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August 10, 2009


This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by Viajes San Miguel, 152-2537. Earn free shuttle trips to and from Leon's airport.

Your VIP Club of San Miguel welcomes LA CREPE, Hospicio #37, 154-9435. San Miguel's crepe sensation, closed Wednesdays, yet other than Wednesday, open, Monday til Saturday 1 - 10 pm, Sundays 11 - 4 pm. More than just crepes: La Crepe serves a variety of soups, salads, meats and fish along with its mainstay, a plethora of perfectly prepared crepes filled with scrumptious ingredients chock with flavors from the four corners of the Earth. VIP Club members' may take 15% off their bill when paying cash and 10% when using credit card.

A thousand apologies to recently added Middle Eastern style restaurant, FENICIA, since we blew the spelling of their name when we announced them as members to the club in the last newsflash.

Reserve Viaje's shuttle service and use them, just five times in 18 months, to-or-from nearby destinations and get a free shuttle trip the next time out. Read requirements on Your Club's webpage, under the puzzle piece "Other Services:"

We are sorry to hear that Casa Grau's Bajofondo Organic Restaurant has closed the restaurant portion of the business. Yet, don't fret, because Alica has opened a bakery that is sure to gain attention and as soon as she has her shake down cruise back to port her bakery will be in the club with break-the-mouth treats!

Yet don't forget Your Club's other healthier prone restaurant, El Tomato, on Mesones:; Co-owner Mariano tells me they have added some new items to the menu. The modest establishment serves strictly fresh, mostly organic and always fresh!

VIP Club participating establishment, International Fitness and Health Center, just past Mega, has a month long promotion, 2 X 1 and members . . . you get 10% off each month when you pay your dues. There was a slight mix up, stuff happens! At the desk they mistakenly thought at first, the VIP Club was just valid for the first month. URNT! It's 10% off each and every month. International Fitness also has a bevy of other classes and instructions. See their ad here on the Club's main webpage: Go buy some muscles, stay in shape!

Just to review. Your VIP Club enables the card holder and three others to dine and receive the VIP Club discount almost 365/24/7!! Not good for Happy Hours, all you can eat buffets, some specials, tobacco products, T-shirts and during some special events. Few rules, so all stays cool. Some establishments only give the discount for cash not all take credit card. For best results and information for discounts and cash or credit cards: go to

For those of you who may have let your card expire or have outlived the grace period for the grandfather deal . . . join the local library, buy a new VIP Club Card there, they're a mere $500 pesos, and let the VIP Club treat you to your new library card. It's an 80 peso rebate that Your Club pays for, plus your card will be valid until 31 August 2010! You don't have to join the Navy to see the world, just open a book!

Your Club wants to showcase a mere sample of tasty dishes at some of Your Club's eating establishments. Dila's: the Lover's Noodles! (Ya get it with all the spices!) . . . Bugambilia: Chiles de Nogada! . . (Epicurean delight!) . . . Ten-Ten Pie: Portabella and cheese sandwich! (tastes like a filet to any vegetarian) . . . Harry's: (The weekend brunch! (between the beignets, breads, fruit salad, mimosa, an incredible array of brunch dishes and good coffee, such a bargain!). . . Berlin: The lamb! (Such presentation!) . . . Longhorn Smoke House: It's really getting into some beef without fighting . . ! Your Club will publish other favorites in forth coming news flashes.

Those are just a few of the dishes Your Club recommends from our stellar line up of nice places to eat, yet if you can, please frequent VIP Club Restaurants and other services; since they're giving our members breaks in prices plus looking to survive. We also ask you to encourage friends and relatives to visit our town, and we're talking San Miguel de Allende. So much is wonderful here like the air and the light and the ambiance and they are all free, so with a healthy influx of tourism, we all can pitch in and try and pitch San Miguel to help keep everybody going!

VIP Club member, Rosie Bugallo, is a long time and respected Graphic artist-designer. She has created some of the hallmark logos around town. Rosie offers VIP Club members 10% off for her design work. If in need, contact Rosie at "" or call Cel. 442 3541591 or Tel 442 1350429. She is based in Queretaro but here weekly. Below we are pasting on copies of Rosie's work!

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Report lost or misplaced cards to this email address for immediate replacement.

Thank you for your loyal and continuous support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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