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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by El Rincon de La Malinche Restaurant/Regorios, Cuna de Allende, #10. Daily and nightly entertainment, seven days a week!


Just a quick note on some happenings!

For a real treat, don't miss the Monroy Blues Band at La Malinche this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at La Malinche! Cuban music band, Antillanos will kick off the New Year's celebration at 7:30 pm. Each night Monroy Blue Band will be playing until the wee hours. Check back here for the many happenings taking place at La Malinche/Regorios with different entertainment nightly.

For Friday, New Year's Eve, you're taking a chance if you don't RSVP 152-0698. But don't fret, this dynamic band will also play Saturday and Sunday evening late! It isn't often Your Club touts a band, but Monroy Blues is truly a don't miss band! VIP Club members don't pay a cover at La Malinche/Regorios.

VIP Club participating restaurant Pescau Seafood Restaurant and Bar, serving fine seafood and more, Jesus 21, 152-8800, will serve a very-very special menu for New Year's Eve. It's so dynamic it's too much to type in this brief, but take your Club's word for it. It's three courses along with dessert and a number of both seafood and meat entrees. Ask for Juan Carlos and he can provide details. He speaks perfect English too!

Detlev, Berlin Bar's Mr. Aloha, says start off the year by coming in for a drink or a meal.

Mezzanine Bistro, Cuna Allende #10 begins the year with a special New Years Day Brunch, Saturday from 10 am - 3 pm. Reservations: 152-2799,,

Also, New Year's Day, Harry's New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar will present Vudo Chile, San Miguel favorite pop band, with San Miguel's favorite pop frontman, David Garza with the band kicking off sometime in the early evening, Saturday, January 1.

Longhorn Smokehouse, San Miguel's best BBQ, now open Sundays beginning at Noon starting this upcoming Sunday.

Got folks in? Please visit Instituto Allende's Arts and Crafts Fair continuing this Wednesday and Thursday! (San Miguel's best)

Two dynamic restaurants will be joining the Club after the first of the year. Stay tuned.

We wish all our restaurants and other generous services a great forthcoming year! Please consider supporting all VIP Club participating restaurants and services when ever you can.

Happy New Year to all and thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

Tuesday, December 23, 2010

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by El Rincon de La Malinche Restaurant, fine dining upstairs with Gregorios lounge downstairs, Cuna de Allende, #10.


Your Club wants to wish all members a Merry Christmas, wishing goodwill and peace to all people. Without our members, the participating restaurants and establishments your club would be an empty shell of an organization. Our members and establishments make the club all it can be. Thank you to all and have a great 2011.

Hey, the holidays are here! It might mean company from back home. It might mean going out to dine in town and with relatives to boot. If you don't know where your VIP Club Card is contact us immediately so we can replace it. If you have lost or misplaced your card previously and feel embarrassed asking us for another one. Don't be a sap, we want you to have your card and to show the colors.

It's also time to pay homage to our great and generous sponsors who help keep Your Club afloat and makes your club worth joining. Thank you Lane and Becky Simmons at Re/Max Realty! Thank you Detlev and Dagmar Kappstein at Berlin Bar and Viajes Travel! Thank you Jim Starr and International Fitness Center! Thank you Bob Thieman at Harry's New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar. Thank you Border Crossings, La Conexion, Solutions and Coldwell Banker our outlets where cards are bought. And thanks to all.

OK, down to business and new deals for our members: When first joining or RENEWING Your VIP Club Card. El Rincon de La Malinche, the month you join or renew, stop by the downstairs bar and get TWO, FREE, house drinks just for joining or rejoining the club! You ain't got to buy nothing! Just show your card with its expiration date being the same month!

Also, La Malinche/Regorios is planning on bringing in to town great live entertainment. VIP Club members and their party up to four people never have to pay a cover charge! Thank you, Joseph!

Car trouble, car repairs etc.? Your VIP Club welcomes: Luis Urribe-Clinica Automotriz San Miguel de Allende, located behind Euzkadi Tire, Salida de Celaya in La Lejona, Owners Luis' father and son, English spoken. Business hours 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. 152-1974 or 152-4459. Below are the list of services and discounts to VIP members. They will be closed over the holidays but the deals below are available immediately!

  • 10% off labour on any repairs that are mechanical and electrical, 5 % off labour on paint and bodywork.
  • Free pick up and drop off of your vehicle.
  • Free car wash and interior vacuum with any repair.
  • Free advice for any auto or insurance matter, or to call you a tow truck, and they will deal with your insurance company and advise you in any emergency within 10 km radius of San Miguel de Allende or if you are in Queretaro, Celaya or Gto.
  • Free check up of all the basic 6-points of your automobile as well as all the lights and signals.

Clinica Automotriz, or aka Luis Urribe is:

1. The automotive shop of choice for insurance companies in SMA.

2. Official "Centro de Verificacion" or ecology testing and give you the sticker on your car which is now needed for all foreign cars in SMA every 6 months as with all Mexican plated vehicles

3. The shop (taller) is fully insured. You vehicle is insured while on the premises.

4. There is a 24-hour watchman.

5. Call and say you are a VIP member and to speak to either Luis Urribe...ENGLISH is SPOKEN!

6. Carry these numbers with you in case you are in need of any advice, auto pickup or emergency from 8am -7pm.

7. Luis Urribe will deal with your Mexican insurance company. He is fully experienced! 8. Luis guarantees members personalized service!

Into getting high? Alas (wings) de San Miguel: Aviation Services, sightseeing and flight instruction from San Miguel is now a participating VIP Club service! VIP Club members get 15% off $300 USD introductory flight, mas o menos 45 mintues in the air, from San Miguel airport. For more info call 044-415-114-4483, ask for Rusty!

See VIP Club's The Restaurant's, Sollano #16, Christmas Eve menu, email chef Donnie at:

VIP Club participating restaurant Buen Cafe, Calle Jesus #36, 152-5807 Regular hours 9-4 will serve their traditional Christmas Day buffet at 2pm and include: Turkey with Cornbread Dressing, Beef Filet with a Cognac Mushroom Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Spinach, Corn Pudding, Sweet Potato Puree, Hot Christmas Ponché, - as well as their buffet of desserts with the essential Pumpkin, Pecan and Apple Pies among the selection.....390 pesos + 15% service. Advanced reservations and payment required.

See VIP Club's The Mezzanine aka: Bistro by Bobo's sumptuous New Year's Day brunch menu email Bobo at

VIP participating restaurant Vivoli Cafe, featuring Italian food, Hernandez Macias #66, 152-0045 desires members to know that on Wednesdays, it's free corkage, free delivery at any time, lunch combos with softdrink $99.00, dinner combo with a glass of wine $199.00.

Remember Harry New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar's Saturday and Sunday brunch, a great selection at a great price and use your card. Tuesdays is Taco Tuesday! Free Valet Parking during high season.

Berlin Bar has some new items on their already ambitious menu. Check them out.

Longhorn Smokehouse will, as of January 2, be opened on Sundays.

See your Club's webpage for our full line up of great restaurants catering to our membership. Consider all restaurants in Your VIP Club. They'll appreciate your business.

Under new management: Moonrise Health, Organos #29, 154-4076, continues to participate in the VIP Club. Why not stop by and meet Debra. Moonrise offers members 10% off.

Sad to say, VIP Club participating restaurant Blue Iguana has closed their doors! We wish to thank them for their participation and hopefully better fortune in the future.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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