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April 19, 2011


    Your VIP Club welcomes RESTAURANTE SICILIA in BOCCA! Salida a Queretaro #91, 152-0406 cel 415-107-2401. Sicilia in Bocca specializes in southern Italian dishes with time honored, original, handed-down recipes. The restaurant has a spectacular terrace view looking down at our town. Sicilia Bocca, serving lunch and dinner, closed Mondays, open Tuesday - Frirday 1 pm until 10 pm and Saturdays and Sundays they open at 11 am. Juan Manuel is your host. VIP Club members can take 10% off their bills paying in cash or credit card. In addition, Sicilia Bocca will pay your taxi fare to the restaurant from city boundaries to the restaurant. If the drive does not have a nota remision give your waiter the taxi # to qualify you for the complimentary taxi fare. 

    Last news flash we were very excited to share with the membership the PROVIDENCIA GAS joining the ranks of established businesses joining Your Club. We still are. Yet we posted a phone number that isn't correct even though it is on their business card. Seems that number calls the fire department (OOOPS!) Their proper numbers to get your on the spot, VIP Club cash rebate are 01-800-821-0470 and cel 415-109-5357. Minimum purchase 1,000 pesos, members pay the bill in full, get a factura and then the driver will rebate or refund, if you will, 6% of your purchase. Please consi6der them for your next gas (propane) purpose so our club will continue to have this exclusive and worthwhile deal. Remember, it isn't a discount, it is a rebate!

     VIP participating establishment ART PRINT, has moved. Now located at Correo #46. Celebrate their new location and view the works at a special reception Saturday April 23 with the works of Daniela Edburg, Mark Alor Powell, Philipp Rittermann and Holly Wilmeth.

    More artists in our membership: VIP Club member Lulu Torbert is one of three artists showing at the Peju Winery in the Bay Area, in Rutherford, California, up in Napa Valley. Her CARrumba photos taken of dented, scraped-up and rusty cars directly off the streets of San Miguel will show at the winery from May 1 until July 24.

    Kudos to another club member artist who creates in a field close to our own hearts, John Scherber, whose novel titled: "A Place in the Heart" it now qualifying as a finalist in the Explore and Go Mexico book competition. Congrats John.

    Participating VIP Club establishment Moonrise will be closed until after Easter.

    Club member Dawn Gaskill regrets to inform the membership she is closing her Instituto Galeria Eclectica after this week's Instituto Arts and Crafts Fair.

    Sadly enough, another sign of the times is the closing of SABE Fitness Center, off Sterling Dickinson. Much of their inventory in the form of office equipment etc will be sold to the public at large this coming Friday and Saturday. Good luck, Ross!

    Get ready for Harry's New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar's "Spring Break" beginning May 1 until June 15. Everyday, 3:30 until 5 pm. 3 X 1, 5 pm until 9 pm 2 X 1. Eat in the dining room, order one entry at full price and get the second half off. That's in the dining rooms only, the food deal is not valid in the bar area!

   Great News! As they say in these parts "Que Milagro," our beloved, local, flower man Jaime, aka: Senor Flores, despite persistent rumor is ALIVE AND WELL! We thought we saw a ghost the other night at Berlin Bar but there he was with his smile of the Cheshire Cat. Welcome back from the fictitious state of death.

   Do you know where your VIP Club Card is? If not report back to us for immediate replacement.

R.I.P. Galia Angulo (way-way before her time). 

    Happy Easter everybody!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support

Your San Miguel VIP Club: Approaching 11 years of community service.

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