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Health and Beauty Discounts with the
VIP Club Card

  • Andre Pascal Salon, Hernandez Macias #110, 154-6441. Andre is locally renowned for his flare and creativity when it comes to fashion and style when it comes to grooming. The swank salon offers variable services; hair dressing, cut, coloring nails etc. VIP Club members may take 10% off the salons services when paying cash. Ramon is the operator for the discount.

  • Arcada Spa, Arcada Hotel Cazalda de la Estacion, #185, 152-8940 15% discount.

  • Arthur Murray Dance Studio now located Salida de Celaya #59, 185-8282  Christie Olvera is the franchise owner. They will offer all forms of Latin, swing, ballroom and tango dancing lessons.  Couples and singles welcome.  Weekly groups and parties. Their beautiful new studio features real wood floors, a garden patio, and a student lounge. Presently they can be reached by phone at 044-415-106-4401 or 152-0095.  VIP Club members are entitled to one, free private lesson and one, free group class and free admission to one of their bombastic parties, plus 10% off first enrollment. Cha, Cha Cha!

  • Art: Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Art Workshops, Zacateros # 4,, 415-121-2311 Cristi Fer Art Gallery features the original artwork of the internationally collected art and Art Workshops, since 1989,.VIP Club members can take 10% OFF on any purchase, offer not valid in addition to any other advertised discounts.

  • Azteca Pavilion Healing Tai Chi and other restorative practices,, 15% discount on two classes per week.

  • BeWellSanMiguel Patient Advocacy Services by Deborah Bickel, Pa MPH. Deborah, a health care professional and totally bilingual stands ready to assist patients in various ways. Rather it be assisting at home care, arranging appointments with the proper caregivers or being on hand when people need to be hospitalized, Deborah knows the procedures and time frames. BeWell's fees are $30USD an hour but VIP Club members pay $25USD! 415-115-7815 or

  • Clinica de Especialidades Dentales and Dentist, Dr. Claudia Llanes, 20 de Enero S. #17-A, Col. San Antonio, 152-8044, Claudia (totally bilingual) does both general and cosmetic work. With 25 years of experience and a graduate of UNAM. Her work includes clleaning, filling, whitening, crowns, bridges, tooth reconstruction, etc. If a specialist is required, Claudia can make the appropriate referral. As a welcoming to the Club special VIP Club members may take 15% off services performed by Claudia!

  • Dental Age, Dental Services, Jose Manuel Zavala Zavala #79, Dr. Cedric Mc Millen.
    The Dental Age Clinic is now Offering its Dental Plans to VIP Members at 10% Discount.
    1) Dental Plan for a Child cost $50.00 USD Annually, An Adult Plan Costs $100 USD Annually and A Family plan for 4 persons Costs $300.00 USD Annually. With the Dental Age Dental Plan you will receive Regular Checkups, 2 cleanings per year, 2 Fillings, unlimited Consultation, Free Exam and Diagnostic, Free X-rays and Discounts on Crowns, Bridges, Implants etc.
    You may Purchase our Plan as a Gift for family Members, Friends, Your House maid, Your Gardener and even to Help a Poor child or Adult in one of the poor Communities.
    Cel. 415 113 7342 Office . 415 185 8181.

  • Dr. Demetrio Hernandez (General and Cosmetic Dentistry), Vincente Araiza #88, Col. Lejona, upstairs, 415-102-1066,, English spoken. Fully liscensed Dr. Hernandez will offer VIP Club members 10% off services.

  • Dental Services: Doctora Karla Carter, Sollano # 62 San Miguel de Allende, Monday through Friday, 10 - 5 p.m office hours.  Call 152-1534 (10% off services rendered) VIP Club members receive 10% off exams, cleaning, whitening, fillings, mouth guards and further consideration is considered for other dental services with use of Your Card. And she now has the state-of-the-art CEREC machine to do crowns, inlays, and veneers on the same day!.

  • Dentist, Doctora Maria Eugenia Beltran, Calzada de la Presa #43, 152-2694, emergency cel: 415-566-4621. Maria joins two other female dentists, Karla Carter and Claudia Llanes, offering discounts for dental care to our membership. Maria is totally bilingual and naturally easy going. She offers both adult and children services and rates. We will attach her rate sheet at the bottom of this flash! VIP members may take 10% off their bill when having procedures performed by Dra. Beltran.

  • Diva Tienda Naturista, Pila Seca 39-A 152-0964. Diva has been a fixture in San Miguel for many years, dispensing vitamins and supplements. With Your VIP Card, if you purchase 500 pesos worth of their products, Diva will offer members a 10% discount. Araceli is the proprietor.

  • Doctora Leticia Zubeldia Insurgentes 153-3, second floor above the Dentist Oswaldo Garcia Arteaga, in front of  DIF. I have office hours from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Monday to Friday.Please feel free to make an appointment for your check up, using the telephone number in the office: 152-85-15 or my cell number,  415-112-7492. Dra Zubeldia has had a distinguished career in medicine. She has involved her self in family practice, is a seasoned surgeon and served as a hospital administrator. She's cognizant about all sides of the business and the importance of proper care.  VIP Club members will receive both financial consideration have available a medical adjutant to accompany them to hospitals etc. 24 hours a day in case of emergency or for quick consultation! Zubeldia will do house calls 24/7. VIP Club of San Miguel members 30% off  their first consultation which is usually 400 pesos. VIP patients will then continue to receive 20% off future in-office consultations.  For home visits on an emergency or necessary basis I charge 600 pesos.  From 9 pm to 8 am would be 800 pesos, from Monday to Sunday.

  • Dr. Leslie Maire Flores, a primary care physician who makes home calls! Bilingual physician with years of medical experience in various Mexican health institutions offering care to all ages including a focus on geriatrics. Fees: All medical appointments include one follow up visit, at no cost.
    15% off Lab order (Chopo)
    15% off with VIP card
    Dr. Leslie: 442.576.02.45 Email:

  • Dos Casas Spa, Quebrada 101, 154-4958, 9 am - 9 pm., Wednesdays through Sundays, full treatments, 15% discount.

  • Doña Urraca Hotel: 15% off not 30%.15% off hotel and spa services. Monday - Thursday only.

  • Dr. Werner Ricardo Gordillo Morath, Hidalgo #28, 154-9976. Emg # (044-415-109-5961) has agreed to give VIP Club members a 10% discount off his medical services. English, German and Spanish spoken.

  • Extending Lives Health, A 25% discount on Life Extension Foundation ( vitamins bought through us plus FREE delivery to SMA! 30% discount on other vitamins/supplements currently in our inventory and 15% off Generic Cialis.
    For order information for any supplement EXTENDINGLIVES@GMAIL.COM
    VIP Card must be shown at time of purchase.

  • Finestra Wellness & Beauty, Pila Seca #5 and Chao Corazon Restaurant, 152-0899,8 am- 6 pm. seven days a week. The extent of their services are enormous with various therapies and body plans including nails and facials with an array of none intrusive procedures for face and body. The restaurant is health conscious as is the rest of the establishment.! A beauty shop is part of the package as well as a spa. Upstairs activities include, various yogas, art classes and meditation. Attachment is not available at the moment but we will include it in our next flash. VIP Club members may take 10% off all services at restaurant or the various activities.

  • Laboratorio "La Lejona,", Vicente Araiza #7, Fracc. La Lejona, 120-0745 Cel 044-415-113-5737 (emergency) 152-1585. And now at Hidalgo #26, Tel. 154-9976. Q.F.B. David Rosales Cervantes owns and operates the laboratory. The Lejona location is located on the street just the other side of Mega. They professionally conduct blood, urine and stool tests and issue lab reports amongst other medical procedures. Dr. Rosales, or one of his trained staff, will come to your home at no extra cost. VIP Club members may take 15% off of all laboratory services with a minimum of $200 pesos in test fees.Laboratoria de Analisis Clinicos La Lejona," has established a centro location, now also located at Hidalgo #26, 152-1585. Open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. 'til 3:30 p.m. and then, 5 p.m. 'til 7 p.m. For some time La Lejona has offered VIP Club members a 10% discount off testing services at the Lejona location. Also, La Lejona will email directly to you and your doctor here or in the States the tests results which means one will not have to return to the clinic for results.

  • La Gruta Spa and natural hot springs, 185-2162. Their restaurant and other services rendered such as massages etc. Located 10 kilometers outside town, on the road to Dolores Hidalgo, La Gruta is open everyday all-year-round from 7 am. 'til 5 pm. . For 66 years La Gruta has been a relaxing and invigorating get-away, with its multiple pools, tunnel and inner cave with a constant flow of hot water. La Gruta is also available for private parties, after hours, with or without special served meals. Your contact there is Gonzalo Tapia, the general manager who speaks great English. Entrance fee to La Gruta is 110 pesos per person but VIP Club members pay 100 and are entitled to 10% off food and drink at their restaurant along with the same discount applied to their other services including massages, etc.

  • Lewis Chiropractic, Mike Lewis, DC, CCSP Sollano #50 (corner of Terraplen), 415 119-4693 Available: Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays. By appointment. Chiropractic care for all ages and all activity levels. Twenty years experience from Seattle, WA. VIP Offer: $100-mxp off of initial visit (usually $600).,

  • Mi Espacio SMA Spa, a centro located center for massage and more, located at C. Nemesio Diez, #6, 415-106-4278, Sara is your host. Masaje de Polaridad: $66 USD $1,250 MX, Gota de Lluvia: $66 USD $1,250 MX, *Reflexología *masaje de Pies Cansados, $21USD $400M, Tel. 415 121 59 34 VIP Club members may take 20% off for $66 USD, services.

  • Mike Herbert, ND, Natural Medicine, Mesones #14, Interior #2, 121-8587, cel: 415-125-3575. Computerized health assessment, Bodywork for pain, HCG Diet, supplements. Twenty-five percent off firs visit on services.

  • Numerologist, Austin Starr, presents her services to the VIP Club members at a 10% discount. Austin's one-hour reading, along with a follow up email runs $750 pesos. Your discount brings it down to $675. Austin, can be reached at: 415-115-8889,

  • Moonrise Health, Organos #29 They feature quality Supplements, Herbs and more. Moonrise offers over 50 herbs in bulk, capsule and tincture form and the finest natural beauty products such as Burt's Bees, EO, Nature's Gate, Yogi and Celestial Seasons teas, loose black and green teas and a wide assortment of vitamins, protein powders and other supplements. Also, Stevia, Brags Amino Acids, Organic Apple Cider vinegar with "mother", Epsom salts and witch hazel, among other products. VIP Club members can take 10% off when buying retail products.

  • Rancho Los Labradores and their Cielito Lindo assisted living project. If you, or any of your relatives, consider quality, assisted living, Cielito Lindo is a proven and caring facility, not far outside town on the road to Dolores. Your Club can attest first hand the care this facility and its professional staff render to those who may no longer be able to care for themselves. Inscription fee is $3,000 USD but VIP club members may take off for themselves or loved ones 10%. Daily care rates are $50 USD a day and VIP Club members also can deduct 10% off the list price for any of their time frames. In addition, those who sign up will enable San Miguel favorite son, and Cielito Lindo patient, Don Clay, to have a one-time 200 dollar deduction taken off his monthly charges. Don, a stroke victim, who has been under Cielito Lindo's care for a couple of years. Don's friends have been impressed at the kindness and generosity extended towards Don and continue to raise money finding ways enabling Don to stay at the facility, as is the professional and benevolent staff at Cielito Lindo. For more info, click on Cielito Lindo's advertisement on the top of this page.

  • Ross Macdonald, Extending Lives, carries American vitamins, nutrients, and plant sourced supplements. Contact Ross at 121-1019 or email to receive a price list. VIP club members receive 10% off when buying one or two items, if purchasing 3, 4, 5, etc items, take off 15%.

  • Ruth Arguello , a 30 year resident and 10 year practitioner, comes to your home with her massage table for your privacy. She is certified in lymphatic, deep tissue, hot stone and therapeutic massage. Rates are $700 pesos per 60 minute massage, $900 pesos for 90 minutes. VIP Club members receive a First Appointment 10% discount if they present their VIPClubcard at the time of their first appointment. Also as a spiff to VIP members, recommend Ruth to your friends: if three show for a massage mentioning your name, the VIP Club member who recommended gets a free massage from Ruth! Call her at: 044-415-109-0331.

  • SKYMED: Medical emergency flight insurance to anywhere in U.S.A. Canada or Mexico. Special VIP Club rate plan! Cel 415-125-3557

  • Spa and Hotel Dona Urraca, Hidalgo #69, 154-9770 into Your VIP Club. Located near the corner of Casada de la Luz and Calle Hidalgo, this boutique-type, modern hotel and spa is now available to the membership or their guests to use for a spa treatment or hotel stay. Dona Urrnaca offers a cavalcade of various treatments. You can check their webpage at VIP Club members may take 30% off hotel and spa rates Monday through Thursdays and 10% Friday through Sundays. Lic. Monica Guatepozo is your host.

  • Spa Papatzao, Mesones #80, 154-9463, open everyday Sundays, appointments only, manicure and pedicure 10% off, Depliacion 10%, facials 15% and Massages 20% off

  • The Nail Lounge! Located at Plaza La Luciernaga, Local 14, 154-4321, Open Monday-through-Friday, 10 - 8 pm. Saturdays, 10 - 7 pm. Closed Sundays. English spoken. Close to celebrating its first, full year in business "The Nail Lounge" has become a "must" visit for those seeking nail care. Besides expert nail care in the form of manicures and pedicures The Nail Lounge hosts an array of other cushy services! Foot/leg massage, relaxing type and hot stone massage, Full body waxing, eyebrow ironing, hair straightening, Hair blow out and Make-up application! More! For VIP Club Card holders 10% off for services and retail merchandise.

  • Vissage Estetica Unisex -Hair Salon, Cuna Allende #11. Luz. Maria Suarez brings her many years of hair dressing experience (salons in Celaya) to San Miguel. She and hairstylist Mari Lourdres provide a full scale of hair dressing procedures (men and women) including cuts, perms, coloring and all the other curl twirling that takes place in salons. Walk-ins welcomed. 10% off with your VIP Club Card.

  • Worldwide Insurance Services, San Francisco #35/8, 154-6924/152-4969. WIS offers Medical Heath Insurance policies, including temporary travel health insurance.
    Much of WIS Services can be viewed at Multivais special VIP Club health insurance package (Angeles Hospital (Queretaro) or any other Angeles Hospital nationwide). No deductable, no-co-payment, Angeles; doctors consultations discounts, Angeles drug store discounts, restaurant discounts, up to 69 year old acception.
    Victor Ruiz is your local, full-service insurance broker. Victor can be reached at the above phone #s or contacted at or VIP Club members will be entitled to a 5% discount off premiums.

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