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VIP Club Newsflash

This VIP Club Newsflash will focus entirely on the VIP Club Sweepstakes.

First: We want to thank members who participated in the sweepstakes! Our goal was to have some fun celebrating the VIP Club’s 18th year in San Miguel and treat our lucky winners to some great giveaways as well!

A little bit of background: The Club’s website: Sweepstakes Entries began to be submitted on February 28thSuddenly, on April 11th, the website’s visitor count skyrocketed registering an unusual number of hits! By Noon the next day the count had jumped over 2,800 certainly an anomaly! The deluge let up shortly after Noon.

Something seemed fishy!

Your Club monitors the site constantly. We informed our web master, servers and engineering companies asking questions. Did the site go viral? Was the site hacked?  Was the sudden increase a willful act? Regardless! The site was manipulated!

Again, on the afternoon of April 17th another super surge took place! Over 10,000 hits were registered by the morning of the 18th. Who knows where the count will wind up on the 30th?

(chart provided by Mark Wirganowitz computer services

Bottom line: The count has been manipulated multiple times! By such actions the greatest percentage of members who participated in good faith and employed a rational strategy were unfairly eliminated. We are sorry.

Further Bottom Line: The sweepstakes has been compromised.

Cutting to the chase: Your Club has huddled with its sponsors. We’ve made a command decision that hopefully lands on the side of fairness.

We will still award the Grand Prize to the entry closest to the visitor count as of midnight 30 April.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of George and Lauda Fields, owners of Bahia de la Luna, The Club is going to conduct “a public drawing” that will include all entries, even initial entries from the very beginning, Bahia will award a SECOND GRAND PRIZE, equal in value, enabling another entry to go to the beach side resort.

Your Club and Bahia de la Luna will award two grand prizes!

As for runner up prizes: Your president has decided to have a drawing at Hank’s New Orleans Café and Oyster Bar, on Friday, May 4th at 2 pm. that drawing will include ALL who submitted entries. Please come.

Those members who sent in three entries will have “three” entries in the drawing, those with two,” same, and those who sent in “one” will have that many.

in addition: "To let's have a party!" and celebrate 18 great years! Hank’s, Bahia de la Luna and Your VIP Club would like to buy each member and their companion a one-time "thank you" drink during the entire month of May, at Hank’s, (domestic beers or well-drinks,) Mondays through Fridays, Noon – 3 pm. (Members must show a valid card)

We won't elaborate how disappointed we are the sweepstakes went astray. Fact is, it happened.

Hundreds flashed spunk by entering. MUCHAS GRACIAS!

Your Club has acted as best we could under the circumstance. We'll send out a VIP Club Newsflash May 1st announcing the Grand Winning number.

Golf enthusiasts can look forward to green fee discounts at Ventanas Golf Course during the month of May and we'll be announcing an elegant restaurant soon to join the ranks of the Club. 

Hope to see many of you at Hank’s, 2 pm. Friday, May 4.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Lou Christine
Your VIP Club, San Miguel


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