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This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by: Grace's Sofas, 415-154-0475. Grace's Sofas, San Miguel's bellwether headquarters for custom sofas, chairs, sectionals and now sofa beds. New pillows or slips covers, no problem. Proprietors: Scotty Mason and Annie Lapham are hands on.

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Greetings and Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2016 to all:
Famed local guitarist Gil Gutierrez and our favorite Swedish couple, Anders and Kasja, who also operate VIP Club participating restaurant Tapas SMA, have teamed up to take over Instituto Allende’s, Bistro Mi Casa, Ancha de San Antonio #20! The new team now offers, not only fine cuisine, but with Gil’s musical input at providing first-class entertainment that will not only include the talented Gil but various musical accomplices. The venue’s days of operation for now vary. Reservations can be had a 415-103-3109 or

Posting some menus and happenings from VIP Club participating restaurants.

VIP Club participating establishment’s Arthur Murray Dance Center and restaurant, Salida a Celaya #59, are hosting on a New Year’s Eve extravaganza and dinner Thursday evening, December 31, 2015, 9:00 pm, - 1:00 am. The menu: 3-course dinner, cream of poblano, chicken w/pine nuts, pork w/raz-potle, vegetarian options, baked pear, open bar, dancing and salsa classes 1200 pesos per person, gratuity not included, discounts for children, plenty of free parking. Reservations185-8282.

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VIP Club participating restaurant ChupAlitas, noted for its burgers/wings etc. and TV sports, has moved a few doors over from Ancha de San Antonio 1-B  to upstairs and above Santa Clara at 3 Alto.
When we reported last flash that Sushi Itto has 2 X 1 all day and night Mondays, we’re talking Sushi!

Looking ahead Saturday, January 9, Galeria Izamal welcomes back to the gallery, water-color painter, Roberto Lopez Fuentevilla with a special showing and reception between 6:00 -8:00 pm. Galeria Izamal is San Miguel´s oldest professional cooperative art gallery. In November, it celebrated its 23rd anniversary. Other Izamal jewelers and painters will also be shown.  They are jewelers Maria Bracho and Mary Jo Dolle, and painters Steven Cary, Juan Ezcurdia, Javier Garcia, Cat Grall, Henry Vermillion and Britt Zaist.


 The Restaurant


Buenes Aires Bistro



Restaurants and businesses that joined the VIP Club in 2015:

Aguamiel Cocina Rustica, Aperi, Azteca Healing, BeWellSanMiguel Patient Advocacy,
Casa de Aves, Chef Julian Garcia (catering), Chou Ban, ChupAlitas SMA, Dental Age,
Doctor Mike Herbert, Dos Casas Spa, EmbarKdero, Fina Catrina, Firenze, Food Factory, Arcada Hotel Spa and restaurant, La Burger (centro), Longhorn Smoke House (new owners), Mario’s Fresh Seafood, Mesones Café, Moebius Books, Nectar, MacDonald Delivery Service, Sabores and Salsas (relocated), Sicilia en Boca (returns,) Sindishi, Sirena Gorda, Sky Med, Sofia Collection, Sushi Gama, Sushi Itto, Tapas SMA, The Pain Medical Center.

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was Congrats to Clai Fields and Amber Nieto on the announcement of their wedding engagement.
Congrats to  Victor Hugo Ruiz Carrillo on the birth of his new son Nicolas.
Again, only the best for all in 2016!
Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.
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