.

I definitely want to renew my card.

This is my first time to renew so please send the details about where, when, how to pay, etc.

Thank you in advance.

#166 - kemo curry - 03/01/2017 - 14:44
forget but wonderful
Hi, Lou

Reply to your survey: The card is wonderful, worth every peso. That we didn't renew is just user error. We typically forgot to use the card when we had i. As I said: user error. "It's not you, it's me."

Please keep up the good work!


#165 - clay primrose - 03/01/2017 - 14:39
keeeps getting better
I will be renewing. Thank you Lou for all your good work. It just keeps getting better.

Just let me know how to pay.

Clay Primrose

Aldama 19
#164 - clay primrose - 12/17/2016 - 16:40
won't be renewing
Dear Lou,

I won't renew my card this year. Thank you for your excellent service.

#163 - roberto litchenberg - 12/16/2016 - 13:40
As always, thanks!

The club is such a great resource, not only for saving a few bucks every week, but for staying abreast of new restaurants and services through your emails!
As Centro-dwellers who eat out and travel a lot, it pays for itself in the first month or two. And you can quote me on that.

Have a great holiday season.

Chris Hixson and Mitchell Kahan
#162 - chris hixon - 12/16/2016 - 13:38
Hi Lou,

The VIP card is GREAT!!! I will renew for another year of great values. Where do I renew my card? Thanks
#161 - RODNEY E DYE - 10/27/2016 - 18:20
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