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Thursday, August 1, 2013

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Paul Fireman and Shaw Direct Satellite TV Services! 

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(Attention business owners: One can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash for 1000 pesos. We send out over 1600 once to twice a month!)


    Your VIP Club welcomes Fonda La Mesa del Matador, Jose Manuel Zavala #15, (just up from Mega), Col. La Jona, 154-4595! La Mesa del Matador is a long-time San Miguel favorite family-style restaurant, renowned for its local cuisine and fine meats and especially known for their Cecina (dried meat)! Also on the menu are salads, soups, pastas, fish and poultry dishes all moderately priced. La Mesa del Matador is closed Tuesdays, open Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays, 10 - 8 pm and Friday through Sundays, 10 - 9 pm. Your host is Enrique and VIP Club members may take of 15% when paying cash and 10% when employing a credit card! 

    We now have two great restaurants on the south side of town including Mesa del Matador and Oko Noodles Bar, just down the road and across Salida de Celaya. Oko has expressed they have seen a rash of new customers carrying the card but wants to see more! Don't forget their sushi night, each Wednesday, starting at 6:30 pm.

    Your VIP Club Welcomes, Cava Sautto Spirits and Wine Sales including free delivery! Cava Sautto carries just about all major brands of your favorite wines and spirits and even beer. They will deliver for free. Just call Bill Mervin at cel: 415-153-3882. We are attaching their price list as of today on this newsflash, of which Bill says are less expensive than most retail outlets in town. Plus,VIP members can take 3% off their list price. The deal is only good at the Quebrada #22, whole sale location, NOT THE HOTEL LIQUOR AND WINE STORE LOCATION INSIDE THE SAUTTO HOTEL! For delivery orders call  154-8280 and the code is "Billy 1". Also, well let's say you're planning a big blast of some sort and let's say you have a whole case of tequila left over! No problem, Bill says he will buy back up to 50% of all unopened products and give you back your money on the spot! 

     We heard from our Robin at VIP Club participating bakery, La Mesa Grande. "We'd like to remind you that La Mesa Grande (Zacateros 49, corner of Pila Seca) is now OPEN for dinner with pizza, wine, a great selection of Mexican craft beer and live music every Thursday and Friday night until 10 p.m.! Miguel Favero and Fede Azuz will be playing Thursday evenings and David Garza will be in the house to play on Fridays!Reservations are not necessary, but we will be taking reservations for two seatings- the first at 6:30pm and the second at 8:30pm, so call us at 415.154.0838."

     We also heard from member Liz Garcia who owns the Beer Company and she wants to remind members about the great fun during Beer Company's Friday karaoke night starting at 7 p.m. Liz also honchos Super 30 on San Francisco and VIP Club participating business and Liz wants members to know they can now print images of your choice on T-shirts, pillows, just about anything and make posters too and VIP members get 10% off.            

The summertime dinner and dancing extravaganza continues Friday nights at VIP club participating Baile Restaurant and Arthur Murray Dance Studio, Hernandez Macias, #68, 152-0095 for reservations. Dinner at 7 pm, Dance Class at 8 p.m. and open dancing at 8:30 for just 200 pesos! Plus Salsa Sabados (Dancing Saturdays) starting at 10p.m. 50 peso cover with live music! 

     VIP club member Angela Lewis informed us about TEDxSanMigueldeallende and the fourth conference conducted here in the last three years. The event takes place Friday, August 2nd, 9 - 6 pm, at Cine Los Aldama, San Francisco #5. This conference is entitled FUTURE=NOW! Ted brings in talented speakers to share their experiences, perceptions and philosophies. We are posting this conference's line up and the web page on how to get tickets: 

Line up of speakers

Judith Fein: travel writer “Life is a Trip”, Huffington Post
Gaz Alazraki: director “Nosotros los Nobles”
Joseph Arthur: musician (
Carlos Bolado: director “Colosio”
Fernando Balderas: director Instituto Tecnológico Sanmiguelense (
Xavier Fux: permaculture, CEO Green Beat
Martha Ortiz: chef “Dulce Patria” (
Neil Jacobstein: Singularity University, NASA
Rafael Y. Herman: artist (
Nico Nogués: creative artist (
Kate Stone: creative technologist, speaker at TED
Cecilio Garza: ambassadeur
Sara Hoch: GIFF director (
Rob Lerner: biologist entrepreneur
Jason Bryan: specialist in global roaming, ROCCO (
Octavio Rettig: Bufo Alvarius medicine
Miguel Laporte: Fundación HSBC director
Beatriz Escalante: writer
Bernardo Greenham: entrepreneur ecologist, BasuraCero (
Barbara Brittingham Powers: educator, homeopathy, AMAYAL Director

Visit to learn more about our speakers       We've received many requests about the upcoming medicine and prescription delivery service soon to be launched here in San Miguel by Lakeside Medical. They are formulating some of the final infrastructure.  Soon to come.

Some members did not get the attachment last flash regarding the dentist rates for Doctor Maria Beltran, we are again attaching such.

Instituto Allende Arts and Crafts Fair this coming Saturday and Sunday!

Congrats to former Agave Azul owners, Denny and Ivonne Durbin on the birth of their new baby!

Another baby: Laura and John Wood celebrate the birth of their new daughter Caroline.

Keep in your thoughts, prayers good tidings towards Joe Collerain and Donna Sharpe.

R. I. P. Laos

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

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