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Thursday, June 27 2012

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Summer VIP CLUB Sweepstakes Contest IN PROGRESS!

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Also know that the site will register a visit only once from each computer in a calendar day. One can not bump up the count with additional visits the same day. The present count, when putting together this flash, is posted at the top of the page. Using clues we have given can help entrants with their picks (three picks per email address).

One does not have to be an active member to join in on the sweepstakes, all are welcome. Get in your picks!

Your VIP Club welcomes an affiliation with Tres Casitas, Sollano #34. See all details at:

Nanci Closson is your host. VIP Club Card holders or their guests receive 20 - 30% off vacation rentals in centro! (Black out period: Christmas to Easter!)

Local and national elections take place nationwide come Sunday, July 1. Bars and Restaurants are forbidden by law to sell alcohol beverages on both Saturday and Sunday. This is a financial burden for all restaurant owners!

Yet it may be a perfect opportunity to frequent some of your favorite restaurants, and at the same time, give a shot in the arm to the local restaurant industry. For sure you won't be running into drunks! It doesn't matter if it is a VIP Club restaurant, even though we prefer our participating restaurants get your business.

Your Club asks that we all support our fine, local and generous on-our-part restaurants and in a way to reward their hard working staffs.

We want to clarify the VIP Club promotion along with the in-house promotion that takes place at The Restaurant, Sollano 16. Presently The Restaurant has a 25% off lunch each Friday. This is an in-house Restaurant promotion, not a VIP one and does not include beverages. If one were to, let's say, desire lots more beverages than lunch on Fridays, they can waive the 25% and use the VIP Club card off of total, food and drink receiving a 10% discount off the entire bill. As for their Wednesday evening 50% off bottles of wine, the same goes. If taking advantage of the 50% off wine the VIP Club discount is waived, yet if no bottles are ordered the VIP Club discount remains in vogue.

Also, Mo'Betta, Burger night. All discounts are waived that night if one has a burger or whatever. We love Donnie, Angela and the whole gang at The Restaurant and love the idea they are participating members of the VIP Club. We aren't wild about if one does not have a burger that the discounts are waived Thursday nights but every person has the right to run their business as they see fit and Your Club respects that.. We will continue to lobby for the discount on Thursdays, with the burgers. We urge members to use their cards at the Restaurant as much as possible. The menu is nice and expertly prepared with only the best ingredients along with great service.

That ole Ross Macdonald has foregone the farm and is back in the heath and health products business. Ross is carrying American vitamins, nutrients, and plant sourced supplements. Contact Ross at 121-1019 or email to receive a price list. VIP club members receive 10% off when buying one or two items, if purchasing 3, 4, 5, etc items, take off 15%.

Thursday night is Pizza night at La Mesa Grande, on the corner of Pila Seca and Zacateros, from 5 to 10 pm, 154-0838. Call in orders in advance. There's an assortment of toppings to choose from. Wine available.

VIP Club member Yves Vincent is also a chef and offers home delivery of home-made, mostly French cuisine. Check out his site:

Lots happening at VIP Club participating restaurant Cafe Contento. Check out the photo on the accompanying attachment and scope out the extra yummy, new French Toast with rasberry syrup and the works. Also owner Doug Cullen wants members to know about Cooking Classes: "Every Wednesday we have a Mexican cooking class from 5:30 to 7:30pm. Each week we create a new menu. We cook and then we sit down for dinner! It's a lot of fun. The cost is $200 to $250 pesos depending on the ingredients used and the class is limited to 6 participants." Well said, Doug

Wait there's more from Doug: Dialogue San Miguel: "Every Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30 Dialogue San Miguel presents a free public presentation. The discussion tracks include Healthy Living, Arts & Literature, News & Views, Technology You Can Use and Travel! Programs are at Cafe Contento." To receive a weekly email announcement contact:, Dialogue Founder.

Explore and Go Mexico hosted a party and announced "The Best of San Miguel" according to their in-house survey. Kudos are in order for a number of honored restaurants and other businesses affiliated to the VIP Club.

Best Restaurant: The Restaurant, Sollano 16, with runners up being VIP Club participating restaurants, Cafe Rama and Carcassone!

Best Margarita: Harry's

Best Street Food: Hierbabuena

Best Bakery: La Mesa Grande, with runner up being Cumpanio

Best something Cosmic: VIP Club member Beverly Nelson's Life Path took the gold.

VIP Club participating boutique Seventh Heaven, Sollano #11, will be going through a transformation! Our girl hero, Sabrina is going to parlay her established, well-respected, trendy, bellwether, fashion business into (gulp) cyber sales! Yet help out, Sabrina, since she is liquidating most of her prime inventory, reduced prices and get from under some of the weight. Turn her stash into cash! Need a gift for someone or yourself, give Seventh Heaven a look over!

Your Club has heard from VIP Club member Roger Williams, owner-operator of Counter Cultures. Dude says needs to liquidate everything in his inventory from displays to new "in box" items! Even the display shelves must go! Over 60-sinks, 5-bathtubs, 80-faucets, tons of door hardware and tile.

Sale is Saturday July 7th, 10 am -3 pm. No pre sales or holds. ALL 50% OFF. This is an effort to ¨make new¨ the showroom and bring in all the latest trends in decorative plumbing and hardware. Roger says, "We´ve been in business in San Miguel for 8 years and the fashions have changed. We want to showcase those changes." Check it out, the dude carries top-shelp stuff! BTW: Roger has put together an informative page with photos and all of some of his prime stuff. If you would like him to mail you a copy containing those items email the dude at:

VIP Club participating health and skin conscious emporium, Moonrise, has a couple of new faces who are now part of the Moonrise family. Stop in, Organos #29 and say hola to Guille and Jessica. Your Club has a special place in its heart for Jessica who was the steadfast bartender and manager at Berlin and acted in the same capacity at Oko. Jessie will be a plus for any operation.

Another shout out from Mary Ann: "No artistic experience is necessary for the iconography classes in egg tempera. Wednesday, Friday, Monday, mornings 9:30 to 1 pm., 1,800 pesos, 2 week commitment., Sagrado Corazon #14 Col. San Antonio Contact Mary Jane Miller or 152 5762 Please call to confirm"

Wanna get nailed? The Nails Lounge, up at Luciernaga Plaza, a VIP Club participating business has a bombastic party open to the public taking place to celebrate one year and being in business doing some nifty nailing, Thursday, June 28, 5 - 9 pm. If you have a FaceBook Account you can see the following link after you are logged in:

Report to thisVipClub Email address for replacement of misplaced or lost VIP Club Cards for immediate replacement.

May the best candidates win come Sunday!

Happy 236th for the USA come July 4!

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Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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