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August 8, 2011


     Everybody has their favorite butcher, right?  . . .  Perhaps not our vegetarian friends and members, yet for those who do or want to have one: Your  VIP Club welcomes "La Lonja Carniceria", since 1953, Mesones #33, 152-0471, open 7:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Home delivery! La Lonja is one of San Miguel's most popular meat markets. The establishment is immaculate, well stocked, and there's an able-bodied crew of sharp butchers! Name it in meat products? . . . La Lonja carries it! Check out the Steaks: T-bones, rib-eyes, fillets, New York; ground-beef, sausages, lamb-and-pork cuts; poultry: chicken ostrich and turkey, an array of seafood. VIP Club members, when purchasing at least 400 pesos worth of product, they receive a 10% discount from La Lonja!

     VIP Club members can still get 50 pesos off on premium seats during the remaining performances of the Chamber Music Festival! See previous newsflash. Get tickets at Bellas Artes, inside the office, to the left as one enters. Fifty pesos off first eight rows for VIP Club members. (Thank you, Camie!)

     VIP Club participating restaurant, Toscana, Hernandez Macias # 83, has a special offer for VIP Club members. Besides getting the standard 15% VIP Club discount, with each main dish ordered, VIP Club members exclusively get a complimentary glass of wine! (Gracias, Otto)

     Gabby Green tells me:

     Hi Lou: I am promoting my cooking classes. I will like to offer to your VIP clients with 10% discount, classes includes ingredients, class and margaritas cocktails at the end of the class with the meals. Gracias amigo! Gaby . . .  (You go, girlfriend!)

     VIP Club member Michael Hager invites all to the next Literary Sala event, Thursday, August 11, 5 p.m. at Posada de San Francisco on the corner of Hidalgo and Canal. Michael will be sharing some of the music from his play, "The Last Ride," poetry and excerpts from his recently published novel, "Just Beyond the Edge." plus a reading from Hager's, "In the Times of Clouds and Sun." Michael says his new novel is receiving enthusiastic reviews! Portions from any sales will got to Casita Linda. (Congrats Mike!)

    Each Wednesday at 6 p.m. it's the Aztec Dancers on the back patio of Instituto Allende, at VIP Club participating restaurant Mi Casa and Thursdays at 7:30 it's Gil playing guitar. 100 peso cover includes cocktail.

    Friday nights! Young artists night at Berlin Bar. Hip art students from the Bajio show case their latest creations!

    Thanks to the members who took advantage of Your Club's special offer and renewed or bought VIP Club memberships at Biblioteca Publica during July that included Your Club purchasing the member's new library card for a full year! Gracias from the folks at the library too.

     VIP Club participating restaurant Cafe Rama, Nuevas #7 will again serve its weekly special Friday night dinner. Sorry to say your VIP Club discount does not apply to this deal yet it's a feast. As of this posting this week's menu has yet arrived. Check out

    See the list below for the most recent restaurants and businesses who have affiliated themselves with Your Club!

    We wrongly reported weekday closing hours in our last flash for La Mesa Grande Bakery. They stay open until 7 p.m. weekdays!

     Report lost or misplaced cards for immediate replacement.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

Recent restaurants and other services offering VIP Club members’ discounts!

  • Chicago Style, Salida a Queretaro, 15% cash 10% credit card.
  • Café Rama, Nuevas #7 10% cash
  • Carcasonne, Correo #34, 10% cash, 7% credit card
  • Mama Tina’s, Hernandez Macias #93, 15% cash, 10% credit card.
  • Sicila in Bocca, (Salida a Queretaro 10%)
  • Baile Café, (inside Arthur Murray Dance Studio, 10% cash
  • El Meson, Mesones #80, breakfast, lunch and dinner, 10% discount plus, 2 x 1 always for VIP Club members.
  • La Puertacita Hotel Restaurant, Col. Santo Domingo. Now offers VIP Club members 20% off their famed Sunday Brunch
  • Dragon Chinese Restaurant, 10% off, Wednesday and Friday, free corkage days.
  • Dr. Claudia Llanas, 20 de Enero 17-A, Col San Antonio, 30% off her dental services.
  • Providencia Gas (propane) cel: 415-109-5357, 7% cash, on-the-spot rebate, 1000 minimum.
  • Galeria Izamal, Mesones #80, 10%
  • Dr. Inkol chiropractic services, first consultation free (200) peso savings.
  • Super 30, aka: Fuji Film San Francisco #50, 10% off all merchandise, 15% off printing and developing, 20% off recovery or converting photos, tapes, VHS, just about anything to DVD.
  • Unisono wireless, 300 pesos off installation charge.
  • Mariner purified water 15% off
  • Shaw Satellite TV services, VIP Club members first month free.
  • Luis Urribe-Clinica Automotiriz: Big discounts off auto mechanical, bodywork, total car care, insurance claims. See webpage for total info
  • Alas Wings, Flying, 15% off lessons and aerial sightseeing, see webpage for details.
  • Galeria Isamal, Mesones #80, 10%, 300 peso minimum.
  • All Natural HCG Is now available in Mexico. HCG is taken orally and triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as "food".  A 2 Oz Bottle is 70 USD or Pesos Equiv. They offer 10% discount to all VIP Members. We also offer Multi-Bottle Discounts (if you and your friends buy together)  For more information contact  Johnna or Valerie at Cell 415-153-2031 or email
  • La Mesa Grande, cafe and panaderia and relocated to the corner of Pila Seca and Zacateros. Fernando and Robin are the principle bakers. cel: 415-113-8522 154-0838, 10% discount for VIP Club members still applies with minimum 100% peso purchase.
  • Gas Providencia cel: 415-109-5357, On the spot, 7% cash rebate, minimum 1000 pesos.
  • Lourdes Cordero’s original art. 15% off, Aldama #56
  • La Lajona Carniceria 10%, minimum purchase 400 pesos

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