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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by "Shaw Broadcasting systems; providing satellite TV programming. Local and national U. S. and Canadian programming, including feeds stemming from two, U.S. metropolitan areas, in two, different time zones, including PBS. NFL games in English. Many premium channels i.e. HBO etc. Complete Canadian programming. No longer put up being bamboozled by other lame TV services. Contact, Paul Fireman, at 122-2085 and get an estimate, plus being a VIP Club Card member entitles one to a free month of service and serious considerations when it comes to installation charges. Call 122-2085


Many members are still in the running to come in the money in the VIP Club/Viajes Travel Sweepstakes to win a week at the beach and other prizes! The present count on the VIP Club web page is . . .? well, you'll have to check it out yourself to find out just what the count is Here. The transparent, complete list of entries is posted on the web site, so if you want to boost the number of your pick or a friend's pick don't forget to click on the site to raise the numbers!

Sweepstake winners will be announced at the VIP Club cocktail party, Tuesday, September 4, 7 pm., at Casa de Sierra Nevada's parque location. Your VIP Club/Sierra Nevada Hotel Restaurants and Spa will act as your host. David Garza special musical guest. Please RSVP to this email address by Friday, August 31.

Your VIP Club welcomes La Casa Del Diezmo, Jesus #36, (formally Buen Cafe). Luis Novelo is now at the helm. There's been considerable refurbishing. Luis says he is going to continue with Buen Cafe's excellent, mainstay menu for now, including the renowned Sunday brunch but soon will add a number of Yucantan recipes and dishes to the tried and true menu. Open daily, 8 am- 6 pm., new phone # 154-4441. Closed Wednesdays.

Your VIP Club welcomes bar La Casa del Habano, in the rear of VIP Club participating, La Felguera Restaurante, located inside Posada Carmina Hotel, Cuna de Allende #7, 154-9810. La Casa del Habano wants to be your sports center in centro. They will show ALL NFL games throughout the seasons and broadcast them in English. There is a full bar, plush leather sofas and they sell cigars including all the famous Cuban brands. VIP club members may take 10% off all purchases including those of cigars. Rene Morales is your host.

Speaking of the NFL season: VIP Club participating restaurant Longhorn Smokehouse is going to open on Sundays for the NFL season and will also show a full slate of games broadcasted in English and Spanish. Todd Carmody, aka, Foxx, will be the Sunday ringmaster and provide Longhorn's full line up of BBQ and fellowship pools. NFL games can also be seen at VIP Club participating restaurants Casa Payo (Manolo's) and Hank's (no sound).

Your Club sadly reports that San Miguel's Tuscany style restaurant, La Toscana, has closed their doors, primary for health reasons! Otto and Maleni Sirgo desire to sincerely thank VIP Club members for their patronage over the last seven years. We will surely miss this fantastic couple, their cheery attitude and wonderful Italian food. Thank you, Otto and Maleni we wish you the best! The new owners at the location have yet to open nor have we approached them to see if they desire to remain in the club. Reports to come at a later time.

Your Club has heard from our good friend over in Queretaro, Jorge Ferreira. at Vinedo Azteca (Aztec Winery). They are having a very special event this coming Saturday, September 1. It's an event wine aficionados would not want to miss. For more info call Jorge (speaks English) at 442-224-3051. See all the details on the below posted attachment. Buen Provecho!

VIP Club participating business Abrazos Boutique, featuring Patrice Wynne's San Miguel Designs, Zacateros #24, right next to Cucaracha, is offering a 15% discount to VIP Club members 'til Monday, September 3. The collection of fine fabrics include Mexican favorites, Chilis to Burros, Frida to Guadalupe, Corzaones to Dancing Skeletons, Mens Day of the Dead shirts in many styles, table napkins, aprons, handbdgs, baby bibs - 100% locally made with love! Fabrics sold by the yard. 154-8580 bilinguel staff.

VIP Club participating business, The Skin Clinic, operated by Board Certified Plastic/Reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Manuel Valezquez, is having a fountain of youth, Botox Party on Wednesday, September 5th, at their Malaquin location. Frown lines, forehead and eye work. This special deal for a one-time treatment will run $350 USD or equivalent in pesos. Normal costs for this procedure runs from 400 to 600 US dollars at most skin clinics. Also, touching up, if needed, at "no extra cost!" To make an appointment call Ana at 154-8608. This is an opportunity to meet with the doctor and address any questions one might have on fillers, facial rejuvenation, etc etc.

Providencia Propane gas delivery service, who generously offer 30 centavos off each litro delivered toward our membership have altered the way they show the discount. Before it was a cash rebate. Now they take the 30 centavos off the price that is posted on the truck and that amount is reflected on your factora. For instance, this month the price ceiling set by the government is 6.27 per litro; VIP Club Card members pay 5.97. You must show your card or NO DISCOUNT.

We're placing an attachment from VIP Club participating Argentine style restaurant Garufa for authentic South American cuisine on the corner of Hernandez Macias and Canal. Other VIP Club restaurant with Argentine themes are El Tomato and Casa Payo.

Report back to us for lost or misplaced VIP Club Card for immediate replacement. No questions ever asked!

VIP Club card provider and mails center, La Conexion wants members to know they have a paper shredder available to the public inside the Aldama Office.

Lastly, any members who would like to participate in our fantasy football leagues or last man standing survival pools contact us directly.

Please send your positive thoughts and prayers Malene Sirgo's way!

Congrats to the newly weds: Lavinia Ruiz and Ian Futz.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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