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Saturday, August 16, 2014

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by Providencia home, propane-gas, delivery service. For three years Providencia has maintained a strong relationship with the VIP Club. Providencia's reliable crew, honest and hard working, appreciate your business VIP Club Members have enabled Providencia get a foothold in the home delivery market. It's no longer a secret. Providencia rocks! Members can call the truck direct, cel: 415-109-5357, Lazaro is your man, speaks English, or the home office: 01-800-821-0470. The phone # for the in-town canister truck, Sergio, including the gas grill and heater smaller tanks, is 415-124-8896. VIP Club card holders who show their card get 40 centavos off each litro for tank delivers, 1000 peso minimum, Winter time is just around the corner gas up now. With the check cashing crunch Providencia will acce[t major credit cards. the discount still applies!

(Attention business people: Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out  over 1800 individual emails to our members once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


Your Club welcomes La Parrilla Al Rojo Vivo, Km 2.5 carril de Rodriguez,, 120 3274, Thursdays - Mondays 1 pm, - 9 pm. La Parrilla specialty: meat dishes yet they serve sea food, pastas, salads and vegetarian dishes, plus a full bar desserts etc. Aureliano: host and chief cook has been the creative chef for many famous restaurants in town. He is branching out on his own!

Many diners fondly remember Hacienda Landeta. La Parilla is now located in Hacianda Landeta, sharing the facility with another restaurant. Decor may not yet be up to par and their signage could be better. Aureliano knows this, but he wants all to know he's wokring on it and that the "meat" is what he and his eatery is all about! VIP Club members get 15% off when paying cash and 10% when employing credit card. The credit card system is not yet set but coming.

When members join or rejoin they receive a greeting indicating the amounts off when employing either cash or credit card. Some restaurants only recognize cash for discoutns. Your Club has few rules but we wish to emphasize the percentages off varies. Your Club's webpage has all percentages posted under restaurants: Also, up to four people may dine and receive the discount if "all" itmes are posted on one bill! If there is more than four people in your party, "Ask the manager or owner," and they will deem if they will extend the courtesy or not. Thank You.

We heard from VIP Club participating restaurant Los Faroles, Ancha de San Antonio # 30 and its owner Ignacio Marrujo, about a special promotion for members this month. Order a platter at Los Faroles and get 50% off the second dish!  That's styling! (we're including photos of some of Los Faroles mouth-watering dishes).

With the new cash checking rules, Your Club desires to report, that from now on, Cumpanio, Correo & Correo, will now offers members 10% off whether using credit card or cash. They be styling!

Your Club heard from its Middle Eastern Food emporium, Fenecia, Zacateros #73 and Leticia, the lady in charge, tells us that VIP Club members get the daily wine offer 2 X 1, anytime!

VIP Club member Rebecca Fass shouts out to all singles! Every Tuesday, 5 - 9,  at VIP Club participating restaurant, Orquedia, Zacateros #83, hosts a young-at-heart singles event, as to mingle and dine and perhaps get down with local entertainment. We believe sweet hearts songstress, Lili Bee, is scheduled to play this upcoming Tuesday! They be styling!

Charter VIP Club member and performer Craig Caffal is in town. Good buddy Craig will be playing a one-time, limited engagement at Johnny Favorite's, Piano Bar, Mesones #100 come August 22! Craig is a strong and versatile guitarist, a keyboard man and entertainer all the way around. (See attached poster)

We will be putting up Alicia Rappaport's poster. HARK! The performances have been reduced to just one night, due to Bellas Artes' leaky roof problems! Just one performance with the concert moved from BELLAS ARTES to ANGELA PERALTA! Monday, August 29, 7 p.m. She be styling!

In our last flash we congratulated Doug Cullen at Cafe Contento. Yet we didn't mention Craig has departed San Miguel to pursue new interests, yet he left Cafe Conteno in the good hands of one-time partner, Chef Bossuet. Good luck to you Doug. Martha is the day to day manager at Cafe Contento and she'd like to see you for breakfast, lunch or dinner. All be styling!

There was much recent chatter about the best dessert on San Miguel's Civil List recently. We could rattle off a laundry list of great desserts served in many restaurants, yet a summertime treat that should be mentioned is the dreamy-and-creamy, everyday-fresh, product produced by Gelato Duce Far Niente, Cuna de Allende #3. Rather it be a licking good delight or a fruity kind, they be styling big-time. Check them out.

We also flubbed a little bit let issue when reporting about Arthur Murray's studio's new move to Salida de Celaya #59. We stated a "new" floating dance floor when the staff at Arthur Murray want members and dancers to very-much know the very-same great, floating dance floor that was laid at the Hernandez Macias location, still supports dancers at the new location. They be styling! Also, Cafe Baile, which shares the location is now Baile Restaurante. Our apologies for the errors.

We also gave J.D. John Dougherty a shout out about his expertise in construction projects and if anyone wanted work done to contact John. In a not-so-styling way there was an error in email address and J.D.'s correct email is J.D. knows the ropes when it comes to honchoing construction projects. He be styling.

We've heard from charter member Sharon Milligan: "Hello All, I'll be teaching a beginners clay sculpture workshop, Monday, Aug 25 - Friday, Aug. Aug 29th, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  $175 USD and $150 for returning students. 415.152.3022. cell 415 109 2305, US: 310.862.4514"

Your Club heard from member Linda Curran: "I will be re-opening my English School in Colonia Guadalupe,  Send the children of your domestic help to English School. Aprendizaje del Inglés, Antonio Plaza #21, opens next month. Classes for Kinder, Primary and Secondary meets four days per week commencing Monday, September 8th. Scholarships are available to defray monthly tuition fifty percent and proceeds purchase books that are donated to local schools. Registration takes place Monday through Thursday, 3-6:00 pm, throughout August and the first week of September. You can check out the school on, visit the site or phone Linda at the school, 154-7942."

San Miguel will host its first Story Telling Festival this fall. There will be prize money! Contestants must recite their story to an audience in 7 - 10 minutes, max! Auditions will be held in mid September, with the main event taking place in October. Want to try to qualify, email CheriRae for details;

Report Lost VIP Cards back here for immediate replacement.

NFL and college Football is just around the corner. Many of the Club's restaurants will be featuring games. Keith Thompson's Longhorn Smoke House is primed for football watching with multiple screens including both cable and satellite broadcasts. New VIP Club participating Deli, #43, Relox #43, is gearing up too and they'll soon have a special viewing room. Santos Crudaseca, La Choperia, Hank's, La Casa de Habana, La Casa De Los Milagros, Ten Ten Pie's both locations and the Beer Company too will be showing American football telecasts!

      We have room in our fantasy football leagues. If any member wants the scoop, we be styling and email us back. Some games are free.

R. I. P. Keith Keller

R. I. P. Don Fenton

R. I. P. Paula (Pinky) McBrier

Sheesh With the sad news above and then with the present state and then the brutality of these Isis thugs in Iraq, and the Hamas/Israel mess, and news from Africa with the Boko Haram kidnappings and a couple of doses of Ebola tossed in and then this cop-shooting thing has one saying, "What in the World?" But weez here and In Hawaii they say, "Lucky you stay, Hawaii, Brah!" Our problems here in San Miguel seem pale compared some of the rest of the world is dealing with! Hope springs eternal!

Look for Camino de Paz a grand celebration coming soon at Instituto Allende come September 21!

Congrats to Ximenia Quetzal on her engagement to Kent Slade.

Special congrats to a happy dad, Sky Yeager, and proud mom, Holly Wilmeth, welcoming a healthy Lukajack. (He be styling! (See attachments).

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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