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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by MH Eleva Residential Elevators. MH designs, fabricates, installs and services residential elevators here in San Miguel.

"Our elevators
comply with all US safety standard. * We are located here in San Miguel. * Same day, repair service including 24-hour emergency service! * We do service every 12 months; the first service, after 3 months is free. * We have our own building crew so we can retrofit elevators to existing houses. * We have our own architect and design crew in case you want help with a custom design. * Our system does not require a "machine room," so no need to take up extra space. * We manufacture most parts right here in San Miguel to keep cost sdown. * We export parts for elevators to USA, which attests to the quality of our work. webpage: English: Mats Hammarlund Tel: (415)155-8111, Spanish ask for Fransisco Aragon Tel: (415)1558111 From USA: (213) 291-1840 email us:"

(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash! We send almost two thousand emails to the membership once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1500 pesos.)


Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Season's Greetings and Best in 2016!

Much to cover . . . . let's get rocking!

Last flash we announced yearly memberships, as of January 1, 2016, will be 600 pesos (still under 40 USD). Renewals 500 pesos.

When a VIP Club Card expires the cardholder has a 45-day grace period to renew at the less expensive rate. If the member cannot renew within the 45-Days contact the club. We can work something out.

In the spirit of the Season: From now until the end of December, past members can rejoin until the end of he year for this year's renewal fee of 450 pesos. Only available directly thourgh the Club! Email us back here.

Thank you, Members! Your Club has never been more diverse or robust! Your Club will continue its best to provide solid savings while at the same time promoting local businesses. Your savings are always guaranteed.

Your Club Welcomes the infamous, Mario's Seafood Restaurant, Salida de Celaya 83A, 121-5234, cel 669 116-2285, Open everyday, 11:00 am. - 8:00 pm. Fresh shrimp, octapus and marlin etc. toastadas, platters, cocktails. VIP club members may take 10% off when paying cash.

The big change at VIP Club participating restaurant La Brasserie, Jesus 11, is  . . . that there isn't much change! Ricardo is hosting one of this town's favorite restaurants. Valeria's lip-smacking recipes served nightly. Since it's the Holidays, Ricardo says, VIP Club members can now enjoy their 10% discount even when they order the evening specials! Muchas Gracias, Ricardo. (Photo Below)


 VIP Club participating restaurant ChupAlitas is relocating. But not far. . . . just a few doors away at Ancha de San Antonio 3, upstairs, above the Santa Clara ice cream shop

Your Club heard from Gabby and Jennifer at Aguamiel Cocina Rustica, December menu served Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays, 1 - 9 pm


Guacamole family style, w/pasilla pepper, Mexican cheese & chips V,VG,GF... $ 70

(Kin Pound Kyaw) Fried Spring Onion Fritters with tamarind sauce V,VG,GF... $ 70

Dumplings stuffed with Wild Mushrooms, Pine nuts and Goat cheese V... $ 80

Veggie Spring Roll with rice paper and homemade peanut sauce V,VG,GF... $ 80

Fried Calamari in Tempura with Marinara Sauce... $ 90

Fried Fish cakes served with Burmese spicy, garlic, soy sauce... $ 120


       *Fava Bean Soup with tomato, Epazote pesto and pasilla flakes V, VG, G... $ 60

*Grapefruit and Avocado Salad with tamarind sauce V,VG,GF... $ 80

 (Tom Yam Goong) Spicy Shrimp Soup with veggies, egg,

sprouts, chile, ginger GF...$ 90

*Grapefruit and Avocado Salad with tamarind sauce V,VG,GF... $ 80

Spicy Shrimp Soup with veggies, egg, sprouts, chile, ginger GF...$ 90

Thai Shrimp Salad with fresh herbs & sweet-n-spicy citrus dressing GF... $ 120


      *Chile Relleno with cheese in tomato sauce, rice and beans V,GF... $ 120

     *Polenta with Vegetable Ragu topped with Pomodoro Sauce V,GF... $ 140

Red Thai Curry with veggies, shrimp or chicken, & steamed rice... $ 190

  Pan-fried Salmon with Thai herbs, topped with spicy tamarind sauce & rice... $ 210

      Beef Filet served with Roasted Rosemary Potatoes and Rustic Vegetables GF...$ 240


Homemade Sorbet and Ice Cream... $ 60

Gaby's Famous Flan ... $ 60

Warm Apple Strudel topped with Vanilla Ice Cream ...$ 100

** GF= gluten free, V= vegetarian, VG = vegan **

VIP Club participating hotel restaurant Mirasol, SPECIAL BREAKFAST Starting at 8:00 a.m, or LUNCH Packages, 12:30 p,m All  December   Additional 5% discount to VIP members discount on Breakfast between 8:00 - to 9:00 a.m or Lunch 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. Ampora says, "Show your Card with your order." Amparo Rivas Riva, Pila Seca 35, centro Tels. 152 8057

Baby! It's getting cold outside. Don't forget to call Gas Providencia, home delivery, stationary tank service. Honest and Efficient! Members exclusively get 50 centavos off each litro! 10000 peso minimum. Call the truck direct, 415-109-5357. Or the office 01-900-821-0470. Major Credit Cards accepted. Discount Applies. (No card, no discount!)

Time maybe to send that tuxedo to the cleaners or tha New Year's Eve gown? Don't forget, USA and Max Cleaners offer the VIP Club Discount!

Cumpanio Luna de Queso


 Hey, Club Members who sushi food lovers. Sushi Itto, San Francisco 12, each and every Monday, 2 X 1 all day, all night,

French cuisine, delivered to your door, give VIP Club member Yves Vincent a call. He and his Le Cochon qui Salute can whip up a vichy soie of traditional French stews and other tried and true recipes' made with the best ingredients available. As a courtesy to his fellow VIP Club members 10% off for orders over 500 pesos. Here's how Yves does it:

The Dwyers, appreciate the interest in their vacation rentals in the Troncones beach area with 12 properties f (Casa Manzanillo, Casa Canela, Casa Viva, Casa de la Sirena, Casa Las Piedras, Posada de los Raqueros, Casa Luna del Mar, The Inn at Manzanillo Bay, Hotel Los Sueños, and Villa Privada: Al Lado del Mar in Troncones, and Casa Rosalinda and Casa Bertha in Playa Buenavista) offering10% discount to club members for detailed driving directions. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at>

40% off Teeth Whitening 40%
Now through December: $1200 Pesos
$500.00 Pesos Call for an appointment:
Lib. José Manuel Zavala Zavala #79
Tel: 415 113 7342 Office 415 185 8181
Ask about Dental Age's family insurance dental plans.

Your VIP Club Welcomes: Azteca Pavilion Healing and Courses. Lydia Wong, a QiGong Healer and Energy Repatterning practioner from Singapore invites members to her personalized classes in Tai Chi restorative practice and QiGong Yoga. Lydia says, "Learn how to reduce the debilitating consequences that arise from the stress of our modern lifestyle. Refresh your mobility and balance. Improve your posture. Optimize your immune system. Reduce inflammation and speed up healing. Classes are kept small to enable individualized hands-on attention." Tuesdays and Thursdays: 3.00pm - 4.30pm. Acamapixtle 13F, Colonia Azteca. VIP Discount 15% for the 2 classes per week. Individual training and therapy sessions are available by appointment. lydia


Your VIP Club Welcomes the spa at Dos Casas off the corner of Quebrada and Umaran. Quebrada 101. Col. Centro, (415) 154 4958. Reservations

"Intuitive, inspiring and imaginative, Dos Casas Spa is a relaxed and holistic space where guests are invited to take a journey deep within. Our services create unique healing experiences, individually selected between guest and therapist, to provide personalized attention, therapeutic recuperation, and spiritual renovation. Hours 9am - 9pm, Tuesdays 9am - 5 pm. The Spa offers Club Members a 15% off services. All details, services and prices are clearly written in English and Spanish."

(Your Club presents various diverse spas at catering to the grooming needs including: Hair-dressers and nail salons, independent massage therapists etc. Go to: Click on "health and beauty.")


Forbes Magazine's December edition published story featuring San Miguel Restaurants. VIP Club participating restaurant Aperi, El Pescau,The Restaurant (Sollano 16)

Aperi  Pescau
Sabores Y Salsas (Chef Maria)

"Harmonía," led by Founder/Director and VIP member, Elizabeth Kimble, will make its first public performance at Camino Silvestre, Correo 43 on Saturday, December 19 at 6:30 pm.  Holiday songs will be presented at this Open House and Art reception for Adrian Ross. Come celebrate the season!"


Fireze Sicilia en Boca


Restaurants and businesses that joined the VIP Club in 2015:

 Aguamiel Cocina Rustica, Aperi, Azteca Healing, BeWellSanMiguel Patient Advocacy,

Casa de Aves, Chef Julian Garcia (catering), Chou Ban, ChupAlitas SMA, Dental Age,

Doctor Mike Herbert, Eclipse Solar, EmbarKdero, Fina Catrina, Firenze, Food Factory,

Arcada Hotel spa and restaurant, La Burger (centro), Longhorn Smoke House (new owners),

Mario's, Mesones Café, Moebius Books, Nectar, MacDonald Delivery Service,

Sabores and Salsas (relocated) Sicilia en Boca (returns,) Sindishi, Sirena Gorda, Sky Med,

Sofia Collection, Sushi Gama, Sushi Itto, Tapas SMA, The Pain Medical Center.

Look out for the bug! Coming soon The San Miguel Fashion Bug

C & G Leathers Zacateros #32
In our last flash we screwed up. We omitted a letter in the email address. To sign up for the electronic, local, fashion catalog, Fashion Bug just send an email to

Congratulations and happiness: Jane Gulland and Peter Dunev, just married!

Same goes for also just married, Susana Guerrera and Sergio Busurto.

Please send special vibes towards two good men: Pat Wilds and John Hoffman.

Heal up: Wendy Weber

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Peace and Goodwill to all!

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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