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Friday, April 27, 2013

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by GRACE'S  Sofas. Diligent crafters of custom-made sofas, love-seats, chair, ottomans or anything else worth upholstering in a myriad of fabrics and slip covers for more infor or call Scott or Annie at 154-047. Now producing sofa beds! (Attention business people: Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out 1500 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


     Your VIP Club has been on the road. We're back and gearing up for Summertime, yet even during these sleepy times in San Miguel, when parking spots are abundant and the pace is easy-going, Your Club is continually ferreting and searching, like bomb-sniffing hounds seeking beneficial deals for our membership while publicizing associated businesses!

     In 13 years Your Club has expanded from primarily a restaurant discount card to a diverse money-saving enterprise. Your Club continues to make alliances, not only with restaurants, but other providers of goods and services the membership might employ. In some instances, the savings added up can pay members' dues for the full year, sometimes with just one purchase.

    Our aim is to have the very best local discount club in the entire world and to treat our membership like they are very best of members in any club, anywhere!

    Your Club sincerely thanks all of you, present and pass members, for enabling the VIP Club to grow and thrive for the past 13 years.

     "Muchas gracias!" to all members and associated business.

Lou Christine VIP Club of San Miguel

     The VIP Club is very happy for Alfonso Alarcon, the driving force behind La Crepe Restaurant, yet at the same time we are saddened to hear about the closing of the popular restaurant. Alfonso sold the restaurant and its new location has yet to be deterimined by the new owners. The latest is that Alfonso will soon reopen a garden center in the former location. We'll keep you posted. We want to thank Alfonso for his generosity and participation in the VIP Club and wish him nothing but the very best in the present and the future! Gracias, Alfonso!

     Your Club Welcomes the professional services and care stemming from Doctora Leticia Zubeldia! Dra Zubeldia has had a distinguished career in medicine. She has involved her self in family practice, is a seasoned surgeon and served as a hospital administrator. She's cognizant about all sides of the business and the importance of proper care. Zubeldia is 100% bilingual and desires very much to build a new practice here in San Miguel. 

    VIP Club members will receive both financial consideration have available a medical adjutant to accompany them to hospitals etc. 24 hours a day in case of emergency or for quick consultation! Zubeldia will do house calls 24/7. We are attaching a message to VIP Club members from Dra Zubeldia relating to her new association with the VIP Club. See attachment!

     For some time now the G/7 Group has taken over the reigns of Viajes Travel. G/7 aka: Viajes has modernized its fleet and wants VIP Club members to know that an all-out effort to cater the needs of travelers is paramount. G/7 is striving to remain courteous, punctual and safe. Exclusively for VIP Club members, book 5 trips with G/7 within an 18 month period of time either for you or family members, visitors or even clients and YOU get the credit, enabling you a free shuttle ride to or from BJX airport, For details Click on the menu above that says: "Other VIP Club Discounts" and read the details. It's a great deal for our members. 

     Real Fast: Former front man of Vudu Chili, the popular, David Garza, zooms into town and reunites with his old band for a one-night performance at VC and Friends, tonight, April 26 for 4 sets. Music starts at 9 pm. Fifty peso cover but there are drink deals: 2x1 in traditional tequila. smirnoff vodka, bacardi white and red label (johny walker), red wine and white wine $40 and the special of shrimp and fettucine for $100 pesos.

     VIP Club participating restaurant Baile Cafe wants members to know that Baile Cafe, inside Arthur Murry's dancing studio, provides live music and dancing Friday and Saturday nights. Hernandez Macias #68! Friday at 9 pm, American and Latin Music, Saturday music begins at 10 pm with Latina and Salsa! Info and reservations 152-0095.

     There's an aloha swan song BBQ this Sunday, 1:30 to ? at Bistro Los Senderos for Anders and Kajsa. The dynamic couple has put this great San Miguel location on the map in so many ways but now they move on to other endeavors with Anders now running the ship at VIP Club's participating Cumpanio Restaurant Bakery on Correo. BBQ runs $150 and it should be a great turn out.

      Your Club has heard from Sergio Castro, the man in charge up at VIP Club's participating VIP Club hotel restaurant La Puertecita. Sergio says drinks are 2 X 1 from 8 to 11 pm an Antonio Cabrero entertains on the piano. La Puertecita's famous Sunday brunch begins at 1 pm. and $195 pesos per person with a Margarita or beer included.

    Doug Cullen, owner/operator VIP Club participating restaurant Cafe Contento, off Hernandez Macias, has much on his plate. Cafe Contento has become, not only a restaurant, but a cultural center with classes and lectures and a bevy of other activities. Partner and Chef, Bossuet is cooking a special menu this coming Wednesday, May 1, 7 pm with a cost of 390 pesos per person for an epicurean delight! The Menu for the evening: Starter: Sauteed asparagus salad, blue cheese- walnut dressing; Main Course: Roast Duck with hibiscus sauce & mashed sweet potatoes; Dessert: Peach crumble & Vanilla Chantilly.We will provide some photos as attachments for past special meals served at Cafe Contento. See Attachments.

     On the radar! On the radar! VIP Club member Suzanne Ludekens wants to shout out that local guitarist Billy White, recently spotted on Leno or Letterman or one of them, is celebrating the official release of his latest CD "Dharmaflamenco II" by having a live concert Thursday, May 2, 7:30 pm. Rosewood Hotel amphitheater. (Transcendental: Billy White live! . . .   "Billy White returns to the stage for a one-night only performance of his latest cd Dharmaflamenco II. This long awaited concert contains Billy’s original music along with what should be a captivating performance. For Billy, the "dharma of flamenco", is a way of using the flamenco guitar as a vehicle for transcendence. The fusion of flamenco with Indian and Middle-eastern melody and rhythm promises an evening of emotions and sensations in a deeply unified experience. Special tasting menu of Rosewood Hotel’s 1826 restaurant available post concert! Make your reservations for 9:15pm, at 1826 restaurant, call 152-9700.

     Abrazos Boutique, a VIP Club participating business has a new line of "DECORATIVE WATER BOTTLE COVERS" for your kitchen in Mexican themed fabrics from their Folkloric Fabric Collection—Frida Kahlo, Fiesta de los Muertos, Loteria, Huichol Beadwork—or in our new Fruits and Vegetable. Fabric Collection—Oranges, Watermelon, Chilis, Corn, Lemons—or in the Animal Fabric Collection of Blue Owls, Sharks, Little Chickens, Love Birds, Salamanders, Green Birds. Design curtains to match with 50 different styles in every imaginable icon of Mexico or gorgeous contemporary fabrics.  Viva Aqua! (and remember, VIP members get a 15% discount with cash! ) ABRAZOS BOUTIQUE: Zacateros 24 near Pila Seca. Tel 154-8580. Open 10-6pm, 7 days a week

     We hope it's still going on . .  and we heard from Moonrise Health, Organos # 29, while on the road, about their "extra ordinary" sale on special and soothing skin care products with a whopping 20% off! They're touting "EO" . . . "essential oils" that helps curbs and brings back to life the effects of damaged skin perhaps due to dryness! Moonrise invites members to stop by and sample this "EO" extra-ordinary sale, showing "EO," aka: "essential oils!"

     VIP Club participating restaurant Dragon Chino has changed their operating hours: Monday - Saturday Noon - 10 pm, Sundays Noon - 9 pm for eat in, pick up or eat in. A reminder from Jose Luis, please for VIP Club discount, when it comes to home delivery 120 peso minimum!

     Start your weekend early with a great deal at Hank's where they have free, two-hour  valet parking! Thursdays! And I am saying on thursdays, order a dinner for two and receive a courtesy bottle of wine, red or white from a selection. Dinner for four, no problem, how's two bottles of wine coming along with the meals with a restaurant that has one of the most complete and diverse menus in town. "We're just wild about . . . . " never mind!

   VIP Club participating bakery and cafe, La Mesa Grande, closes for renovations May 6 - May 19. In the meantime, join their coffee club, after 10 cups, next one is free, oh yeah, Pizza Night, Thursdays 'til 10 pm. tastes like east-coast boardwalk pizza, wood-fire oven, live music 7:30 til 9 pm and La Mesa Grande now serves La Bruja Craft Beer!

    We continue to urge our members to look over the assortment of discounts available -- Discounts

    Report lost or missing VIP Club Cards for immediate replacement.

 Get Well: John Hoffman

R.I.P. Frank Gardner

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club



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