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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


     Your VIP Club welcomes Boutique: Agua de Coco, Sollano #31, 154-9132. Agua de Coco owner, Marcia calls her boutique the perfect place to obtain that Bohemian look! Marcia inventories stylish and colorful clothing along with sharp accessories including vintage products such as designer sun glasses. Agua de Coco is open Tuesdays through Saturdays 11 - 6 pm. VIP members get 10% off with a minimum purchase of 500 pesos.

    There will be an attachment announcing the Thursday evening art exhibit at VIP Club participating restaurant Mesa Grande, corner of Zacateros and Pila Seca. Mesa Grande also wants to remind members they now serve salads along with their sandwiches and pizza and are now open until 9 Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Sour dough and breads of all kinds along with English muffins croissants, cinnamon rolls and other bake products are getting high marks. Member get 10% off 100 pesos minimum purchase.

     Look for a unique art exhibit at Berlin Bar/Restaurant, Umaran #19, opening Friday, August 26 at 6 pm. Featured are highly-respected wood block prints from German Twentieth Century sculptor, Gerhard Marcks, along with works of Carl Kappstein, grandfather of Berlin's Detlev Kappstein, a one-time professor at the Berlin Academy who was renowned and referred to as a notable draughtsman of landscapes and animals. The exhibit will be topped with with some of the recent works of San Miguel's, Peter Leventhal and the sculptures produced by wife, Terra Mizwa. For the young of heart, the Friday night exhibits of younger and more contemporary San Miguel artists too will be exhibited. Prior to the rule of the Third Reich both Kappstein and Marcks were highly respected artists very much involved in the German art scene. 

    VIp Club member Michael Sudheer continues his Broadway songfest, singing his heart out at Arthur Murray Dance Studio each Friday for the month of August. Reservations 152-0095. One-hundred peso donation with all proceeds going toward nine local charities. Also, participating VIP Club restaurant the Baile Cafe will remain open for customers as is right next door VIP Club participating restaurant Vivole Cafe!

   For art sakes also, Galeria Atotonilco will have an open house this Saturday and Sunday. Featured will be Margarita Flick, known for her cut paper work along with the works of other Mexican artists and craftspeople. Galeria Atotonilco is located next door to Nirvana Restaurant. Sorry to say, Nirvana is not a member of the VIP Club but at the same time it's in a nice setting and the food is good with terrific owners, Juan Carlos and Anna.

   Art remains the focus because VIP Club member and artist Mary Jane Miller with the backing of Generator Gallery has Sunday morning excursions at 11:00 am. just outside town to promote World Peace. See info at Free transportation is available. Email Mary at:

     Sierra Nevada's Hotel Restaurant, a charter member of the VIP Club, will host a special wine paring along with a feast, Tuesday, August 30, 7:30 10 pm. Executive chef Felipe Ramirez is pulling out all stops. The price for this feast is 600 pesos that includes 16% IVA along with tip also included. Wines from Santa Elena will be show cased. Food and Beverage manager Martha Alfaro wants to remind members that Sierra Nevada restaurant always welcomes locals along with their hotel guests to savor their new International menu. VIP Club members are entitled to 15% off their bill and 10% off when using credit cards.

     La Puertacita, Dos Casas, Bacco inside Hotel Saulto and Villa Mirasol are other hotel restaurants that accept your VIP Club Card.

     Congratulations to VIP Club outlet, La Conexion on twenty years of service to the community. See all the other services available at La Conexion by going to 

     Restaurant Mesa de San Jose has regrettably dropped out of the Club. Due to the challenging times the owners of Mesa de San Jose have been forced to drastically reduce their menu and their food prices. Hardly anything on the present menu is over 50 pesos. Your Club wants to thank Mesa de San Jose for their past generosity and we wish them only the best in the future.

    Not all of you received the notice last newsflash that Marcia has reopened her VIP Club participating Black and White shop at Margarita Ledesma, #12, in Colonia Guadalupe.

    VIP Club member Lisa Wyngaarden is in search of a pure breed German Shepherd. Email Lisa at:

     Bekka designs, a VIP Club participating business on Recreo, has closed its doors.

    Many members have noticed and mentioned how Your Club has made strides to recruit additional goods and services along with our All-Star lineup of restaurants enabling our membership to save semi and semi-serious monies. Providencia gas delivery, Marnier purified water, USA Dry Cleaning, lab tests, garden supplies, paint stores, home visits by physicians, pharmaceuticals, international newspapers and magazines, satellite TV, wireless services, earned trips to Leon's airport and more! You can see the whole shebang at the same website you are visiting now.

   Your Club urges members to read what the deals are on our webpage and in the notices we send out. Unfortunately, an ill mannered member, who apparently did not read the new deal, went into new VIP Club participating business and purchased way less than the minimum that's part of their deal and they put up a big stink while waving their VIP Club Card, with the rogue member insisting on their 10% discount! It was not the best way to begin a relationship with a new and valued participating business!

   There is never an excuse for rudeness! Each member when using their card is a representative of THE CLUB! Actions speak for all! One loose cannon can alienate the rest of us. As stated to each member, when they join in a message from The Club, we ask if any member senses there is a discrepancy in their bill, to pay it, get a dated receipt aka "nota remision" and don't argue. Then get back to us so we can do the sword fighting for you. Savings are always guaranteed so members have absolutely nothing to lose except their dignity. Ya!

   Again, just as a reminder we are placing more recent new restaurants and businesses to the VIP Club in the form of an attachment.

Send out a get wells and good thoughts to Kris Rudolph and Ann Futch!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

Recent restaurants and other services offering VIP Club members’ discounts!

  • Chicago Style, Salida a Queretaro, 15% cash 10% credit card.
  • Café Rama, Nuevas #7 10% cash
  • Carcasonne, Correo #34, 10% cash, 7% credit card
  • Mama Tina’s, Hernandez Macias #93, 15% cash, 10% credit card.
  • Sicila in Bocca, (Salida a Queretaro 10%)
  • Baile Café, (inside Arthur Murray Dance Studio, 10% cash
  • El Meson, Mesones #80, breakfast, lunch and dinner, 10% discount plus, 2 x 1 always for VIP Club members.
  • La Puertacita Hotel Restaurant, Col. Santo Domingo. Now offers VIP Club members 20% off their famed Sunday Brunch
  • Dragon Chinese Restaurant, 10% off, Wednesday and Friday, free corkage days.
  • Dr. Claudia Llanas, 20 de Enero 17-A, Col San Antonio, 30% off her dental services.
  • Providencia Gas (propane) cel: 415-109-5357, 7% cash, on-the-spot rebate, 1000 minimum.
  • Galeria Izamal, Mesones #80, 10%
  • Dr. Inkol chiropractic services, first consultation free (200) peso savings.
  • Super 30, aka: Fuji Film San Francisco #50, 10% off all merchandise, 15% off printing and developing, 20% off recovery or converting photos, tapes, VHS, just about anything to DVD.
  • Unisono wireless, 300 pesos off installation charge.
  • Mariner purified water 15% off
  • Shaw Satellite TV services, VIP Club members first month free.
  • Luis Urribe-Clinica Automotiriz: Big discounts off auto mechanical, bodywork, total car care, insurance claims. See webpage for total info
  • Alas Wings, Flying, 15% off lessons and aerial sightseeing, see webpage for details.
  • Galeria Isamal, Mesones #80, 10%, 300 peso minimum.
  • All Natural HCG Is now available in Mexico. HCG is taken orally and triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as "food".  A 2 Oz Bottle is 70 USD or Pesos Equiv. They offer 10% discount to all VIP Members. We also offer Multi-Bottle Discounts (if you and your friends buy together)  For more information contact  Johnna or Valerie at Cell 415-153-2031 or email
  • La Mesa Grande, cafe and panaderia and relocated to the corner of Pila Seca and Zacateros. Fernando and Robin are the principal bakers. cel: 415-113-8522 154-0838, 10% discount for VIP Club members still applies with minimum 100% peso purchase.
  • Gas Providencia cel: 415-109-5357, On the spot, 7% cash rebate, minimum 1000 pesos.
  • Lourdes Cordero’s original art. 15% off, Aldama #56
  • La Lajona Carniceria 10%, minimum purchase 400 pesos
  • Agua de CoCo Boutique, 10% minimum 300 pesos

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