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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Hank's (formally Harry's) San Miguel's New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar. The legend continues! Hank's continues to be a San Miguel bellwether restaurant. Week day daily specials at the bar, diverse happy hour. Popular Sunday brunch. Perhaps the town's most ambitious and diverse menu.


Your VIP Club is throwing a cocktail party!

Members, please mark your calendar for Tuesday, September 4, 7 - 11 pm. at Sierra Nevada's parque location. Let this be a special opportunity for me to introduce myself to members who I've never had the pleasure to meet, along with lots of old friends and long-time members as to come and mingle with myself along with many restaurant owners and other business owners who participate in the VIP Club. At the event we will announce the winners of the VIP Club Sweepstakes.

In an effort of fairness and to be transparent "all entries" in the VIP Club Sweepstakes can be viewed by Clicking the "Home Page" link above. Visit the page and find your picks. Know who to root for, or to root against! We have saved all original emails and if the numbers listed on the webpage don't match your picks YOU MUST contact the club by August 25 or all picks listed will be final! As stated earlier, Winners of the Sweepstakes will be announced at the VIP Club cocktail party September 4.

Your Club's contract with La Gruta hot springs expired earlier in the month. There was a brief period where the card was no longer accepted. But hold on, partners, La Gruta is back in the fold and will accept Your VIP Club Card enabling members to get 10 pesos off entry fee with the card for up to four people in your party and valid at the restaurant for 10% off.

Kris Rudolph, owner operator of renowned and charter member of the VIP Club's Buen Cafe has sold her restaurant located on Calle Jesus! For the time being, until we have a sit down with the new owners we aren't sure if they are accepting the card during the transition. We'll keep you posted. Kris will open intimate home type eatery sometime in November. Best wishes and thank you, Kris and Alberto!

Chef Jason and manager Wilka have left Cafe Rama! The restaurant remains open and operating during a transition period and Steve DeWing is filling in until those departed are properly replaced. Previous recipes and service will continue to be in vogue and hopefully their absence won't be noticed in the form of the service and cuisine. At the same time we salute Jason and Wilka for the outstanding job and footprint they left on the cooking community and wish them the very best in future endeavors. Your Card is still accepted at Cafe Rama.

There were some rumors regarding VIP Club participating restaurant Venus Lounge being closed or closing. They remain open period!

In Your Club's last newsflash, some of you received an attachment whose file was much larger than the usual attachments. Some of you voiced the file overwhelmed your systems. We apologize and missed an opportunity to trim it down or not to have sent it at all. We will make an effort as to not send out files from participating businesses that aren't overwhelming.

VIP Club participating business Unisono Wireless has had to deal with technical problems that has overwhelmed their resources. Communications were knocked out by storms and special equipment had to be replaced. It took some time to fine-tune the new equipment and the management of Unisono were aware of such but for a time were handcuffed. Right now all seems to be working fine but Unisono wants members who employ their services to know they will work very hard in the future to insure uninterrupted service and will continue to provide the best wireless service they're able to orchestrate.

VIP Club member Ross Macdonald, a long-time, local, health advocate is having a vitamin sale. Ten percent off first item, 15% off the 2nd, and 20% off when purchasing three or more items. For more info email See Ross' web page tat tel: 121-1019

VIP Club participating bakery La Mesa Grande has a new wood-burning pizza oven. Consider trying them out.

VIP Club cantina, 21unica, on the corner of Jesus and Cuadrante, wants members to know that each Wednesday it's 2 X 1 all day!

There has been some griping about the local cable company and TV viewing. NFL Football season is around the corner and perhaps now is a time to consider switching to satellite TV with both American and Canadian channels from Shaw Satellite systems. Call Paul Fireman and get a great rate and deal being a VIP Club member. VIP Club members get generous consideration for installation charges and first month free (approx 95USD savings). Call Paul at 122-2085.

Chef Donnie of famed restaurant, The Restaurant, Sollano #16, shared a couple of photos of offerings at The Restaurant (see attachment.)

Oh, yeah, Your Club is modernizing and has bit the bullet and now has a Face Book page. We'd like any of you who has FB to find us (VIP Club Card) so you can get immediate updates on happenings around town!

Get Better and Heal UP: Allan Gross

Congrats on recent marriage: Andres and Kajsa, operators of Bistro Los Senderos

Happy Trails: Robbie Mantooth and Stephanie Turner, Liam and Aidan (We'll miss you.)

R. I. P. Debra Kiley.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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