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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


       Your VIP Club is excited about welcoming La Malinche/Regorios Restaurant. Situated in the historic confines, Cuna de Allende #10, (formally La Capilla), 152-0698, A sampling can be found on the site. La Malinche promises to be a unique dining experience. The exact date of the public opening has not been announced as of this posting, yet it should be within the month! The downstairs portion is Regorios, totally remodeled open 10- 5 daily, serving breakfast and lunch, the upstairs section and patio is La Malinche with its full menu, 2  - 11 p.m. on the patio and inside dining room seating, 6 - 11 p.m. Live music each evening, Wednesday - Saturday and during Sundays 2 - 6 p.m. Happy hour daily 4 - 7 in Regarios. VIP Club members may take 15% off their tabs for cash and 10% for credit card.  

     Your VIP Club also welcomes La Carreta Rustica, Umaran #11, 152-5003, open daily. The store is a boutique, furniture store and all around tienda, chock with handsome, Mexican made things for the home or items that can be worn. Diana Miranda is the proprietor and she will personally help you chose the perfect gift for any occasion, big or small. Members can take off 15% when paying cash and 10% when using credit cards.

     While on the subject we urge members to consider shopping at other VIP Club participating establishments such as Seventh Heaven on Sollano, or Jade that is now on Tenereos #3, or Abrazos on Zacatros #24 where one can now purchase the Oscar nominated DVD "The Most Dangerous Man in America," all about Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers with proceeds benefiting Ellsberg's "Truth Telling Project." We all attend weddings, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays and special events and now and then we have to pony up for a gift. Get your gift at one of our participating establishments and save coin!
     Shop owner Shannon Closson at CG Leathers, Zacateros 32, shouts out, besides the standard discount to members (10%) he now offers 30% off any purse in stock if show their CARD. To see other shops and services looking to give YOU a deal, click on the "Other VIP Discounts" button above.

     One member wrote in saying that our (ahem) New Flashes are a bit lengthy. We concur, only thing, "weez gotz a lots to say at times." We don't wish to often pepper your inboxes with dreck, similar to that of the snivel list, so we save up the juicy stuff and when Your Club senses big announcements, like the above, then we shoot the entire nine yards! So please bear with us, cause all's we doing is trying to get out the word!

     Dila's, Ancha de San Antonio #31, 121-0235, Your Club's authentic South Asian Restaurant with that European flare is presenting Redish Music Night, Saturday, August 14 from 7 - 11 p.m. with Pascual doing the entertaining. Dil says there will be music every Saturday night. For the spice of life, try Dila's and flash your card.

     Your Club received this message from Roger at VIP Club Restaurant Gozo's: "Hey, Lou, Here´s something for your newsletter.
We´re changing things up a bit. From this week forward we will open 1-12 Wednesday-Monday. Here´s the kicker. For people who want fresh good cheap eats we´re offering our Jasmin rice bowls for $44 pesos 1-6 pm ( Lunch Special) It´s 200 grams of skinless chicken breast sauteed with fresh ( not frozen) vegetables in one of our homemade sauces. Choose from MANGO HABANERO, CHIPOTLE, SWEET THAI, ASIAN SESAME, The bowls are also available in Vegetarian, Costilla BBQ 55p or Beef $55p Lou, this has got to be the best lunch deal in SMA. Think what you get in SMA for 44 pesos? We´re going to run this promotion till the end of August for sure and maybe into September." Tell Roger you heard it from here!

    Also from up the street at VIP Club participating restaurant, Fenicia, Zacateros #73, San Miguel's great Middle Eastern Restaurant, we got this from those two hard working gals: "Hi Lou , Could you publish that we now offer hard to get Lebaneses products and we are renting hookahs for events???????? ............Por favor, Leticia!" (We're not sure they have some of the good stuff you can put in the pipe but are interested!"

     More . . .  Your Club is honored to have been a recent sponsor for Hospice's newest and latest San Miguel Restaurant guide. It's up to date, showing just about every new and old restaurant location and phone # in town. The guide costs a mere 50 pesos. Hospice is one of those hand holding organizations that unselfishly escorts us out the door when the time of reckoning comes, enabling us to maintain our dignity and dispenses selfless love to anyone using up their final breaths. For more information about your local chapter of Hospice contact:

Lee Carter, President, Hospice San Miguel A.C., Tel: 415-152-6620 (044) 415-151-0176,

     VIP participating restaurant Ten Ten Pie and VIP Club sponsor El Viejo Topo Cafe - Theater requested we post the attachment below about a special event! There is also an attachment below forecasting the dates when Gil and company play at The Restaurant. (Note: The Restaurant does not honor Your Card for dinner on nights Gil plays!) Your Club does not totally agree with this policy but we respect the reasons why since there is an additional and substantial expense to The Restaurant, but wave your card anyway, to let Donnie and the gang know you're a member and perhaps that you and your party are patronizing the joint on our account. When we return from the wilds of the north we might have to take our Donnie out back and give him some "city of brotherly shove" to make our point! (just kidding!)

    Our buddy, the dude, Donnie, owner, chef and creator of epicurean treats also requests we remind members about his gourmet deli and organic emporium at The Restaurant, aka: Sollano #16. 

     We are also attaching notices from Arthur Murray about their dance events for the remainder of the month and about VIP Club member's, Ken Bichel's upcoming guitar concert.

     Also, received from Club Member Jennifer Hamilton: Hi Lou - I know it's early but I don't know how much advance notice you need. I'd like everyone to know that the H&G Tour is planning very exciting tours for the entire month of September - ALL Colonial homes (I'm just one short) for the entire month to celebrate the 2010 celebrations. Of special note will be the 12th September which will be a walking tour of the most fab homes in and around the jardín, including the secret room where the revolution was being plotted (Doña Lucina Sanchez), the Cabildo room in the Presidencia, the Gonzalez home on the southeast corner of the jardín, and ending up at Barbara Dobarganes' home Correo/Recreo. As said before, plenty of time, but your VIP update might consider mentioning this very special month. Also, I'm looking for additional volunteer help for just that month?  The houses are all large and people can see homes they'll not normally visit - they can contact me at my email address. ( )

     We got a few complaints that I personally might too often mention my buddies', Detlev Kappstein's and Bob Thieman's, respectively Berlin Bar and Harry's New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar restaurants in these newsflashes . . . and that I flout and favor them, perhaps just because they're two joints I do a lot of my own personal tasting in when I am back home. So you can be assured, I will not mention Berlin and Harry's anymore, you are not likely to read or hear the word, Berlin or Harry's, I'm talking about Berlin Bar on Umaran and Harry's on Hidalgo, that's Berlin and Harry's just in case you're wondering, no more mentioning of Berlin and Harry's but you can still use your card at both places!

    Lastly, there has been some disturbing info coming our way while we are north of the border about some home invasions, violence and break ins, in our town. Well just compare while Your President was chasing some skirts around center city Philadelphia last week, there were eight separate shootings within two hours in the same neighborhood and I came out without a scratch! Yet, please be aware: Protect yourself and secure yourself and your property at all times . .  never look like something that is easy to eat while in the jungle! Have emergency numbers handy. Keep doors locked. Have a big bow-wow and it's OK for him or her to be mean to intruders. And if your place is rifled or you're robbed our only advice and perhaps solace is that "consider it's probably better being the person that's being robbed than have to live with the person who is doing the robbing!"

    Members your VIP Club Card and savings are always guaranteed and have been for over ten years!

     Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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