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Sunday, December 14, 2014

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by Abrazos Boutique de San Miguel and designs, Zacateros #24, open seven days a week, 10:00- 6 pm. The Abrazos Collection celebrates the Best of Mexican Caulture in handmade designs sewn by San Miguel seamstresses. Makes for great holiday presents. (see attachment)

(Attention business people: Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out almost 2000 emails to our members once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1500 pesos.)


     Your VIP Club welcomes Do Brazil Brazza, Plaza 4Quince, Carretera San Miguel a Celaya #3, 120-3020, open everyday but Thursday, 1 pm - 10 pm. Brazza has established itself as the quintessential Brazilian style smorgasbord of meats along with an ambitious salad bar. Discounts for the buffet are set at the restaurant and applied to men women and children yet with the VIP Club CArd 10%, when paying cash, will be deducted from drinks and off the main meant.

     Your VIP Club announces that the VIP Club participating restaurant, Patio3, Mesones #80 inside the courtyard of The Mesones Hotel, has been renamed El Tres Restaurante Cantina, 152-0580, open daily, il 10 pm. The extensive menu is a mixed batch with everything from Tacos to choice meats, fish, poultry and even rabbit, along with an array of appetizers bit national and international. VIP Club members may take 15% off their checks when paying cash and 10% when employing a credit card.

     Your Club also announces the change over at VIP Club participating restaurant La Bodega de Chu to now operating as 13 Cielos, Correo #34, 152-0053. Chef Juan Pablo is at the helm. The everyday menu is somewhat modest yet Juan Pablo seeks excellence, so for now the menu covers the basics yet there are daily epicurean specials. Monday 'til Thursday, closed Tuesdays, 7 - 10 pm, Friday and Saturday, 7 pm ' till Midnight and Sunday 1 :00 'til 8 pm. VIP Club members may take 15% off their tabs, paying cash and 10% when paying by credit card.

    Your Club, in newsflashes, has communicated some about the windiness of these notices. Brevity has never been my strong suit. The structure of these posts usually begins with headlines with new restaurants and other businesses coming into the fold, then announcements germane to the club, followed up, usually in chronological order, with forthcoming events and announcements by our members.

     Your Club announces that for the first time since 2005 there will be a price increase as of January 1, 2015! New memberships will sell for $550 pesos and renewals will become $450 if renewed within 45 days of expiration.

  Your Club Welcomes Carne-Vino, Ancha de San Antoinio #24, 154-1414, open seven days a week. A very wide variety of wines, import and domestic, spirits, imported European cheeses and processed meats, high-end steaks, pastas and a wide variety items foodies go gah-gah for. VIP Club members may take 5% off of wines and specialty foods.

   VIP Club participating restaurant Pizza Pig has relocated. They've been on a shake-down cruise but are now ready to rock and roll. Pizza Pig is now on the Libramiento, Jose Mauel Zavala #12, 110-2153, on the left, just past Bodega Auerrea, and just past the big yellow pedestrian cross way, heading towards Dolores. Not ready to deliver just yet. Open Tuesdays through Saturdays 1 - 9 pm, unday 1 - 8pm, closed Mondays. Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig!

     VIP Club member, Jose Manuel Gonzalez's son, Joe Antonio raises free-range, organic turkeys in Queretaro. He is offering VIP Club members a special deal on his birds, 6 1/2 to 12 kilos. His price is 70 pesos a kilo and orders will be delivered to Jose Manuel's ranch just outside town in a day or two. Order at:, (see attachments)
     We heard from Karen, manager of Cumpanio, Recreo and Correo. We also heard from, Mariana, manager at Hanks, Hidlago #12, and last but not least we heard from our Donnie at The Restaurant, Sollano #16, all attaching their Christmas and New Year's menus!

     Member John Wharton sent in some of the going ons at the Shelter Theater (see Attachment)

     Your Club had a meeting with Vincente Gutierrez Martinez, owner of Servi Taxi, San Miguel's very best and most secure taxi service. Their day to day number is 152-5993, Day rates, including the call and pick up is 40 pesos, Midnight to 6 am, 100, yet VIP Club members pay just 60, rather than the 80 ,when calling between 6 p.m. and midnight. Because it will be very busy with the holidays Senor Gutierrez himself will man his special phone and man one of the late night taxis in his fleet. Call Vincente at cel: 415-153-3498.

     We heard from VIP Club participating restaurant Dos Casas, Quebrada 101, 154-4073. As a Holiday special, order the Chef's Tasting Menu in the dining room and get 40% off their rack rate until January 31.

     Members consider calling Providencia for your home propane needs. They offer members 40 centavos off each litro with a minimum off 1000 pesos. They now accept your major credit cards on the truck. See the ads on this website. If we can get up the volume we can get another 10 centavos off!

    We urge all to join the Library. It is an easy way to help our your expat community lend a helping hand in local education.

     Lookng ahead: We heard from member, Ron Roth: Beppe Gambetta - Acoustic Guitarist- in Concert, January 16 - The American Album, January 17 - Guitar of the Two Worlds, 8 p.m. Santa Ana Theater - Relox 50-A Cost: 300 pesos for one night; 500 pesos for both nights (See attachment) Tickets Available now at Santa Ana Theater box office, Mi Vida Restaurante and Terraza Nena See attachments)

   Naturally, we wish all our members Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas and very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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