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VIP Club Newsflash

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by Gas Providencia, the VIP Club's official propane gas, home-delivery company that says: Honest, Prompt and Accommodating! VIP Club members now get 55 centavos off each litro with a minimum purchase of 1000 pesos. Providencia now honors major credit cards and card holders still qualify for the VIP discount.
Before it gets real cold . . .  call toll free: 01-800-821-0470, call the truck direct, Eduardo: 415-109-5357, for small tanks and canisters call the small truck 415-124-8896. Members can always find these nuber by going to and look to the right for their ad on the home page. Know if you live in centro you can only get gas on certain days during certain hours. Drivers have been instructed, sorry, no card, no discount!

(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash! We send out over 1700 emails locally to the membership once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1500 pesos.)


       We've been on the road a spell yet Your Club remained active and ambitious from afar. We are fielding a host of inquiries from local businesses wishing to affiliate themselves with Your Club. Look for, during the forthcoming season, for new and great deals offered the membership by both eager and generous businesses desiring our members patronage.

     We'd like to remind our esteemed members about an aspect of the Club. Each of you should have received a VIP Club Welcome when, either first joining, or when renewing your membership. We'd like to remind the membership that up to four people in your party are entitled to the discount when in the party of the card holder as long as all ordered was put on the same bill. There have been some issues in restaurants where as members might not understand the rules. All restaurants have agreed and contracted to the rules stated. If there are more than four of you in a party, discuss it with the manager beforehand, many local restaurant owners say, "The more the merrier" yet do know others and their employees adhere to the four person rule. Also, try to provide the card when you ask for your bill which saves the server a trip back to the register. Thank you!

     Your VIP Club welcomes La Muy Muy, the corner of Sollano and Correo, San Miguel's newest beach side restaurant when there isn't a beach! Don't fret, just close your eyes 'cause at La Muy Muy it's just like being there the menu is chock with all the incredible treats we get from the sea. They serve ceviche, sea-food cocktails, fish tacos, marlin and many other sea side favorites. La Muy Muy has a full bar. Open everyday except Tuesday, Noon 'til 9 pm. 415-121-5182. VIP Club Members can take 10% off their bill when paying with cash or credit card.

     Speaking of seafood Your Club can't help to acknowledge Mario's Seafood, Salida e Celaya, 3rd anniversary!

     Your Club welcomes Oso Azul, Zacateros #17, 415-100-2943, open for breakfast and lunch 8:30 am. 'til 5:30 pm. Quickly becoming a popular centro breakfast location with much of Oso Azul's fare served inside piping hot in cast iron skillets and due to the expertise of the proprietor Jens Mueller, a Scandinavian, Jen boasts hand-cured the salmon and whips up a mighty tasty yogurt. VIP Club members can take 10% off their bill when paying cash.

     VIP Club participating restaurant ChupAlitas, on Ancha de San Antonio HAS MOVED! Now located on Calle San Antonio de Abed #62, on the corner of Plaza Garibaldi, (near the San Juan market) (415) 121-0504, Open every day from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm (Yes, they are offering breakfast specials AND specialty coffees) HOME DELIVERY as well!  They are in process of obtaining their beer license, so in the mean time, BRING YOUR OWN BEER! Outdoor seating for smokers as well as indoor dining. Good luck Joe and Debbie!

     Your VIP Club welcomes "Follow Me Tours" Lucas Balderas 34, 121-3300. Emma Salazar, of Biblotieca fame, is driving the tour bus by providing an assortment of tours, some the standard, while others vary, off the beaten path and others are jewels of enlightenment. Emma has trips schedule to the International Balloon Festival in Leon this month, the national silver fair in Taxco, the music festival of Morelia and off to observe the Monarch butterflies in Michoacan.

Local tours include Pozos, Atotonilco, Canada de la Virgen Pyramid, Guanajuato, Queretaro and Pena de Bernal. Emma has a cracker jack team, young, totally bilingual, enthusiastic to share the splendor of their nation. VIP Club members can take 10% of her posted prices. For information cost etc. call Emma at 415-121 3300 or 415-119-4402.

     Dinner in the campo! VIP Club participating restaurant, El Vergel, now serves dinner on Friday and Saturday nights, 6:00 - 9:00 pm. For reservations 110-2254. The Vergel Market and restaurant now delivers to the campo and nearby portions of SMA.

Weekend dining in the campo can beat the crowds in town and other ViP Club participating options include El Coyote Flaco Restaurant and Bar, La Parrila Al Rojo Vivo, Oma's, Restaurante Italiano D'Yoalli, Casa de Aves and La Gruta!


     Cafe etc. aka: Juan's Cafe now sells the VIP Club Card. Members, do you know Juan has always included the VIP Club discounts on his DVDs?

     VIP Club member Ian Futz has a good number of carpets for sale and he's offering VIP Club members 30% off prices in November and December! He refers to them as kilms. For more info write Ian or Jenifer at


Your Club wants to remind members that VIP Club members pay only $19 USD when employing BajioGo shuttles to or from Leon or Queretaro airports. Two members going to Mexico City airport, just $90 USD. Need to go shopping, doctor's appointment in Queretaro or Celeya $60 USD. Bus stations at Queretaro, Celaya or Guanajuato $50 USD.

     Your Club heard from Dr. Cedric McMilllan of Dental Age, Jose Manuel Zavala Zavala #79. Cedric wishes to share with the membership some affordable plans for individuals or families!

The Dental Age clinic Dental Plans

The Dental Age Clinic is now Offering its Dental Plans to VIP Members  at 10% Discount.

1) Dental Plan for a Child cost $50.00USD Annually , An Adult Plan Costs $100USD Annually and A Family plan for  4 persons Costs $300.00USD Annually.   With the Dental Age Dental Plan you will receive Regular Checkups, 2 cleanings per year, 2 Fillings, unlimited Consultation, Free Exam and Diagnostic, Free X-rays and Discounts on Crowns, Bridges, Implants etc..

You may Purchase our Plan as a Gift for family Members , Friends , Your House maid, Your Gardener and even to Help a Poor child or Adult in one of the poor Communities. Cel. 415 113 7342       Office . 415 185 8181

     Hey! Our Angie Phillips a long-time and real San Miguel painter is renowned for her portraits. Guess what? She loves pets too, mostly dogs. Take a mug shot of your Fido or your, sweet, little Ava and send it into Angie and she will provide a stunning portrait of who might be your best friend.

Contact about the 10 X 12 inch painting $4500 pesos.

     Berlin, no longer open for lunch. opens at 5 pm. but, no worries, Meatloaf Monday is alive and well!
     VIP Club participating restaurant, Mi Casa, has a special in November! Sit and order on the patio between 5 - 6 pm and it's 25% off your bill. Afterward, go inside and enjoy Gill and the guys play their asses off.
     Think of Mi Casa for Thanksgiving dinner. $495 per person for all the fixings or $995 including open bar with Gil and the boys playing later. November 25th. for reservations and more information.
      We expect many VIP Club restaurants will have Thanksgiving menus. We do know Mon Bistro on Mesones has a mouth-watering items planned. We know Hank's putting together a stomach stretching meal. The Restaurant, will provide a full scale meal. We have yet to receive menus and not sure if we will have a flash going out before the holiday to we wish all our members a Happy American Thanksgiving Day and a belated  Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day to our Canadian members. We in San Miguel have plenty to be thankful for!

***Some good hearted local folk have come to the aid of a well-known, local workman who boasted an incredible work ethic and a sterling reputation! Seems Issac was severely burned a couple of weeks ago and his life was hanging by a thread. Yet severe burns take time and professional attention. Issac remains hospitalized. Many generous sanmiguelenses have chipped in but additional care and needs are required and bills are adding up! Perhaps some of you already know of Issac's valiant fight! He's still in need of a helping hand.

El Pegaso

Mucho Amable at Manantial

Look for Hank's in San Luis Potosi in early 2017!

Congrats to Luis and Laura Mondragon on the birth of their beautiful daughter Lia.

R. I. P. Harold Green Sr.
R. I. P. Bill Nellis
R. I. P, Hope Wolf
R. I. P. Joseph Vernado

Thank you for your Continuous and Loyal Support!

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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