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April 14, 2011


    Your VIP Club welcomes PROVIDENCIA GAS (propane) DISTRIBUTORS! Providencia's delivery truck, for the time, can only service tanks like those often on rooftops etc! Replacing canisters will come in the near future. Call 152-2888 or cel: 415-109-5357 for immediate service. Octavio, Daniel and Noberto man the truck, Noberto speaks great English. Minimum order is 1000 pesos. After paying and receiving your factura, show your Club Card. VIP Club members receive an ON-THE-SPOT 6% cash rebate! 

    Please DO NOT wave your card at other gas company employees or ask other gas companies if they offer the VIP Club rebate or use the word "discount." It would take a mush of words to explain some of the reasoning here but the bottom line is with a minimum order of 1000 pesos of gas and a current-and-up-to-date VIP Club Card your cash rebate kicks in.

    This company and its owner/operator drivers has been getting high marks since entering the San Miguel Marketplace.

    Two VIP Club participating establishments: Moonrise, Organos #29 and Veterinarian Doctor Rodrigo are distributing a product that calms the anxiety of your pets, especially dogs, when it comes to fireworks and the oncoming thunder and lightning season!  Moonrise 154-4076 or Dr. Rodrigo 120-0043.

    VIP Club member Gary Richtmyer who with his wife Laura operate the Mayan Baths just outside town has two dates open to the public, Saturday April 16, 6:30 pm, or Thursday, April 24, at 4 pm. Visiting these particular baths is an exhilarating circumstance chock soothing waters and a vista to die for. Gary wrote: "As usual our events are limited to 25 people and are by advanced reservation.  You can pick up tickets, $475 pesos, at our store, "Remate" at # 30 Calzada de la Aurora any day this week between 12:30 and 7:30 PM.  You can also pick up tickets at Café Rama." Cell 415-103-0249  or go to: or Mayan-Baths/

     Congrats and big-time, high-five to VIP Club Charter member Fred House on the publishing of his new novel "Vigilante Blues!" Way to knock 'em dead Fred.

     Please check out the two attachments! One is the continued sponsorship by Your Club in regards to Chalapa Medical Health Plans: Chapala Medical  If and when you need a doctor and it's important to you that he or she speaks perfect English, at a toll free number, in Mexico, U.S. or Canada, who can calm you, treat you or provide essential medication immediately, perhaps in the dead of night, members might appreciate this incredible tele-medical service that's very inexpensive. Best part: VIP Club members get a free. first-time consultation. Afterwards one can have an English speaking doctor, specialist etc. a phone call away 24/7. (See Attachment)

     The other attachment is some of the most recent sign ups Your Club has brought into the VIP Club fold of participating restaurants and other goods and services. (See Attachment).

    We're keeping it short for once. New restaurants and services are on the way!

     Love is in the air!

     Congrats to VIP Club Charter Member: Bill (Don Guillermo-El Rey de Jardin) Taylor and his bride Elvira Lozano, (first time for our Willie and the dude is a spry 65).

     And another! Congrats to VIP Club Charter member and new bride: Julia Aguado!

    Get Well: Doug Henning

    R.I.P. Dick's Cantina

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support!

Your San Miguel VIP Club Approaching 11 years of community service.

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