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Tuesday, December 21, 2011

Greetings and Merry Christmas to all:

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by El Tomato Restaurant, on Mesones. Italian/Argentine fusion, arranchera, rib eye, pastas, salads and more. "Eat Well, Feel Better!"

Your VIP Club welcomes, "El Pegaso", Corregidora #6, 154-7611. Since its beginnings, El Pegaso consistently set the gold standard when it comes to operating a restaurant in San Miguel. Open everyday, except Wednesdays, for breakfast lunch and dinner. El Pegaso, renowned for good food, reasonable prices, and an attentive staff; long-timers still rave about El Pegaso's eggs benedict, or the Chiles en Nagada or their famous pork loin. Full bar, soups, salads to desserts. Beto and Robin are your hosts. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill when paying cash with a minimum purchase of 100 pesos.

Your VIP Club welcomes the services of Herb Wilson's tax and accounting services. Herb's a year round resident of San Miguel who, for three years, has been helping Americans with their IRS filings and other accounting related needs. When VIP club members employ Herb Wilson's services they receive a 200 pesos discount or he'll donate 200 pesos off your bill toward the S.P.A. email Herb at:

VIP Club participating boutique, Seventh Heaven, Sollano #11, is having what their fearless leader Sabrina, touts as a "local loca sale!" this is exclusively for VIP Club members, who may take 20% off anything in Seventh Heaven that has been produced in the State of Guanajuato! This deal is good until January 5th. Consider doing that last minute Christmas or post Christmas shopping at Seventh Heaven.

Also, if you're still out there shopping please consider Your Club's other participating shops: Abrazos, Zacateros #24, Agua de Coco Boutique, Sollano #31, Black and White, Ledesma Margarita #12, Casa Katalina, Jesus #12, C & G Leathers, Zacateros #32, Darla's Designs, Recreo and Correo, Era Gift Shop, Zacateros #39, Galeria Izamal, on Mesones, Havana Cigar Company, Hernandez Macias #92, La Carreta Rustica, Umaran #11, La Fuente de Art, Mesones #77, La Mejicana Correo #13, Moonrise, Organos #29, (closed Christmas Eve), Patricia's Facial and Body Treatments, Ladrillera #1, Yam Designer's Gallery, Ancha de San Antonio #20. All the above mentioned generously provide VIP Club members with discounts! SHOP MOM AND POP!

El Buen Cafe, Jesus #36 will continue the grand tradition of being open Christmas Day, a Sunday, and will serve their standard yummy brunch from 11 - 2 pm. followed by El Buen's fabulous and perhaps more famous yuletide buffet, with one seating only, 3:30 pm! Menu: Turkey and dressing, Beef fillet with Cognac cream, Garlic mashed potatoes, Corn pudding, Sweet potatoes with toasted Pecans, Creamed spinach, Assorted salads and breads and a variety of desserts. Cost $390 per pesron with extensive wine list available. Reservations and advanced payment required.

Some of Your Club's favorite restaurants have sent in their Christmas and New Year's Eve menus. For the sake of brevity, since some are extensive, we've bunched them as Zipped up attachment "christmas2011" to download here. Besides the mention of El Buen Cafe, menus attached are from Carcassone, La Puerticita Hotel Restaurant, Mi Casa and The Restaurant. Check them out!

There's till time to sign up, until January 15th, at participating International Fitness Heath Center see their special membership promotion at the front page of

The peso verses the dollar? How low can you go? Right now the dollar compared to the peso is at record highs. Consider also, some fortunate souls receive end-of-the-year pay outs etc. VIP Club members might consider cashing in American or Canadian dollars at Ci Banco, San Francisco and Jerez. See Josefa, the manager, show her your card, VIP Club members get a higher rate than posted on the outside board, plus VIP members have check cashing privileges! Consider having an account a Ci Banco.

Entertaining and needing meat products, remember La Lonja, carniceria/butcher shop, Mesones 33, 10% discount, 400 peso minimum.

Chef Jose Luis of VIP Club participating restaurant, Dragon, wants members to know the Dragon does famously offer, Peking Duck, but the bird must be ordered 24 hours in advance! Call 185-8686. Dragon Chinese Restaurant, Salida a Celaya #71, Monday - Saturdays Noon - 10 p.m. Sundays, Noon - 9 p.m.

VIP Club member, Joe Collerain, wants to give Longhorn Smoke House's Keith Thompson a big "SHOUT OUT" for throwing a sensational seasonal luncheon party for all the girls, nuns and their driver at Santa Julia Orphanage, Friday, Dec. 9th. Joe writes, "Keith not only fed them all but enlisted Santa having him there giving out gifts, having the kids have their photos taken with him, Keith put a bracelet on every girl's arm, along with a large bag of candy, plus an envelope for every girl with 100 pesos in it. Keith also stated that he is going to make this a yearly Xmas event for the girls and next year, it will be even bigger and better! It was one of the most heart warming days of my life. Go Keith Go!" (That's the spirit!)

After the first of the year Your Club will be providing more info about the new hospital insurance program available worldwide at reasonable rates. Many of Mexico's most respected hospitals treat patients belonging to the Chapala Medical insurance program, including Tech and Angeles in Queretaro. If anyone is eager to know more, now, email Doctor Ian Fischman at

We said it on the front end of this news flash but if you missed it, a very Merry Christmas to all! As Your Club has for the past Your Club will continue to strive and meet the needs of the membership as to provide local additional valued goods and services at a discount, due to the generosity of Your Club's generous restaurants and establishments along with their business savvy. Without our the restaurants and other businesses and members we would have no club! We thank "one and all," and here's to a great New Year, 2012! (Oh, despite rumors, don't let End of the World rumors ruin your New Year!)

R. I. P. Regina Chaffin

R. I. P. Palamita

Thank you for your loyal and continuous support!

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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