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VIP Club Newsflash

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by Expat Seguro Medico, tel: 52-1-5555082794. Expat Seguro, an international health insurer providing a blanket of security, along with mental comfort, for its policy holders around the world.

* The Most comprehensive medical insurance for Expats,
* Travelers or Residents
* Hospitalization 100%, planned or emergency, accident or sickness
* Consultations and Medicines

* No deductible, No coinsurance 044-55-55-08-2794

An addendum:  "Your Club has been searching for some time for a hospitalization program for the membership. Now expats and visitors alike can be provided the security knowing, just in case anything happens outside the borders of their home nation, they are professionally covered and cared for no matter where they go in Mexico. We all heard stories about bills being run up on those not covered pressed by demands to be paid on the spot. Don’t let that happen to you or yours! For detailed rates, policy coverage or any other questions email, or call Lesly"

(Businesses or individuals can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash! We send out over 1700 emails locally to the membership once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1500 pesos.)


     First: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Peace and goodwill to all peoples!
     Since we are in the gift buying season we urge members to consider other services and businesses generously extending discounts. These services and shop keepers desire your business. Please look over the VIP Club line up on our webpage htt://
     Supporting the local businesses enables our community to be stronger. The VIP Club has recruited Spas and salons offering discounts. A number of boutiques and clothing stores do too. We have new VIP Club participating businesses coming up within this flash. Let them sense the value of their participation, support our local economy and save money!
     Your Club's updated, biannual brochure Winter-Spring edition at the printer.
     As of January 1, 2017, new membership, 700 pesos for the yearl. Those renewing at the time of expiration or within 45 days after expiration pay 550 pesos.

It's today at Moonrise!

     Your VIP Club welcome Pork Belly Restaurant, Cinco de Mayo #10, 415-114-2621. Open daily, except Mondays, 2:00 pm 'til 9:00 pm. Chef Erick has mastered the art of pork belly preparation yet this popular San Miguel Restaurant also boasts an array of other dishes with tasty sides. You might be able to taste the love and art created in the small, off-the-beaten path restaurant.

VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill when employing cash or credit card.

Chef Erick

     Your VIP Club welcomes La Conica, Pila Seca #2, 415-121-9022, open daily, except Tuesdays, 1:30 - 10:00 pm. Another chef driven restaurant headed up by Chef Luis Pablo who stems from Guanajuato. Luis, also trained by some of the most acclaimed European chefs says he has been cooking since the age of seven and his lineage consists of a long list of successful chefs. Luis' passion is street food, well prepared and tasty street food usually served out of trucks and lunch wagons yet Luis's desire is to make these dishes above and beyond and gourmet while providing a diverse menu of street foods popular around the world! La Canica also specializes in Spanish wines.Chef Luis Pablo presents its Christmas menu. In addition Chef Luis offers members a welcome complimentary drink on Christmas!

OKO Noodle Bar

     VIP Club participating restaurant Aguamiel honchos, Gabby and Jennifer, have posted their December menu: Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays 3:00 - 9:00 pm. Starters:
Tempura Zucchini Frites, onion, fresh herbs, with yogurt sauce (4) V, VG… $ 80, Pot Stickers stuffed with Shrimp & Shitake served with Tamarind Sauce (6)… $ 110, Fried Calamari served with Marinara Sauce… $ 120
Soup and Salad: Fava Bean Soup with tomatoes & epazote V, VG, GF… $ 70
*Aguamiel Salad - Kale, Green Herbs, Quinoa & Sesame Dressing V, VG, GF ... $ 80
Green Pozole with white & yellow corn VG, GF... $ 100
Add 6 Shrimp to your Pozole or Salad... $ 90

Main Dishes: Mole Verde with Pumpkin Seeds, Squash, Portobello, rice & beans VG, GF… $ 150, Old Fashioned Beef Stew with Potatoes, Carrots, Onions GF… $ 190, Fried Fish Tacos with Thai veggies & Spicy Dressing (4)… $ 190, Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Dates, Pistachios and Pecans, served with Cauliflower Puree GF…$ 220. Ask about desserts! Sunday brunch!

The awards keep piling up for Chef Mateo affiliated with Jacinto 1810, Aperi and Cumpanio

     Why not fancy yourself up? Your VIP Club welcomes Spa Papatzao, Mesone #80, 415-154-9463, open 10:00 am. 'til 6:00 pm Mondays til Saturdays, Sunday by appointment only for massage. Neja is your host!  VIP Club members receive the following considerations:

Manicure and pedicure 10% descuento
Depilaciones 10%
Facial 15%
Masajes 20%

       Members know, we have a number of nifty spas, masseuses and salons that generously offer members a discount. Perhaps over the holidays you'll have visitors and perhaps some of these places will be fun? They'd love to see you! They desire your business! Hey! gift certificates make for good holiday gifts. You can find participating type businesses at
     Also consider: Ramon, at Andrey Pascual, Dona Urraca Spa, Finestra Wellness Center, La Gruta Hot Springs, Laja Spa,  Mi Espacio SMA, The Nail Lounge, Arcada Hotel Spa, Ruth Arguello, Masseuse and Dos Casas' Spa!

     We're on a roll gang!
     Your VIP Club welcomes Madam la Lune, Desserts aka, Isabelle Ortega at Mercado Sano, Ancha de San Antonio 123, formally Don Pedro, 154-8299. Renowned for her desserts, like Tarte Tatin, Pear & Almond, Lemon Meringue Tares, Chocolate Fondant and Cheesecakes,  Isabel will offer VIP Club a 10% discount on orders over 200 pesos.
     Hey! Looking for something fun and artistic to do? How about activity for this winter's company. I mean, how many tequilas and tacos can you provide a day? How about Van Doren's Metal Workshops!
Los Frailes, Calle Puente de Santa Teresa Oriente, 415 117 2701?

      Van Doren Metal Art Workshop is a fully-equipped sculpture studio open to a handful of students wishing to express themselves through the medium of metal art. The fun two-day classes are open to participants of ALL experience levels.
     Methods to manipulate and form metal, using the very same tools Van Doren employs in their commissioned work including the drill press, grinders, hydraulic presses, shears, and rivets. You will learn the art of application of oxidation, patina and finishes for various metals plus engineering multiple forms of welding including spot weld, mig weld, plasma cut, rivet, finishing techniques, you will get hands-on experience in rusting, creating patinas and glazing. And of course, you will walk out of your two-day workshop with your own metal art creations.

VIP Club members and their guests get 15% off course rates.

     Or, how about furthering your artistic talents by taking off-loom weaving lessons from Nelly Lorenzo, textile artist, at Fabrica Aurora? Book online or by phone, 415-105-8558. VIP Club members and their party get 10% off classes. Nelly wants to make sure we say hi to all her old customers from Border Crossings days!

Your VIP Club Welcomes

     Hidalgo #65, open everyday, Monday thru Friday 10:00 am. to 8:00 pm. Saturday 11:00 am. to 7:00 pm. Sunday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Visa and Master Card: 415-121-3733. A paper, clothing and accessories boutique from the Middle East and Asia, handcrafted paper made from the lokta plant in Nepal; perfect for art projects or book binding. Journals or sketching notebooks made of camel skin or embroidered fabric and sequences from India; beautiful tunics from India, pants from Thailand and several other pieces from India. At Papier World Market you can also find  embroidered comfortable sandals from India, jewelry, purses and wallets from Pakistan, Thailand and India. The store also carries men's shirts. Mirasol, the owner says, "You can also decorate your home with table runners, jewelry boxes, hanging mobiles, Budas, incense holders, aromatic essences and a huge variety of incense scents. This is the perfect place to come and get all your Christmas presents. 10% discount with the VIP Card."


     Are you looking to move lots of stuff north of the border? Your VIP Club Welcomes Zoom-a-lo Moving & Storage, Calzada de la Estacion #149, 415 152 8949 U.S.A. line: 512 535 3614
10% dscount on shipping rats to VIP Club member and 15% discount on Kilim carpets

Sushi Ito

     VIP Club participating dentist Dra. Claudia Llanas has a message for members: "Dr. Claudia Llanas feels a special concern for the dental health of older people. Various specialized procedures are offered to them (e.g. implants). Do they know if they are good candidates for these procedures?  This depends on the condition of their teeth, gums and bone. What are the alternatives? No one wants the disappointment of spending good money on something that, in the end, doesn't work. In her Dentistry for Seniors, Dr. Claudia gives excellent general and cosmetic care and helps people choose the right specialized treatments for them. She is fully bilingual, English-Spanish. Thus, she answers questions and gives explanations in colloquial language that the patient can easily understand. Dr. Claudia is an ethical and caring professional with many years of experience.  She offers a 10% discount to VIP members.
20 de Enero Sur 17ª. Col. San Antonio ( half block from Sterling Dickinson), Phone numbers: 152 80 44 & 415 101 245."


     Your Club heard from one of our town's long-standing institutions. "Please join San Miguel’s Biblioteca to celebrate Three King's Day by helping the children of the community. Do you have employees such as a maid, gardener or teacher that work hard for you all year long? Perhaps you’d like to thank them by providing their children with a library membership. For 120 pesos you can give the gift of a Three Kings Day card, which presents a child with a one year membership to the Biblioteca. This includes check out privileges, free classes in English, computers, guitar, art and more. In this season of giving, please join our efforts to increase library membership while supporting these programs that help the children of our community. Cards available at Biblioteca, San Miguel Post, 28 de Abril Norte #28A and La Conexion Aldama #3."

    What's going on in San Miguel? Let your fingers find out. or (There's a tasty article penned by our own galloping and grammatical gourmet, Don Day, featuring VIP Club member, prolific author and sleuth-writer John Scherber.

     Report lost cards here for immediate replacement.

    Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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