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December 11 , 2008


Your VIP Club welcomes THRIVE, a gourmet vegetarian catering service here in San Miguel. Carolanne is the chef and principle creator of Thrive. She stems from the Bay area where she learned, earned and honed her craft. Besides gourmet vegetarian cooking "Thrive" specializes in the preparation of meals especially designed for those who have a restricted diets. Thrive swears they can make it tasty and nutritious. Visit their website to view their array of services that also include soups and desserts,  catering for four or four hundred, daily specials, custom cooking, all for foodies. For more info: VIP Club members can take 10% off their order with Thrive, minimum order 500 pesos. 

VIP Club Member Christine Conway, owner of the beauty shop, The Cutting Garden, Codo #4, 154-9130, wants to thank all those VIP Club members who wished her well during her recovery from a broken shoulder. On Thursdays only, from now until the end of February, go get a new hair do or other beauty parlor service and Christine will give card carrying VIP Club members 20% off her regular rates.

Due to the wild fluctuation of the peso verses the dollar, Intercam Casa de Cambio has been forced to temporarily suspend their special exchange rates they've extended to VIP Club members for the past four years when cashing dollars or buying them. Director Ricardo Gonzalez said in a meeting that with the wild fluctuation he can't always be sure if is firm is making or losing money when cashing dollars on a day to day basis. He asks the membership not to give up on the extra spiff and is certain, once markets calm and stabilize he will again offer VIP Club members a premium on their exchanges. (The Club wishes to thank Intercam for their generosity!)

Tecolote Bookstore, on Jesus, is singing a similar tune. They are trying to hold their prices in pesos yet they pay dollars for their books. Tecolote will need to suspend their special relationship with the VIP Club until markets stabilize. (Your Club wants to thank fellow VIP Club member, Mary Marsh, owner of Tecolote, for her generosity.)

We may as well let all the poisons flow, lol. Your Club had a chat with Chelo, at her pharmacy on Canal. Chelo offers 20% discount off pharmaceuticals and 15% off retail products to VIP Club members. Chelo says though, there are some, she says "some," a few drugs that there is no room in at all to discount. Yet she wants all members to know she welcomes the card and your business.

Both Border Crossings and La Conexion are doing something special for children who may not have a Merry Christmas to look forward with. In Border Crossings case this has been a long lasting holiday tradition.  If you have room to give, visit either of our card locations and put some joy in a child's Christmas season!

Let Your Club thump its chest a little: Your Club now has 56 participating restaurants. Support your favorite ones and show the card and the colors!

VIP Club participating restaurant, La Toscana and its owner, Otto Sirgo, wants the membership to know, about some new, mouth-watering dishes coming out of his kitchen inside his red gravy restaurant just off the corner of Umaran and Hernandez Macias.  Here are some of Otto's new dishes:

Filete Sorrento: A Filet-Mignon in a delicious Mushroom and Red Wine sauce over a bed and Boiled Vegetables.

Spaguetti Amalfi: Shrimp in a Tomato and Fine Herbs Sauce over Fresh Spaguetti Pasta

Cheese Raviolini and Vegetables Soup

Gnocci with Three Cheese or Putanesca Sauce

Copa Vesubio: A Cold Mascarpone Cheese and Cream Mix, a touch of Lemon and Berries Compote. Served in a Wine Glass

At another VIP Club red gravy restaurant, Vivoli Cafe, also on Hernandez Macias, the offer is still good until December 20, VIP Club members and their party get a complimentary Lemonchello after dinner.

Now we have to mention: Romanos and Antigua Trattoria Roma, to complete Your Club's line up of red-gravy, Italian-style restaurants!

Luis Antonio owner operator of VIP Club participating restaurant El Manantial Bar and Restaurant, Barranca and Huertes, wants members to know they're having a special art exhibit this Saturday evening.

A promotional message from the new owners of Don Quijote say Happy Hour margaritas 4- 10 pm. Monday through Thursdays!

If there are still tickets left, VIP Club member Susan Page wants all to know about the Beat Writers night, with Neal Cassady's son on hand and other beatnicks of the past, like wow, happening this Saturday, it should be far out. For more info see Atencion for all the info.

VIP Club member, Mauricio Magana, wants to remind VIP Club members that besides getting 10% off his horseback tour services that part of the monies collected go to caring for dogs within their work with Amigos de lost Animales. For more info call Mauricio at 044-415-101-4976

VIP Club member Craig Caffall who spends much of his time on the road just wrote and recorded a new original tune. He wants to share the video of him along with famous harmonica player, Lee Oakar, of War fame, jamming the tune together on stage in Seattle. Way to go Craig!

Part time sanmiguelense Jan Leslie is looking for a place to house sit, Dec 20- Jan 3. Her vonage is 210-745-0718 or in Mex 01-624-142-4311. Jan has good references.

Report lost or misplaced cards right back to us for easy replacement.

Check out Your Club's website for restaurants and other services,

Cheap advertising rates! 

The VIP Club card makes for a terrific holiday present.

Peace on Earth and Merry Christmas to all!

Lastly, Your Club's President, me, will be the guest speaker at Tuesday's December 16, monthly Rotary Meeting. The subject will be: The nuts and bolts of creative writing." Free admission and open to the public

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support!

Your San Miguel VIP Club



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