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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Members! Read this flash and save $174 USD. 

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by BajioGo, Jesus #11, 152-1999, US 202-609-9905, San Miguel's reliable and secure airport shuttle with additional transportation and touring services.

For six years BajioGo's reputation for prompt and secure transportation has stood second to none. Reservations by computer:, or call for tours, shuttles or car rental. 

In celebration of six great years BajioGo offers VIP Club members sensational savings year round! Thank you VIP Club members and thank you San Miguel!

(Attention business people: Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out  over1800 emails to our members once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


  A grand and EXCLUSIVE offer to VIP Club members, FOR ONE DAY ONLY Monday, September 1st, during business hours 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Any VIP Club member who purchases a five-coupon, airport-shuttle-book for $120 USD cash or equivalent in pesos, that member then receives the second, five shuttle coupons ABSOLUTELY FREE! That is a $145. USD value and savings! Coupons have no expiration date and are transferable! (One per card holder) BITTA-BOOM! BITTA-BAM!

     Then: From September 2nd until September 5th, VIP Club members again, with an exclusive deal, will be eligible to buy a airport-shuttle, five-pack for $120 USD in cash or equivalent in pesos and get 50% off the second coupon book with no expiration date and also transferable when personally going to Bajio's office. Limited amounts will be made available to the public after September 5. BITTA-BOOM !BITTA-BAM!

    Also further to celebrate the six years of BajioGo, anyone who joins the VIP Club Card at BajioGo, a  500 peso value for a full year, but by doing so from September 2 until September 30, BajioGo will chip in the other 100 pesos and that member pays just 400 pesos rather than the 500! BITTA-BOOM BITTA-BAM!

     BajioGo is far from finished saving our membership money! Sign up and for BajioGo's Mexico City Getaway.  VIP Club members get $54 USD off the single room package and $41 USD. off the double room package (see attachment for what trip includes)

    If you miss out on any of the above offers, BajioGo generously gives off $5.00 USD for each leg of their airport shuttles heading to BJX's or Queretaro's airports year round. Members need to ID themselves as such at time of reservation by phone or internet!

Your VIP Club welcomes Tapas SMA, Umaran #36, 415-103-3109, Monday through Thursdays, 5 - 11 p,m,, Friday and Saturday, 'til 1 a.m. San Miguel's favorite Swedish sweethearts, Anders and Kajsa, are back in the food service business here in town.There new menu of scrumptious tapas are a potpourri both Mexican and International. There's a little more than something for all. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bills when paying cash or credit card. Welcome back, Anders and Kajsa!

    Your Club continues at times to make bonehead mistakes. On the new brochure we have the wrong phone # for La Brasserie, Jesus #11. "Mia cupa!" The correct number is listed correctly on the webpage:  that being, 152-3161. Which gives us a chance to shout out, Tangy and tasty Mussels, the way you like them, are always on the menu every Wednesday and Friday!

  Your VIP Club welcomes Globo San Miguel! The entire Kimball family have been piloting sensational, breath taking balloon rides over San Miguel for over 20 years. Chief pilot, Jay Kimball, is an iconic figure around town and he has shared the hot air ballooned spirit with sons Jayson and Jared along with daughter Gretchen, all are expert fully licensed pilots! Globo San Miguel and the Kimballs wish to take VIP members on an adventure of a life time.

     Cost: $2,000 pesos per person, Approximately 1 hour flight.

10% discount for VIP members. Groups of 4 or more booking together with a VIP member receive a 15% discount. Reservations for VIP discount available for flights Mondays-Thursdays and weekends, based on availability.   Contact info: 415-114-2174 See Your Club's webapge for more in-depth details on Globo San Miguel.

    Members! Security has become a major concern for all citizens of San Miguel. Times are a changing'! There have been some not-so-funny things happening to taxi passengers, often late at night. 

     Your Club has made special arrangements, with what we believe, is the very best Taxi Service we can find here in San Miguel! "Servitaxi" is a long-time San Miguel taxi service. Like, Globo San Miguel, Servitaaxi is a family affair, The Gutierrez's, with mostly family operating the taxis. Their taxis on the most part are newer, roomier, some with air-conditioned and with the most mature and professional drivers in town. Their motto, "respuesta immediate," they always respond rapido. Their call-for-taxi rates are as follows: 40-pesos daytime, 80 pesos, 8 p.m. 'til midnight, (VIP Club member pay just 60 during that time slot) and 100-pesos, midnight 'til 6 a.m. Arrangements can be made to have unmarked cars for local trips or to nearby towns with private drivers. Identify yourself a a VIP Club member when you call! For super taxi service call: 152-5953 or 154-0538 anytime and for private unmarked car call 415-153-3498. Be safe, not sorry! Servitaxi's phone #s will shortly be posted on the Club's webpage in the "Other VIP discount" section.

     Alicia Rappaport's performances, the singing concert moved from BELLAS ARTES to ANGELA PERALTA! Monday, August 29, 7 p.m.

     Mail forwarder Solutions closes its Mesones office as of September 1st and moves all to the Recreo location, box Number remain the same.

    Longhorn's Keith Thompson wants all members to know that he has the NFL Satellite package so with all his screens you won't miss a game!

     San Miguel will host its first Story Telling Festival this fall. There will be prize money! Yack off a story to an audience in 7 - 10 minutes max. Auditions will be held in mid September, with the main event taking place in October. Want to try to qualify, email CheriRae for details; 

       Please consider joining VIP Club participating business, Darla's S.P.S. fundraiser, Saturday, September 13 6 - 10 at the Z Club, Lupita #6, (bihind immigration), for an exciting runway fashion show. There will be complimentary welcome champagne, hors oeuvres with Gravity Works entertaining, plus a gourmet dinner, dancing and raffle. Ticket available until September 6th at S.P.A. Los Pinos #7, La Conexion and Darla's, Recreo and Correo, 1,000 pesos or $85 USD. in cash or checks made payable to San Miguel Community Foundation.

Members support Biblioteca Publica! If "all" expats buy a 100-peso year long membership, that alone will pay for the library's fixed expenses! Support Biblioteca Publica today!

    Their will be a special Peace Initiative, worldwide and a branch taking place here in San Miguel titled: "Camino de Paz!" The event takes place September 21st, from Noon until 5 p.m., at Instituto Allende. The event is the brainchild of sanmiguelense and VIP Club member, Beverly Nelson. 

     Singles meet: Every Tuesday, 5 - 9,  (happy hour) and various live music at VIP Club participating restaurant, Orquedia, Zacateros #83, hosts a young at heart singles event, to mingle and dine and perhaps get down with local entertainment. 

     The San Miguel School of English is looking for volunteer staff  as regular and substitute teachers. especially to share a class in Level 2. Classes begin on Monday, September 1,  Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 6:00-730 pm. The school, which has been operating for over 60 years, provides English lessons to Mexicans at a reasonable price, We provide teachers with books and classroom materials. If you are available to teach or would like further information, please contact me at Pat Frey

    A final word about the BajioGo gift to members: BajioGo was kind enough to run this promotion last February, again, for just one day. Over 90 members took advantage. Figure, at retail that is a $348 USD. package of $120 USD. and the cost of a VIP Club Card! Got anything around here to match it. Please remember it is THAT DAY AND THAT DAY ONLY! IT'S CASH ONLY! NO CARD, NO SECOND BOOK! We have beefed up our card inventory at our outlets. Thank you, Luis and thank you, John for your great association with the VIP Club.

     See attachment for recent VIP Club joined businesses.

    Report lost or misplaced cards here for immediate replacement.

Send good-healing vibes Joanne Howard's way.

Congrats on the engagement of David Bossman and Catalina Rivera

R. I. P. Gene Mann

R. I. P. Mark Bartell

Thank you for your loyal and continuous support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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