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November 9 , 2006


VIP Club member Enrique Orvananos owner of: Desarrolladora El Cielo,
S.A. de C.V., wants members to know that his company distributes and
installs the best when it comes to SOLAR WATER HEATER technology solutions
here in San Miguel. The positive ecological result of its use is to reduce
the air pollution and earth warming effect, due to the combustion of gas in
houses, hotels and some industries.
The solar heaters can be used supporting any existing hot water system
(hydro-pneumatic, tinaco, boilers and pumps). The equipment installation can
be done in one day and it is really clean, since it is done mostly in the
roof of the place people live. Enrique says products could meet any hot
water need since they come in different sizes, from those of a small family
to a large hotel with pools and Jacuzzis. They are affordable to anyone that
can invest the equivalent of two years of their present gas expenses. The
expected life of these equipments is several decades. They do not require
any maintenance at all and we offer a five-year guarantee. These solar water
heaters are absolutely safe, since they do not store any dangerous fuels nor
heat the water over 176 Fahrenheit.
Their initial price for a 2 or 3 persons' daily hot water shower needs
is just over $1,200 USD including installation. For the VIP members his
local company will offer a special 10% discount on the heater price and
installation costs. For those who place their order before December 15th,
they'll offer them an additional 5% discount. For additional information
call Enrique at 152-2881.

Members, now that winter is almost upon us here in San Miguel you might
be using more propane, do know that NOEL GAS offers a 6% discount off their
propane gas prices to VIP Club Members, 153-8383.

WARNING: If you're cold indoors, o not operate open flame space heaters
in rooms that aren't properly ventilated especially when sleeping. We are
well aware of the temptation. Each year our town suffers fatalities and we
lose otherwise healthy, yet unsuspecting people are not aware of the danger.

Kudos and congratulations to Juan Villasenor, owner operator of VIP
Club participating restaurant, Ten-Ten Pie, with the advent of Ten Ten Pie's
tasty tacos being favorably mentioned in August's edition of Gourmet
Magazine, Way to go, Juan!

Club Member Kris Rudolph wants members to know about a special concert
performed by SLOWWIND taking place at Anglea Peralta, at 7:30 pm, Friday,
November 10, tickets: 50-100-150 pesos at the door. If Kris has anything to
do with the show, it will be a good production!

Your VIP Club President, Lou Christine, has been invited by The San
Miguel Authors Sala to read excerpts from his memoir in progress,
"Inspirations and Humiliations," Friday, November 10, at 5pm, inside the
hotel, Posada San Francisco, across from the back side of the jardin,
admission $50 pesos.

Look for Market Bistro to reopen by the end of the month with Daniel
back at the helm.

Best wishes and good luck to Club Member I.J. Kuehn who leaving us and
moving to the Big Island of Hawaii.

To check out your Club's present and full line up of restaurants and
other services available to the membership for discounts, check out Your VIP
Club's wepage at

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

August 31, 2006

     Members this has been our first newsletter in sometime. We figured we'd give you a break from pestering you over the summer and we hope many members are relying on our website (you are already here -- for updated information and also that you are taking advantage of our affiliation with for free classified ads with over a hundred different categories of which you can search for items or sell whatcha got for sale or services desired.


After long negotiations Your San Miguel VIP Club has made an arrangement with NOEL GAS! . . . that's right, for home propane delivery. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND SAVE THEM IF YOU WANT TO SAVE (6%) OFF YOUR PROPANE GAS BILL IF USING NOEL. . . . In order to insure there is no pilferage from employees, if you desire the (6%) discount, you must call Noel, 154-8383. Tell them, in Spanish you are a VIP Club member when you order gas delivery at your location. Give them your card # and date of expiration over the phone. When the driver shows, you must show them your VIP Club Card. No exceptions, "no-ticky, no-shirty," period!

     If you were to wave down a Noel truck on the street, don't despair, call Noel and say the truck is there and repeat earlier instructions. $200 peso minimum.

     VIP Club discounts received off propane expenses might be enough to pay your club dues alone. This arrangement with Your Club is now in its infancy and hopefully all the employees of Noel Gas will have the information, but in the beginnings we understand that such information doesn't always filter down to all. Please be patient if there are some initial wrinkles to iron out during the beginning of this new service to our members.


     Everybody has to buy gifts or presents for birthdays or weddings etc. over the course of the year. Members please review our line up of other services besides restaurants available in our town on our webpage, from dry cleaning to buying paint to many other goods and services. Members get a preferred rates over the ones posted when buying pesos or dollars at Intercam Casa de Cambio locations.
     Congratulations to Harry's New Orleans Café and Oyster Bar for being chosen by Fodor's travel guide book, with both of Harry's locations being chosen as Mexico's top restaurants.
     Congrats to VIP Club member Negro Caballero, and his partners, who are the movers and shakers behind "Yam," jewelry, clothing and design inside Instiuto Allende for getting big-time mention in none other than the N.Y Times. Nothing political there gang, just all about glamor and cool stuff taking place in our town.
     A message from VIP Club member Nelli Lorenzo: "Boys Refuge Seeks Funds To Improve Dorms." Mexiquito (Santuario Hogar Guadalupano ) the San Miguel boys refuge is hoping to remodel the dormitory.

    In 2005 the kitchen and dining room were extensively remodeled and improved with impressive results. That project was made possible by the kind donations of many residents of San Miguel. The boys, and Sisters, will continue to benefit from the improvements for many years to come.

   The dormitory is suffering from the same problems of age that is particularly felt in the winter. Remodeling will include additional space which will relieve overcrowding and provide improved bathroom facilities, and a separate infirmary.

   This project will allow for greater privacy, sanitation and health said, Madre Delfina, Mother Superior of Mexiquito. Plans may also be viewed by request at Border Crossings. Donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated, US checks are also accepted and may be made to Santuario Hogar Guadalupano Mexiquito A. C. and bring it to Border Crossings, Mesones 57 Local or mail it to our Laredo, TX mailing address;

   Santuario Hogar Guadalupano Mexiquito A.C. BC-2323 9902 Crystal Ct # 107 Laredo TX 78045-6379
Please report misplaced VIP Club Cards for immediate replacement.

     Under the best of circumstances, now and then there are glitches when using the card, surprisingly perhaps, few have occurred over six years but they do crop up. First, never argue, remember when you present your card you are representing Your Club. If any member feels like being a wise guy, do us all a favor, keep your card in your wallet. We are confident that the vast majority of our members are ladies an gentlemen. A VIP Card offers members discounts, never is membership an entitlement to be rude or arrogant. Please consider the environment and atmosphere of the culture we live in. If there is a problem, just ask the manager for a written, dated receipt, and get back to us. Let Your Club do your sword fighting for you. But do report such. Feedback from our membership is our best source of information.
In many parts of the world we live in there's strife and bitterness. Spread love, help eradicate hate.

     Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

Get well soon: Club Member, Barbara Eckrote.

June 28, 2006

     Galeria 19, at Jesus #19, has entered a collaboration with master painter Dan Rueffert to offer a weekly oil and pastel painting workshop to art students of all levels taught by Dan Rueffert. VIP Club Members who might like to take these workshops can take a 15% discount off tuition and materials when paying in cash or check, 10% when paying by credit card. 
For info, contact Galeria 19, Jesus #19 y 20, 154-9980 or email at

     Your Club has many talented and artistic members and here are some of the happenings some of your fellow members are involved with:

     Club member Doug Henning is having a photographic exhibit titled "Mexico in Detail", on June 28th, at 7pm. at the Hotel Meson de San Antonio, Mesones #80, (next to Monex).  There will be wine and tapas from Tinis y Tapas.

     Club Member Negro Caballero has moved his stylish "Yam Gallery" to Instituto Allende , just off the inside court yard. Negro is  prolific designer and store keeper who affiliates himself with other talented artists involved in jewelry and clothing and other fashionable objects. They have just opened this week. Members might want to go in and say hi.

     Members if you have to buy a gift for someone, check out our line up of shops on our webpage who offer our memberships discounts.

     Speaking of Instituto, the Summer time Arts and Crafts Air takes place this coming Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday, July 3-4-5, 10 am - 6 pm, with lots of entertainment and food.

     Club member Rita DiBrito has her science fair to help kids, this Saturday, 2-5 PM, Aurora #4, behind the duck pond. Why not show up, bring kids, it is for a good cause and one could even learn something about science too?

     Club member and Queen of this past Marde Gras celebration at Harry's, Myrl D' Arcy, also a noted artist, is having a special Magic Abstract Show this coming Saturday, July 1, from 6-8 p.m. at Galeria Izamal Mesones #80.

    Place your free classified ads with photos or shop the classified section of San Miguel's latest free classified web page at

   Members please check your VIP Club's webpage at

   Remember to sign your card and report lost or misplaced cards here for immediate replacement.

   Congratulations and good luck to member Cori Serafin  on her recent marriage to Antonio Vega.       

Congratulations to Jesus and Alma Iturralde (The Leather Shop) on the birth of their brand new spanking son, Tensen, today June 28. Welcome to the Club of Life, Tensen!

     Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

VIP Club Newsflash 21-6-06


First, we would like to clear up some old business. We posted the incorrect e-mail address for Rita Debrito's upcoming, youth, summer, science camp. For further information contact Rita at Also we posted about the trip to the beach at George and Lauda Field's Bahia de La Luna Hotel. So sorry we erred when posting Lauda's name as, Laura. They give special consideration to VIP Club members who might like to attend their Oxauca getaway.

New news: VIP Club member David Hunter has put together a nifty new website that offers sanmiguelenses free classified ads. There is no wait and those who scan the page can immediately find a plethora of categories and also enter items and services of their own they might want others to know about. The site is discreet, and if one inquires, about this or that, their e-mail address is not posted so they won't get pestered or solicited. San Miguel de Allende Classifieds Ads an online service of You need to register and then you can go anytime to see what's up. Help Wanted Ads, Personals, Casas for Rent, Upcoming Entertainment Events--120 Ad categories, offering Free Classified Ads with Pictures!  Internationally read website publicizes your personal business, house rentals, personal services, cars for sale, computers, and more,  as soon as you fill out the internet form.  No Ad deadlines, no waiting, & change your Ads at any time.

ERA gift store has entered the VIP Club, located a 29 Zacateros. They offer 10% off to VIP Club members.

Sierra Nevada Restaurants are under new management, now owned and operated by Orient Expess. Rafael Carpio, the new general manager, has agreed in principle to continue to honor the VIP Card at their restaurants but at 15% and no longer 20 either by using cash or credit card. There have been a few glitches, with the card sometimes being accepted and at times it has been declined because some of their personnel have not been given the word and we are eagerly waiting for Mr. Carpio to return to us the signed contract of which he has given his word.

We urge members to look at the VIP Club website: to see our complete line up of other services rather than restaurants we offer our members. The savings one might realize for house paint may pay for the price of a membership, pharmaceuticals, dry cleaning, and a slew of other services are posted. Your Club is constantly growing trying to bring to our members substantial discounts. Our updated brochure will be out on the street by the end of the month.

VIP Club participating restaurant La Fragua wants member to know that Robert Kaplan and Jo Blues Band are back on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

Card Member, Carolyn De Dea desires the membership to know about the huge 4th of July celebration that will take place at Rancho Los Labradores (9 miles from town on the Dolores Hiway), a celebration in conjunction with the Lions Club. Three hundred tickets are available for 120 pesos each that includes round trip transportation. There will be live music, dinner a free drink and fireworks. Proceeds go to the eye and diabetes clinics sponsored by the Lions Club. For more info call Carolyn at

Card members Meagen and Reed Burns are looking for a nice place to rent from two to six months. They want a place in centro and something upscale but not ridiculously priced. They have two small dogs and need a furnished home that dogs are welcomed in. You can contact Meagen at

Long time resident,  Roy Sorrels is also returning to San Miguel. Roy is an accomplished writer and actor and desires to spend at least half his time here and New York City. He is looking for a year round rental, a room, or small home or apartment. Roy will be here after July 10, you can e-mail him at:

VIP Club member Alex Trapp wants members to know about his family's sanctuary, at Canada de la Virgen. Their sanctuary is adjacent to the ancient pyramid an archeological site but is in no way affiliated with the pyramid. Their web page:

There seems to be a problem contacting our members with prodigy e-mail addresses. There is some supposed beef between Prodigy and Cybermatsa. Of course those parties deny there is anything wrong but perhaps some of you have experienced the same problem. We will cut and paste this news flash and send it again to our prodigy users through our account. Our e-mail address book now is over 800 with almost 600 active members. Anyone who no longer prefers receiving these news flashes, please let us know so we are not a nuisance and we can eliminate you from our address book.

Congrats to Tapas and Tinas, a participating bar and restaurant for being in business for one year.

Effective immediately Your VIP Club welcomes LOS FAMOSOS RESAURANT, over in Pozos, Hildalgo #12, 01-442-293-112. VIP Club members may take off (15%) when paying cash and 10% when using credit cards.  Los

Your VIP Club also welcomes Georgia Dering's Massage. Members may take (10%) off her services. Call  044-415-103-3364. Call for an appointment for a great massage.

Your Club is receiving terrific feed back about Quando Foods, gourmet vacuum-packed meals and one only has to drop the packs into boiling water, See your VIP Club's webpage for details.  Remember to think about using our other services. Save printing costs by using  Camar. If you have something fancier and more upscale to print, consider Art Prints, both accept Your Club's Card. Linda, from Casa Linda, said she paid for her membership in one day and saved even more by buying her paint at DuPont Paints on Salida de la Celaya. It's no sin to save money.

Kris Rudolph, of Buen Café fame, a VIP Club participating restaurant, has an exciting, summertime, Mexican food cooking program going on. She will have a guest chef, Susana Trilling, author of "Seasons of My Heart." She specializes in Cuisine stemming from Oaxaca. There will be the Oaxaca program, July 7-8, 11am. - 2pm and another program titled, "The Modern Mexican Kitchen, Kris has a bevy of classes happening all the time e-mail Kris for dates, times and costs at

Sierra Nevada has renewed their contract with the VIP Club. Members may take 15% off all foods and drinks at both locations when paying cash or credit card.

As for World Cup action, Team Mexico has made it past the first round and now goes up against a tough Argentine team this Saturday at 2 pm. Let's go Mexico let's thumb our noses at the odds makers, ya gotta believe, baby!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

May 23, 2006

VIP Club Newsflash Greetings:

Your VIP Club of San Miguel is celebrating its 6th anniversary this month. We wish to thank each and every member, past and present, and our participating restaurants/establishments for the overall success of the VIP Club, especially those, who back in 2000, showed faith that we could put it together and continue to grow.  Special thanks to RE/MAX Real Estate for being our primary sponsor from the get go. Your Club has never been stronger with over 500 local members, 45 restaurants and almost 40 other establishments gracious enough to offer our membership discounts.

We urge members to use their cards, not only to get discounts, but to support those businesses that support Your Club. Carry your card and flash Your Club's colors. Please visit our website: to view Your Club's diverse line up. If any members have lost or misplaced their cards please report back to us so we can replace them immediately with no charge. We ask those who are no longer members who still receive VIP Club Newsflashes to contact the Club if they no longer desire to receive notices and so we can purge them from our e-mail address book as to not flood e-mail in boxes.

Your Club will continue to expand and strive to offer super service to its membership. Please don't forget to take care of the wait staffs that serve our members. They are an important ingredient that insures Your Club's success.

Villa Mirosal Restaurant, Pila Seca #35, invites VIP Club members to have a complimentary  white or red wine free with their lunch order. (between 1:00 to 2:30 p.m ).  Along with their 10% discount Mondays through Fridays. On Sundays members may take 15% off of their bills rather than the usual 10% for both breakfast or lunch with $100 peso checks.

Dagmar and Detlev Kapstein, owners of Berlin Restaurant, are hosting and leading a special historical tour of Havana, Cuba, June 2-5, three nights four days. The tour includes hotel (air conditioned) airfare, all taxes, all ground transportation,( to and from airports and hotel, plus free ground transportation around Havana and daily breakfasts. Also there will be free lectures and tours including insight about the discoveries found by Alexander von Humboldt, a past German traveler, who chronicled much about Havana near the turn of the last century. All of the above costs $598US. VIP Club members who go on the trip will be offered additional vouchers for future use that will provide a free ride to or from Leon's airport which is a $29 value. For further info contact Detlev or Dagmar at Berlin, Umaran #19, 154-9432.

There will be a memorial mass marking one year, in memory of our past friend and member, Bob Heck (BBQ Bob), Friday, May 26, at 6:30pm., at San Francisco Church.

Sports fans get into the VIP Club World Cup Football Pool, 50 peso buy in, no commission, all monies go back to the winners. Contact Lou for further info.

On a personal note: VIP Club President and founder, Lou Christine's written submission "Uncle Lou" has been chosen by Tim Russert, moderator of NBC's Meet The Press, to be in his new book "Wisdom of our Fathers" published by Random House and released May 23. There were over 60,000 written submissions with 115 chosen for the book with Christine's story about his own father having the greatest length over all other stories in the book. (sometimes we get lucky)

Member News:

Congratulations: David Maxwell and Flor Alvarez on the announcement of their engagement

Get well: Bob Thieman and Pat Beery

R.I.P.: Anika Banning and Dinah Sullivan

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

March 12, 2006

VIP Club Newsflash Greetings:

Berlin Restaurant, Umaran #19, 154-9432 would like to invite VIP Club members this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Berlin has brought in a special guest chef from France. His name is "Arnoud," of whom Berlin says prepares a menu that both, compliments, and is enhanced by a red, French wine named, "Beaujolais Nouveau," which is a top grade vintage that too will be especially included during the weekend.  Detlev and Dagmar, Berlin's operators,  says that Arnoud cooked at one of the top Parisian eateries, "Taillevent," but these days he is based out of Mexico City. Berlin is very excited at being able to steal Aroaud away for the weekend.
Along with a limited supply of Beaujolais Nouveau the special menu for lunch and dinner this Friday, Saturday and Sunday includes:   Callo de hacha & caramelized veggies Baked camembert & salad w/strawberries Country style terrine & pear, red wine chutney  
Main dishes :
Rosemary chicken breast on tomato concasse Tenderloin Beef fillet in Red wine sauce Fish tartar on lentil salad  
Tarte des pommes
Fresh red berries w/ginger and basil.
Your VIP club discount, as always, will be honored at Berlin during this special event and Detlev suggests that dinners call for reservations.
Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


March 12, 2006

       Your VIP Club welcomes QUANDO foods, vacuum-sealed, frozen, comfort foods easy to prepare while placed in boiling water. Quando sells gourmet type food products that includes, soups, main dishes and deserts. Some of their selections are: Mushroom chicken roll, potato chicken roll, Coq au Vin with risotto,  Chinese ribs,  Lisbon, French  and Valencia pork dishes, Toas chicken, chicken pot pie, meat loaf and much-much more. Members can call 152-5153, 152-0038 or 044-415-153-3444 for immediate delivery. Ask about their in-stock selection. For club members this is a DELIVERY SERVICE ONLY. The 10% discount offered to members is NOT INCLUDED at retail outlets where they also market Quando products. There is a 30 peso delivery charge.  Ask for Pam or Cindy.
     L'Invito is temporarily closed as Silvia is in Italy, hopefully seeking out some new mouth-watering, northern Italian recipes. L'Invito will reopen March 27.
     Otto Sirgo, famed owner-operator at La Toscana, another of your club's Italian restaurants, Hernandez Macias  #83, wants members to know that shortly the new air conditioning system will be fully installed so diners will maintain their cools while dining as the weather gets warmer.
     Club member Herb Tolpen wishes to sell two tickets for the March 24 performance featuring Placido Domingo in concert in Leon. Herb says the seats are choice andt go for 250 dollars each, but Herb is willing to part with both for a three-hundred dollar bill or equivalent in pesos. E-mail Herb at or call, 154-5438 for additional details etc.
     The Lions Club is hosting another of their fabulous trips, a weekender, April 7 to the 9th. The trek includes visits to Uruapan, with stops in Morelia, Patzcuro, to the Reed factory and copper center at Santa Clara.  It's 1,620 pesos each, double occupancy, 2,175 for single. For more info call Jean Schickel  at 152-0934.
      If any member is involved in an enterprise or desires to announce a special event to share with members, do know that Your VIP Club will be glad to post those notices in our newsflashes as a courtesy to the membership. Over 700 local people receive the VIP Club updates. We can not guarantee events that are time sensitive but this service is available to all members.
     Club member Tom Frazee provided us a laundry list of businesses and people he wishes to thank, especially those who helped him out with meals and other services during Ernesto's masterful performance here in San Miguel. You know who you are if you helped out Tommie; he thanks you wholeheartedly.
      For Your VIP Club complete line up of discounts visit Your Club's website at We also welcome paid advertising on our site. The rates are very reasonable. Other wise, we're cheap.
     Don't miss Finnegan's Saint Paddy's Day celebration Friday, March 17. It's that special day when everybody turns Irish, "Erin go brah."
     Searching for the right gift? Consider the VIP Club Card. It makes for an appreciated gift.
     If any of you are NCAA College basketball fans and enjoy following the March Madness Tournament. Join other local basketball freaks and participate in our ninth, San Miguel, March Madness, bracket pool. It's a hundred peso buy-in, no vig to the commish, as all monies go back to the first, second and third place finishers. Daily updates are e-mailed to keep players informed during the three-week tournament. It's action personified creating bragging rights and good fellowship. Bracket slips will be available come Monday at: BBQ Bob's, Manolo's Sports Bar, Harry's, Bagel Cafe or e-mail us back here to pick up a bracket slip and fill out your winners. Picks need to be handed in with the dinero no later than noon Thursday, March 16. One tip, never bet against Notre Dame if they play on March 17. All games will be televised live at BBQ Bob's, Harry's and Manolo's.
     Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.
Your San Miguel VIP Club


January 11

Greetings: Happy 2006. Your VIP Club of San Miguel is well within in its sixth year, now more robust than ever, with the ranks of its local membership over 500, with an aim to provide its members and participating establishments excellent service and continued growth. Thanks to all.

Your VIP Club welcomes, "L'ESCARGOT, Hernandez Macias #66, 154-9024. This recently opened restaurant serves French cuisine and is operated by Jesus Otero and Elizabeth Martin. For years the husband-wife team have operated a popular restaurant in Queretaro and they've decided to branch out and come to San Miguel. Entrees on the menu consists of items from land and sea, crepes, soups and pastas with full bar. VIP Club members may take 15% off their bill when paying cash.

Finnegan's, Codo #7, is having a cocktail party and fashion show, Thursday, January 12. Cocktails are from 5-6 pm. with the show being presented from 6-8. Showcased will be the works of Tesa Goss, of Palm Springs, California, featuring handcrafted wearable art, suitable for the tennis court or wearable to the opera. Music will be provided by Enrique.

Also Kixtac presents sculpture and jewelry by Pedro Maria. Both, Helena Moreno Fine Arts Gallery, Jesus #18 and Moyshen Art Gallery Hidalgo #4 have agreed to offer VIP Club members 10% off their marked art.

Members, please remember you can now go to for updates and the current line up. Your Club's new 2006 brochure is at our outlets.

Club member Laura Josephs is asking members to consider helping sponsor the walk from San Miguel to San Juan de Los Lagos, on January 24, a three day, 55-mile trek to help raise money to help fight domestic violence against women and support CASA, a grassroots, non-profit organization lending a hand in many ways to local family life. If anyone would like to make a donation they can drop off any amount at Solutions, Recreo #11, Box 219, Attn: Laura Josephs.

Card member Lyn Medoff is selling off her housewares after 18 years of living in San Miguel. The house goods clearance will take place this Friday, Saturday and Sunday during daylight hours at her home, Casita 21, behind Quinta Loreto Hotel.

Instituto Allende will kick off their Winter season's Arts and Crafts fair this Saturday and Sunday from 10-6 pm. Please report lost or misplaced cards to this e-mail address for immediate replacement. Ernesto is Coming . . .in late January, with his "True or Falsetto," a secret history of the castrati. The show will take place at Villa Jacaranda. Tickets available at Galeria Izamal, Mesones #80 and in the jardin.

Sadly: RIP: Dick George; RIP: William Memo Thompson; RIP: Gina L. Journigan, daughter of member Joe Ann Collerain

Congratulations to Card Member, Daniel Sirdey of Market Bistro, Peitite Journal and La Carpa fame. Daniel and Carmen have had a baby, a girl, healthy and beautiful, whose name as this moment has yet to be determined. We wish her a great life.
Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

-Your San Miguel VIP Club


December 20

Harry's New Orleans Oyster Bar and Cafe, Hildago #12, 152-2645, wishes VIP Club Members a Merry Christmas and presents their Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menu:

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Menu

Shrimp, Artichoke and Hearts of Palm Salad with Parsley-Dijon Vinaigrette $75 Sherried Two Bell Pepper Cream Soup with Garlic Croutons and Toasted Pine nuts $55

All the Roasted Turkey You Can Eat with Cajun Style Oyster Stuffing Accompanied with Sage Gravy Served with Jicama-Green Peas Warm Salad $180

Vizcaina Style Cod Fish Accompanied with Bacon-Pecan Nuts Rice $170

Pork Loin in Croute with Demi-.Glace Sauce Served with Mustard Rice and Creamed Spinach$ 140

Prime Rib Au Jus Served with Horseradish Sauce Purčed Carrot, Red Beet and Green Pea Baked Potato $275

KorkorAirtien Style Date Pie $55, Along with our Regular Menu

Hacienda Los Laureles at Hidalgo #4. 152-5300, on New Year's Eve will offer a four course meal, including bubbly wine and coffee, grapes and live music all for $ 350.00 pesos. Your VIP Club Discount will be honored. Menu: Cream of Corn
Green bean and cactus (nopalitos) Salad
Breast of chiken stuffed with spinach in a wild mushroom sauce
A bottle of Sala Vive! white sparkling wine for every four people
Buńuelos (I really do not know the name of those in english!)
and Coffee


December 9, 2005

A message to the membership from Joe Collerain:
Charro Chuck will be competing with his team CHARROS DEL SANTUARIO D'ATOTONILCO with COCOMACAN DE DOLORES HIDALGO on Sunday afternoon, December 18. The group of MARIACHI LOS GAVILANCES will be entertaining and a spectacular performance of the girl side saddle precision riding team (ESCARAMUZA). Tickets for this spectacular event are only $40 pesos each and can be purchased from Joe Collerain, home telephone #152-2664, cell #0444151538449. Of course, Louisiana Restuarant will be open for some wonderful New Orleans food and drink. Hope all of you can join the party!
-Joe Collerain

Casa de Los Milagros has sent in there plans for New Year's Eve. They will have a dinner that consist of:

Entemeses de qusos y carnes
Consome de hongos al jeréz
Ensalada "Diva"
lechugas mistas y frutas exóticas con aderezo balsámico al limón)
Main Course:
Filete de Salmón con puré de camote
Medallon de res en salsa roja y papa rellena de queso.
Pie de manzana
Las 12 uvas.

Price per person is $390.00 pesos. Dinner begins at 9 pm. A live dance band, "Los Lunaticos, will play rock and roll music from the 50s and 60s with an Elvis impersonator. The best dressed couple dancing will be awarded a fine bottle of champagne. Reservations are a must with 50% deposit. For reservations and more information visit Casa de los Milagros, Reloj #17 or call either Javier or Ivan at 152-0097


December 8, 2005


We want members to know that participating restaurants and services available to VIP Club Members are posted on our new webpage, ( In the future we'll only send out newsflashes when restaurants or services come aboard or there's other information we deem as essential.

The new VIP Club logo and colors are visible on the wegpage. Many members have received and have given a thumbs-up in regard to our nifty, new, card holders, co-sponsored by Berlin Restaurant and Viajes Travel Services. They're handy, good looking and best of all, they're free to all members. Get 'em while they're hot!

We invite participating businesses to send us information about current events, like what's in store for restaurant patrons on Christmas or New Year's Eve including menus etc.

If you have a personal or business link, send it to us, we will have a link as to align San Miguel links so to make them stronger. Members are always welcomed to send in info about upcoming events they might be involved in, like the Holly Hop and community dance taking place Sunday, December 18 at La Carpa which is for a good cause. Do know we will not be responsible for events that are time sensitive, especially if we receive the information too close to the date of the event. Notices that give consideration or discounts to the membership always have first preference. Announcements will remain on the webpage so members can refer back to them at a later date.

There will be a feedback link also, so members are able to post and comment on positive experiences they may have had while using their cards. We WILL NOT post complaints or gripes as to not embarrass anyone, especially since we weren't there. We won't publicly pass judgement or bite the hand that feeds us. If members have complaints please send them here. No question or inquiry is ever ignored. From the beginning the Club has always emphasized cracker jack service.

The webpage will also offer businesses inexpensive advertising. We will post advertising rates on the webpage or contact us here for additional info. The page still needs some alignment yet is functional and up to date. By month's end the webpage should be fine tuned.

VIP Club member and jewelry designer Sally Leonard is nervously biting her nails. You see the notice about her annual Christmas gift show and gala dinner at Villa Jacaranda did not get into the Atencion. So, we are helping spreading the word. It's Sally's fourth annual show and it takes place today, Thursday, Dec 8th, 7pm. Featured will be the Christmas Fashion Collection by Darla, hot new leather designs by Ren Ellis and holiday jewelry collection by Sally Leonard. Cost is 200 pesos and includes full dinner with welcoming cocktail and live music.

VIP Club Members Dan and Gabriela Scher, owner operators of Casa Puesta del Sol, Fuentes #12, Col. Atascadero, once again presents their renowned New Year's Eve gala, with this year's theme being, "Pimps & Hookers," costume optional. Live Band, Food, Open Bar, Dancing and Fireworks! $500 pesos, RSVP,152-0220.

Know that many of our VIP Club members are involving themselves in the Holly Hop, which will be blowout community dance party of the season at La Carpa on Dec. 18, from 7-11. It costs 100 pesos at the door, or 75 pesos in advance at your mail service. All proceeds support CASA's San Miguel Walk Against Domestic Violence. In addition the sponsors invites members to join CASA's San Miguel Walk Against Domestic Violence. It pays every penny of the bills for the only family violence program in our community. Walk yourself or support someone to walk for you. Or join the Walk for the first day. For information contact Beverly Donofrio at, or 152-8091, or 212-561-5111

Members, for years now, Border Crossings has provided a splendid Holiday Party for under priviledged orphans. If any member would like to 'adopt' or sponsor a boy or girl for the Fiesta de Reyes Magos (the 3 Kings Party) that will take place on Saturday the 7th of January, 2006, Border Crossings will have an exhibition of photographs of the boys and girls from the orphanages at Casa Hogar Mexiquito and Don Bosco whose world will be brightened enormously by your generosity. In Mexico children receive gifts from the Three Kings on 3 Kings Day, instead of at Christmas from Santa Claus as most of us are accustomed. These children from the orphanages would receive nothing at all without your contributions. Many have never had anything that was their very own in their whole lives. Border Crossings once again will sponsor the party with magic, refreshments, entertainment and the Three Kings themselves with your gifts for the children. If you sponsor a child, come to join the party and watch little faces filled with joy as they realize that they have been rememberedS. faces not jaded by a materialistic society. Gift the little children this Fiesta de Reyes Magos and gift yourself at the same time with the experience. Drop by Border Crossings, Mesones 57, Local A, interior between 9 am and 6:30 weekdays, or 10 am and 3 pm on Saturdays; or call 152-2497 for more information.

-The Committee for the Fiesta de Reyes Magos and Border Crossings

SU RESTAURANTE: EL BACHA DE SAN MIGUEL Dear Customers: For your parties this month, we are offering you, catering or delivering service, with the following Basic Menu. It includes eigth different specialties and its price is $120.00 per person.

1.- Kibbé (ground lamb baked)
2.- Marinated Chicken.
3.- Hommos (ground chick pea with sesame sauce).
4.- Dry Jocoque.
5.- Tabule (típic lebanese salad).
6.- Grape Leafs (stuffed with lamb & rice).
7.- Zuchini (stuffed with lamb & rice).
8.- Dessert (Baklavá).

Minimum: 20 persons
Make your order. Tel : (415) 15 8110
Our Quality is always the Best !

Besides, we want to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006

Your VIP Club wishes all members a terrific holiday season and further we wish for eventual peace on earth. Thank you for your continuous and loyal support. Your San Miguel VIP Club


November 29, 2005

VIP Club member, JoAnna Reichel has opened the CURVES Franchise at Hotel Posada De La Aldea, Ancha De San Antonio #15, overlooking the pool. JoAnna is offering VIP Club members a 10% discount on yearly enrollments and also on the purchase of gift certificates during the holidays.

Card member Tom Frazee wants members to know about his own; Jaime Dean's Break-fast Sausage, that is now available in 1/4 kilo ( 4 patties ) packages at $ 25 pesos at the very clean carniceria, "La Lonja" on Calle Mesones 33, up from La Bonanza, on the corner. It's great for Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, Stuffing a Turkey or Chicken or as an additive to Meat Balls. Not to forget, with eggs and toast. Good luck, Tommie!

The Club de Leones de San Miguel, A.c. - English language Lion's Club - that sponsors the free eye clinic for the Mexican people on Thursdays is pleased to announce that we are planning another trip! On December 7th - till late December 9th the club will be going to Guadalajara - including Tonala, and the fabulous Guadalajara Zoo! The price will be $150 USD per person or $1600 pesos, based on double occupancy in the hotel. This includes the first class bus, the hotel and other amenities. For specifics, check out the ATENCION newspaper or email / call Lion Fundraising Chair Jean Schickel at : home phone 152-0934

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