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Thursday, June 14 2012

This News Flash is brought to you by El Tomato Restaurant, Argentine Italian Fusion, Mesones #62, 154-6390,
Specializing in Chorizo*Empanadas*Prime Argentine Quality Cuts*Pastas*Ravioles*Lasagna*Salads. Lunch and Dinner, Noon - 10 pm. Healthy food for healthy people.


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Your VIP Club welcomes THE NAIL LOUNGE! Located at Plaza La Luciernaga, Local 14, 154-4321, Open Monday-through-Friday, 10 - 8 pm. Saturdays, 10 - 7 pm. Closed Sundays. English spoken. Close to celebrating its first, full year in business "The Nail Lounge" has become a "must" visit for those seeking nail care. Besides expert nail care in the form of manicures and pedicures The Nail Lounge hosts an array of other cushy services! Foot/leg massage, relaxing type and hot stone massage, Full body waxing, eyebrow ironing, hair straightening, Hair blow out and Make-up application! More!

Yolanda Walsh owns and operates this top-shelf, nail-care operation. Modern equipment, sparkling clean, professional practitioners and quality service, with a wide selection of nail polishes along with variable girly and other feminine frills, all priced right. VIP Club members can take 10% off when paying cash or using credit cards rather for services or retail merchandise. (Void when retail items are already marked down or in-house specials are in vogue).

Get more info at:
Plus see the attachment with all the info about the big celebration coming up at The Nail Lounge, Thursday, June, 28th.

Your VIP Club Welcomes FRANKES VIVERO, Los Magueyes, Garden Supply Center, just off the Libramiento, across from Colonia San Antonio, between Hospital de la Fe and Mega, 154-8737, Multiple trees, plants and all other essential needs for the garden including, great advice at no extra charge. VIP Club members can take 10% off purchases when paying cash or credit card. See Louis or Glenn. English spoken.

VIP Club participating restaurant Bacco, along with Sautto Hotel, Hernandez Macias #59, hosts its 4th, annual, Blues Festival, Friday-and-Saturday, June 15th and 16th, 6 pm. Tickets at Manson Virreyes, see Mary Chuy, Bacco, Hotel Sautto, see Ricardo Sautto and Cafe and Sushi, Zacateros #79, see Manalo or at the door.

V. C. and Friends, a participating VIP Club restaurant, Hernandez Macias #83, is a night time entertainment center! Jorge wants members to know all the rest of this week it's 2 X 1 on tequila, rum, vodka, whiskey and wines until the music begins. Friday night is Salsa night! Once the jamming starts it's rum, vodka and whisky for 35 pesos, beer and mezcal shots, 25 pesos!

Don't miss the big party announcing and then celebrating "The Best of San Miguel" according to Explore and Go's in-depth survey, at, The Restaurant, Sollano #16, this Sunday, June 17, 6 - 8 pm.

Remember Harry's, New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar, Hidalgo #12. Besides a wide-ranging and diverse menu Harry's presents their "bar food trifecta": Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with Tuesday being: "Taco Tuesday," Tacos just 20 pesos, burritos, 30, with Wednesdays being "Cajun Chimi Changa," 6-for-25 pesos including special sauce and Thursdays being "Fish Taco Thursdays" 20 pesos!

It's same as ever, Longhorn Smoke House's steak night Thursday, every Thursday! Longhorn serves a yummy "special" five days a week. Now open for breakfast. Olympic headquarters! Closed Sundays.

Just across the street, "Mama Mia, that's a spicey meatsa-ball!" VIP Club participating restaurant Oliver's, Salida de Celaya #4, now serves way more than just juicy burgers! Oliver's now prepares mouth watering meat ball sandwiches and you know Vito, when he's driving to Oliver's, he no steppa on the brake as he speeds to get his mouth on that meat ball sandwich! Oliver's also carries choice meats along with other tasty items. Jesus and Elizabeth welcome you! Closed Mondays

Your Club has heard from Dragon Chino, Salida de Celaya #71, 185-8686. where VIP Club members may now take 10% off when paying cash or credit card inside the restaurant. When ordering for delivery, the 10% discount applies only when paying by credit card by employing the credit card machine when the food is delivered but no discount when paying cash for delivery, as per the management of Dragon Chino! Plus, Mondays through Fridays, 2 X 1 tequila, rum and vodka. Fridays, all day 2 X 1 beers, now air conditioned and recently remodeled.

Your Club heard from participating VIP Club participating restaurant Sicilia en Boca! Only for SMA-VIP club members, besides the normal 10% discount, and the 30 pesos discount for one way taxi fare within city boundaries, from now on, on Tuesdays there's no corkage fee, so bring up to two bottles and enjoy one of the best views in town... Also from tuesday to friday a special meal off the menu every day..... Also we will have some musical nights with guitar player Sach Rioja Open Tuesdays to Sundays, 2 pm - 10 pm.: 152-0406. Cash, Visa and Mastercard!

Looking ahead from VIP Club member Mary Jane Miller: Modern Iconography Class Beginning July 9th Monday No artistic experience is necessary for the iconography classes in egg tempera. The course is a meditation as well as a painting class. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, mornings 2:30 to 5 PM 1,800 pesos, 2 week commitment Sagrado Corazo#14 Col. San Antonio, Contact Mary Jane Miller or 152 5762 Please call to confirm.

We cashed in dollars during this time of currency fluctuation at two casas de cambios. We cashed in a G-note, American. From one we received 13,800 pesos, from Ci-Banco after showing the VIP Club Card we received 13,950! Register with Ci Banco today!

Need temporary Mexican car or truck insurance. Get 20% off as a VIP Club member when buying Qualitas!

Want a great phone deal? How about wireless? VIP Club members get a great deal on wireless and telephone when employing Unisono.

Want propane gas at a lesser costs? Use Providencia Gas and show your card.

Want purified water from a local company and save money? Buy from Marnier and get a special deal for VIP Club Card holders.

Paint, dry cleaning, dentists, pilates, satellite TV, health clubs, hair dressers, hot springs, earn free shuttles to the airport and much much more at http://www,

Report lost or misplaced cards here for immediate replacement.

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