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April 25, 2009

     This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by Viajes San Miguel, 152-2537.


     In Your Club's last newsflash, April 9, we may not have been all that clear when we mentioned about the grandfather rule coinciding with the Club's increase in dues. IF YOU presently have a valid VIP Club Card, when it expires, at the end of May, June, July etc. all members have a 45-day grace period to renew their membership at the old price without threat of the price increase, AS LONG AS THEY DO IT DIRECTLY THROUGH THE CLUB AND NOT AT ANY OF THE VIP CLUB CARD OUTLETS. That means CONTACT US DIRECTLY BY EMAIL.. Some members have tested the patience of the outlet workers insisting they want to renew at the old price!

Of course members can renew at the outlets but not at the grandfathered price. IN ADDITION, ANYONE who once was a member and would like to rejoin, you have until April 30 to do so, again, by getting back to this address here--VIP CLUB. We are sorry if we were ambiguous. Some present members wondered if they had to renew now to maintain the grandfather deal. You are fine until 45 days after your present card expires. Thank you.

    About Your Club's free shuttle offer with Viajes San Miguel, exclusively for VIP Club members. One more time: Use Viajes five times over an 18-month period. You can book other people and receive credit for their trip as long as you are the person doing the booking. You can use their shuttle service to Queretaro, Mexico City and Leon and receive credit toward your five trips to earn the bonus, but the free shuttle is ONLY awarded for the SMA-Leon connection. PLEASE!  . . . DO NOT PESTER VIAJES WITH QUESTIONS OR INQUIRIES. Your Club does all the paper work and keeps track. Instructions are on our webpage. Read and please adhere to the instructions. We already have members who have earned their free shuttle. This is a great deal and should be taken advantage of. Contact your club here for more info.

  Your VIP Club welcomes Bambu Day Spa, #15 Ancha de San Antonio, 044-415-103-0240 or 044-415-107-5013, located inside the courtyard of Posada de La Aldea Hotel, across from the Instituto Allende, open 10-6, Monday through Saturday, Sundays and other hours by appointment. Their professionally trained staff soothes and offers bodies deserving attention. Manicures, pedicures, hot-stone massage, facials, waxing and more. They employ OPI and Dermalogica products and state-of-the-art equipment, always sterilized after each use. English and Spanish, of course. VIP Club members are invited to take 10% off any service. Your discount does not apply to promotional specials when they occur.

      Your VIP Club welcomes back into the Club, Tecolote Book Store. Open Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10- 6 p.m., located at Jesus #11, Tecolote has long been a bellwether book store here in San Miguel. Phone 152-7395 and Mary says she gets most special ordered books within seven days. VIP Club members may take 10% off their purchase of books only.

     VIP Club participating Wine Bar & Bistro, D'Vino, 152-0149, located inside Aurora Fabrica, wants members to know there is an assortment of entertainment all week long. Xavier Gibler entertains every Friday evening. Gibler belts out an eclectic selection of songs. His range varies, at his own discretion, from falsetto to a deep baritone. VIP members, as always can take 10% off their bills when paying cash.

     VIP Club member, Tony Coleman, has opened a chic boutique inside the location of restaurant, Chamoinix, Sollano #17. Emphasis is on French and "shabby chic," with a fabulous array of exquisite items for the home. Open 1 - 9 p.m. Watch for new summer hours.

   Note that on Mother's Day, May 10, if a VIP Member brings a mom, any mom, to Harry's your table gets a FREE bottle of the bubbly! Thanks Bob!

    VIP Club participating restaurant Cafe Etc. aka: Juan's Cafe, on Reloj, a pretty neat little place, offers free Spanish lessons and a daily movie with 20 peso purchase. For Market Bistro's classic movie line up click here: 

Market Bistro Movies

    Members, take advantage of some of other offers above and beyond the standard discounts. Antigua Trattoria Romana, Codo and Zacateros, is offering VIP Club members and their party a complimentary glass of wine along with the standard discount, as does La Toscana Restaurant, corner of Hernandez Macias and Umaran. Villa Mirasol Hotel's restaurant has a number of extras for VIP Club Members. Go to our and click on previous news and see our newsflash dated February 6 for details.

    Your Club has made various deals, in principle, with a number of restaurants and other services that we will be announcing shortly. It is just, that just yet, that the "Ts" haven't been crossed nor the "Is" dotted! We strive to be the best, this-type-of-club under the sun!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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