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Wednesday, February 08, 2012


     This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Grace's Sofas! Graces sofas can custom make you sectionals, sofas, chairs, hassocks  and anything else that can be upholstered with their or your fabric.

   Maybe you have given serious consideration about getting back into shape and perhaps down to fighters' weight? Maybe you've thought about working out at San Miguels' most modern, clean and best-equipped fitness center, with showers and lockers and lots of cardio apparatus and free weights along with machines? Maybe you've thought about partaking in organized workout classes, aerobics, and a slew of other get-in-shape sessions? Maybe you thought about it but sensed it might be kind of pricey?

   Exclusively for VIP Club members, who have never been a member of Fitness International, from now until the 29th of February VIP Club members can work out for FREE for two weeks without ponying up a peso! 

     Here's the deal: Workout times are strictly, 11 p.m. until 4 p.m. Those taking advantage of the promotion can not be recent past gym members. In addition, each current card carrying VIP Club member, including their significant other, will get two, free passes for classes regardless of times. The two weeks of workouts must be completed by February 29, 2012.

    Perhaps this is the best excuse to get something started! sign up today.

     That special day is soon upon us, where the bliss of love is in the air and terms of endearment are often expressed with gifts of what some significant others go gah-gah over, CHOCOLATE! Buy Chocolates Johfrej, 152-3191, Calle Jesus 2-A, a sparkling place offering a delicious line up of fine chocolates produced right here in San Miguel. Not only is Chocolate Johfrej sell candies their hot chocolate beverage is above and beyond and VIP Club members, besides their 10% discount when paying cash for their chocolates they get free cookies. One more thing, Ramon, the owner, is beginning to doubt there is a VIP Club in San Miguel saying he has yet to see a card in his shop! C'mon, gang, surely some of you have somebody sweet to shower with aphrodisiac type chocolates! We understand that diamonds and a new Lexus might be girls' best friends but chocolate could be a stop gap substitute. Then consider, what do I know?but do try Ramon's family made chocolate products.

     San Miguel's favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, Fenicia, Zacateros #73 has reopened. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, open from 5 to 9 pm with 2x1 glasses of wine with food consumption. We have to apologize to Fenicia also, seems on our new card we neglected to print their name on the card's rear. Since the beginning, in the Year 2000, Your Club's participants are often in flux.

    Our buddy, Chef Donnie, of The Restaurant, Sollano #16, likes to remind members about his Mo' Bettah 1/2 lb. hamburger night on Thursdays! Donnie is ramped up about his latest Swiss, schrooms, crispy onions, smothered in Emmental cheese. Sorry, to say The Restaurant does not extend the VIP Club discount for the burgers! We do press Donnie from time to time but you can always order something else and get your discount.

     Speaking of burgers this might be a good chance to shout out some VIP Club restaurants with solid reputation for having great tasting burgers. Your Club's choices are Baile Cafe, Berlin, Casa Payo y Manolo's, Garufa's, Harry's Louisana Cafe (National and USDA), Longhorn Smokehouse BBQ, Oliver's, The Restaurant and Tio Lucas. Since we are sorta kinda on the subject (sorry to all you veggies) let's give a shout-out for the line up of great, juicy, red-meat steaks at VIP Club participating restaurants all of the above can be included plus Carcasonne, Dos Casas, El Pagaso, El Tomato, Cumpanio, Hacienda de Guadalupe Hotel Restaurant, La Puertecita Hotel Restaurant and Sierra Nevada. (If I left anyone out, get back to me and holler at me and I will make it up next flash.)

    From time to time we like to remind our membership about some of the exceptions that crop up with usage of the card. Not too long ago we had a member in good standing, a solid cat, who sensed he was getting stiffed out of his discount when he presented his VIP Club Card and a credit card at the same time. Not all participating restaurants buy into taking credit cards. Some give off a higher percentage when you pay in cash and perhaps 5% less when employing a credit card. Some have signed on for cash payment only. If you know a particular restaurant you might be patronizing and that you'll be using your card, try to remember to scope out the webpage to double check just what our relationship is with that particular establishment.

     Moonrise, Organos #29, a VIP Club participating business is extending their chests somewhat! You see, they just received a new shipment of fantastic shower filters in for both bathtub and shower. Want to know more call, 154-4076. 

    Be on the look out for festivities at Harry's coming soon Mardi Gras!

    Don't forget, if you really love somebody, you got to tell them on the 14th.

R. I. P. Rebecca Feldman.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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