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August 24, 2009

This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by Viajes San Miguel, 152-2537. Earn free shuttle trips to and from Leon's airport.

     Your VIP Club welcomes back into the fold, Petite Bar, Hernandez Macias #95. Older members remember Petite and Market Bistro were a charter member restaurant and bar that have been with the club since the year 2000. Sanmiguelense and long time VIP club member, Tomas LeNoir, has taken the reigns. Right now it is just a bar. The restaurant portion of the establishment is on temporarily on hold. Cooked food is on the near horizon. This weekend look for a hot rock reggae band Friday and Saturday nights. VIP Club members may take 15% off their tabs after they exceeds 100 pesos and in cash.

If any members are planning on traveling to Mexico City in the near future and would like to lap up the luxury of a fine-fine hotel, Your Club recommends STADIA SUITES, Colonia Santa Fe, Salvador Agraz #60. check out their webpage Colonia Santa Fe is a brand new neighborhood, something out of a futuristic movie, with a mix of modern skyscrapers and other commercial establishments. Within feet of Stadia Suites is the Santa Fe Mall, described as the largest and most modern in Latin America. The area is not all that close to downtown Mexico City or the airport, which is the only downside, but Stadia Suites is state of the art with spacious suites with all the amenities including wireless, super-duper security, room service, spa and tastefully furnished with complete kitchens and widescreen cable TV and bathrooms deluxe. Here's the best part: VIP Club members can take a whopping 50%, that's FIFTY, off Stadia Suite's rack rates. Your Club will soon establish discounts other hotels in nearby states.

  VIP Club member Gordon Jett for sometime has helped people who need help with hearing, sight issues and location issues. (somebody help me I can't get up!) Gordon has parlayed this help into a cottage industry business. He has a slew of items that can help with the above mentioned maladies. He has graciously agreed to give fellow members 10% off of what he calls high-quality products. Contact Gordon at 152-2621 or email him at

     VIP Club participating establishment, Fitness International has opened a Spa and Wellness center inside the health club. Services include one hour massage with steam and shower for $400 pesos, manicures and pedicures as well as facials available at very reasonable prices. Call 120-0700 to reserve. You will be pleasantly surprised. Also at Fitness International, sign up to go and hear Jim Karger tells and demonstrates how he went from a roley-poley, fat boy to become fit and svelte by losing 50 lbs. in five short months. His lecture is free and takes place Thursday, August 27, 12- 2 p.m or Friday, September 4, same time. The lecture is free but only 15 people are permitted to attend at a time so call and reserve 120-0700. Fitness International offers deep discounts to VIP Club members. Check out their deal at

     VIP Club participating establishment Arthur Murray Dance Studio, Hernandez Macias #68, is having a one day dance camp. In one day campers can learn or improve their dance skills rather it be: Salsa, Argentine Tango, Cachata, Cha Cha, Rumba. Fox Trot, East and West Coast Swing etc. Arthur Murray has a schedule for that day and their experience dance teachers are ready and willing to work with beginners or those who are more advanced. Call them or check them out for schedules etc. Call 152-0095.

     Each Wednesday is Shrimp night at VIP Club participating restaurant Woolis Kaban, a full meal for 99 pesos. In conjunction of other dishes we are touting at some of our participating restaurants . . .  Casa Blanca . . .  the grouper fish is dynamite . . .  Buen Cafe . . .  the ensalada con curry is so good it breaks the mouth. . .  Ten-Ten Pie . . . try the mecajita, prepared for two, an arrancheta cut with all the tasty trimmings . . . Cafe de Jardin . . . . their burrito! El Tomato . . .  it's all good for you.

     Kudos to VIP Club participating restaurant Bugambilia and to owner Mercedes with her restaurant winning the most recent margarita contest hands down!

      VIP Club Participating Restaurant Antigua Trattoria Romana, where Zacateros meets Codo, with fine Italian cooking, now offers free delivery with an array of their Italian specialties. Just call 152-3790.

     Look for Harry's New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar III to open by February in San Luis Potosi!

  We messed up graphic designer Rosie Bugallo's email address in our last flash, sorry and here is the right one, if any members need custom graphic design work, contact Rosie:

     VIP Club participating establishment, Bambu Spa & Salon, Aldea Hotel, now offers bilingual salon services with Maru Sandoval, formerly with Sierra Nevada and the head stylist/cosmetologist for Channel 4 TV. They have some specials (only w/flyer, that expire Sept. 30):
  • Women's Cut, wash & blow-dry, $200 (Reg. $220). Men's Cuts always $150.
  • Blow-dry, $225 (Reg. $250)
  • Glycolic-Acid Peel, w/Facial, $520 (Reg. $570)
  • Spring Citrus Facial w/Foot Massage, $550 (Reg. $590)

Do drop in for a cup of Matthew's home-roasted coffee. This month's offerings: Sumatra, Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Mokha Matari and something else that I haven't thought of yet. We also invite you to join us (!!!) for an afternoon glass of wine.

Please note: All of our prices are in pesos! We also accept dollars, yen, Euros and anything that doesn't run faster than we do.
BAMBU SPA & SALON, Ancha de San Antonio #15, at Posada de La Aldea Hotel. Mon.-Sat., 10 to 6.
044-415-103-0240 or 044-415-107-5013

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