VIP Club San Miguel: "The Smart Fit"


For one day only: September 1, 2015, EXCLUSIVELY FOR VIP CLUB MEMBERS, Go to BajioGo, Jesus #11, (with your card) buy a SEVEN PACK of airport shuttles for just $110 USD, or equivalent in pesos (that’s $16 USD per shuttle) OR BETTER YET pay $169 USD and get TWO, SEVEN PACKS!  . .  That’s 14-shuttles for just over $12 USD per shuttle! Standard shuttles cost $29 USD. With the $110 package that’s a 93-dollar savings. With the 14-pack, that’s a $237 savings! There’s no expiration dates and they can be used for your guests!
1:  One day only, September 1st.  . . . Not the 31st of August or 2nd of September. Please don’t ask. NO EXCEPTIONS
 2:  Cash only.
 3:  If out of town and you wish to send a representative, EMAIL BACK THE CLUB as of August 30 to have memberships verified and rep’s name to be put on a list.

Your Club salutes BajioGo!  Happy 7th Anniversary!
(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash! We send out 2000 emails to the membership once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1500 pesos.)
     Your VIP Club welcomes Nectar, (inside courtyard at Camino Silvestre,) Correo #43, 152-3918, Breakfasts, lunches, teas and desserts; Mondays - Saturdays, 8:30 – 4:30 pm. Tea and desserts til 5:30, Sundays, 10 am – 3 pm. inside a delighttful courtyard, a deli tucked inside Camino Silvestre. Breakfast and lunch provided by Nectar are an array of various offerings some, gluten free, some, strictly organic and even tofu dishes along with traditional Mexican fair. The lunch menu offers fishes and meats along with veggie burgers and other dishes created by chef Juan Carlos. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bills when employing cash or credit card.

      Your VIP Club welcomes back, renamed Longhorn’s BBQ House, Salida de Celaya #6.  New owner Carlos Miery has completely remodeled the old Longhorn BBQ Smokehouse and breathed new life into the BBQ house once built by Keith Thompson. Closed Tuesdays: Mondays, Wednesdays to Saturdays, 1 pm. – 11 pm. Sundays 11 am – 6 pm,
Many of the favorite, familiar, riendly faces are back. Carlos is working to duplicate those familiar tastes at Longhorn. He’s kept the new prices in line with the old. New items will eventually be added. Carlos hopes to make Longhorn’s BBQ the American football headquarters on that side of town with many new flat screen monitors and games broadcast in English on cable and satellite. VIP Club members take 10% off bills when paying in cash or credit cards.
     Speaking of football, Miguel of Flash Fish fame and Johnny’s Piano Bar, is looking to build a sports loving following at VIP Club participating restaurant La Choperia, Canal #21 inside Colonial Plaza. Antonio and Miguel are your hosts with pitchers of beer, full bar, multiple monitors along with cable and satellite broadcasts of any game you might want to see along with all the national and international sports.
    A chance to remind members if they are interested at watching sports in the comfort of their home, don’t forget Shaw Satellite TV with a plethora of north of the border broadcasting, American and Canadian east and west coast networks, HBO, AMC, PBS, NFL Network, MLB, Hockey, late night naughty, the Comedy Channel and so much more. VIP Club members don’t have to lay out the $400 and some USD conversion boxes costs like all others ‘cause Paul Fireman lends those boxes exclusively to VIP Club members and also graciously offers members the first month’s service for free. Call Paul at 120-0200 to get more info.
     VIP Club participating Gelato emporium, Gelato Dolce Far Niente, Cuna de Allende  #3, has changed its name to Bosco Gelato. VIP Club members get 17% off when ordering a double scoop!  

(For the discount Bosco might ask members fill out a small form, substantiating the discount!)

      From member Anne Young about The SMA Playhouse, Avenida Independencia #82: pianist Marianne Koerner returns to the San Miguel  for a one night benefit concert title “Perhaps Love” to benefit SMA Playhouse, Thursday, August 20, 7:30pm. Tickets for "Perhaps Love" are 150 pesos available at the Galeria Izamal, Mesones #80. Reservations 415 154-1018 or email She’ll play old standards and new material ‒ Gershwin, Rodgers and Hart and Hammerstein, Jerome Kern, Maltby and Shire, and James Taylor, among others. Doors open one hour before performances, with bar service. Secure parking and taxi concierge service.
     Also The San Miguel Playhouse opens its 2015-16 season with "Vigil" written by Morris Panych, a comedy filled with plot twists and turns galore. Wednesday-Saturday, August 26-29 at 7:30 pm and Sunday, August 30 at 5:30 pm at the San Miguel Playhouse. Starring: Ken Albanese, Produced by Anne Campbell Tickets, 150 pesos at Galeria Izamal, Mesones #80. Reservations:
     VIP Club participating restaurant, The Food Factory and its top-shelf chef, Allen Williams hosts  “Cena Maridaje” Wine Pairing Dinner. See poster!

     VIP Club member, Gary Berkowitz will be teaching a printmaking course privately at his studio. TUITION: $900 pesos (4 HOUR SESSION - ALL MATERIALS PROVIDED) CONTACT: Gary Berkowitz at, 152-1442 evenings and 154-5366 weekends for more information.
     Iraida Noriega and Ken Bichel will launch their new musical partnership in concert on Thursday, 8/27, at 7pm in the Teatro Miguel Malo, inside Bellas Artes, Hernandez Macias #75. All seats are 250 pesos; a percentage of the proceeds will help fund Apoyo a Gente Emprendedora A.C.
     From VIP Club member Mark Satterfield: Announcing and inviting all to attend the annual Casita Linda “Noche de Capilla,” (Spirit of Hope 2015 Gala October 10th.

Mark is personally offering a $50 USD rebate. You buy two tickets, $150 each and Mark will give you 100 USD back! Help out Mark help Casita Linda. Contact Mark before you buy to confirm!
     Counter Cultures, Zacateos #21 154-8375, specializing in quality hardware, faucets, toilets, sinks and custom desgned baths offers members 10% discount when spending over $2,500 pesos.

     VIP Club member and prolific novelist John Scherber introduces a new novel, "Angel Face" as part of his “Murder in Mexico” mystery series! There’s the Vatican, there’s sainthood, there’s the City of San Miguel,  there’s big money at stake and then there’s flying bullets!

     VIP Club member Mike Herbert wants very much to acknowledge how much the nice words spoken at the memorial service about his husband, Joseph Dispenza, meant to him! Mike would like to remind all that a foundation and Joseh's dream has been set up as to help LGBT writers.

     Know many new restaurants and other services have recently come aboard. We continue to urge the membership to look over our line up at Your Club has three categories: on our webpage, "Restaurants," “Other VIP Club Discounts” and “Health and Beauty.” Please consider shopping local.
    Members, when tipping, whatever percentage you do tip, please consider tipping on the top number!
    Report lost and missing VIP Club Cards here for immediate replacement. We want members to get their monies worth.
     All members are entitled to courtesy shout outs in flashes rather it be for business or looking for a ride to the border etc. Time constraints can not always be considered
    “Look Out For the Bug!” Coming soon!

Tapas SMA                                                              Garufa

Pescau                                                            Antigua Trattoria

La Brasserie                                                  La Choperia

     Last flash we wrongly identified Luna de Queso by referring to the VIP Club food establishment as Queso de Luna! Easy enough to do but nevertheless we should get it right and our apologies.


No R. I. P.s. . . .   As far as we know, at this moment, all membrs breathe air!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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