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Thursday, December 5, 2013

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Providencia home propane delivery. Well into their third winter season in San Miguel Providencia has established a firm foothold here with super service and what is referred to in Spanish as "Litros Llenitos," meaning their trucks gas meters have been calibrated and you get your monies worth! Besides that, VIP Club members get 40 centavos off each liter purchase, (1000 peso minimum)! They normally fill tanks to the capacity of 80%, meaning, savings on a 300 liter tank (240) would be 96 pesos, on a 1,000 liter tank, (800) 320 pesos. Call 01-800-821-0470 or the truck direct, 415-109-5357. Ask for Lazaro who mans the truck. Delivering Monday through Saturday and their cylinder truck # driven by Sergio is 415-124-4986. Major Credit Cards accepted!

(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out 1600 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


     Providencia's home delivery truck and crew are again delivering in San Miguel as is their cylinder, delivery truck! News of their demise was premature.
     Rather than a mush of words unjust accusations that were tossed at Providencia. Bureacratic red tape didn't help. Delicate and determined negotiations paid off while authorities did the right thing producing an iron-clad  court order in Providencia's favor!

     The management of Providencia first, apologizes to all members for the suspension of service and sincerely wants the membership to realize it was beyond their control. Providencia's management was heartened by the many letters of support stemming from the membership. That support alone resolved their determination and may have tipped the scales in their favor. Many of your were so kind as to send in letters and they became an intricate part of their case. Despite having all the proper paperwork and licenses and calibration tests and safety requirements etc. they were denied access to the local marketplace! Hopefully that is all behind them. No fines or penalties came Providencia's way from any governing authority.

  Providencia will soon have their drivers carrying photo ID and ask members make sure the truck delivering their gas is in all actuality Providencia and not a rogue outfit. Providencia is well aware many of you were perplexed when you couldn't get delivery and that Providencia had nothing to do with outfits pretending to be them who also were operating in town. Providencia has worked very hard for your business and trust and wants to keep it that way while offering a substantial discount to our membership. Providencia "Litros Llenitos!"

     Mexifran, Pila Seca and Zacateros, formally Casa Payo, has weekly specials they want you to know about, see attachment.

     Two December Promotions from Shaw Satellite. During December, for new clients, a free satellite receiver with 6 month prepaid subscription! Also, Shaw will be performing standard maintenance December and January. Please call in if some service is needed: Paul Fireman 120 0200 or 415 106-5600

     Your Club has heard from Dra. Leticia Zubeldia who wants to remind members she does house calls and on duty 24/7. Call her at 152-8515, cel: 415-112-7492 and see the "health and beauty" page on this website for further info on Doctora Zubeldia.

     Moonrise Health, a participating VIP Club business has scheduled an Holiday Open House, Tuesday, December 10, 1- 5 pm. Great food from Natura, great gifts from the Lavender Project and great goodies from Moonrise. 10% off  all vitamins. Savor wonderful aroma therapy oils and taste local colloidal silver. 154-4076.

     VIP Club participating business Auto Service Olimpia, Salida Celaya #68, 152-4458, that normally gives off 10% to members for basic services is having a giant tire sale, December 13-14, 8 - 9 pm.! Buy four new tires and VIP Club members get free nitrogen air, a 300 pesos value that stabilizes the ride here in San Miguel.
     From VIP Club member, Jo Brenzo about her photo shoot excursion December 15: "Last Hacienda Jaral de Berrios" the excursion

$875 pesos (10% discount for VIP members - $787 pesos).
This is a day trip with Jo Brenzo (limited to 6 participants). Jaral de Berrios, is an impressive hacienda, incredibly large and beautiful baroque hacienda. It was inherited in 1890 as a mansion converted into the house, that with its faint traces of color is the building viewed in its ruinous splendor. The architectural detail provides a variety of shooting possibilities and the changing light allows the photographer to capture different aspects and moods. You can stop by the Photo/Graphic Galeria at 57 Mesones to see images from the Hacienda. Jo Brenzo at, 154-5366 or 152-1442 evenings for more information.

Please send positive thoughts Diane Goldie's way.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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