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February 12, 2009                     See February 6, 2009 Newsletter


     This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by Viajes San Miguel, 152-2537.

    Your VIP Club, in conjunction with Viajes San Miguel is heading back to Cuba!

    Yep, just like we did a couple of years ago, we're off to Cuba, March 19-23. See old Havana before the Castro regime comes to a dismal end. Drink where Hemmingway drank, see the old-time splendor that has never duplicated in the new world. Hear and sense the sassy hot rhythms that Cuba is so noted for. Feel the excitement! Be thrown back to the 50s seeing hundreds of old Buicks, Chevys and Caddies still operating! The churches and museums! The nightlife! Be adventurous! 

    We're still working out the details yet prices will range from $1100USD to $1220 depending on double or single occupancy. The package will include transportation, door-to-door, from your residence here in San Miguel to the airport and to your hotel in Havana, plus your hotel room and back.

     Shortly we will have particulars on the VIP Club webpage or at or email us back here for further inquiries.

     VIP Club membership outlet Mail Boxes Etc. has closed its doors. We thank them for providing a valuable service to Your Club.

    We got bad news!  . . . We got good news! . . .  We don't have to tell anyone about the fluctuation of the peso. Your Club has held its price at $400 pesos since 2001. The bad news . . . as of March 1, Your Club will charge new members $500 pesos, still in equivalent with today's rates that amount factors out below the $40 dollars we charged back in 2001. The GOOD NEWS! . . .  All members are grandfathered in! . . . That's right! . . . If any member continues to renew membership within a reasonable time frame, directly through the Club, right here, yet not available at the outlets, YOUR DUES will always remain the same at the $400 pesos price! Don't forget the VIP Club guarantee, if members don't make their money back over the course of a year, Your Club will give its members their money back!

    Biblioteca Publica is very happy that so far, 20 new memberships have been purchased at the library for the $400 peso price, and Your Club buys the members their new library card. Offer good until February 28.

    Please go on the webpage and READ the special instructions about the earning a free shuttle ride to-or-from Leon's airport in the joint VIP Club/Viajes San Miguel promotion. PLEASE STOP  bugging Viajes, Your Club keeps track and by pestering Viajes and not reading special instructions some members are making a nuisance of themselves and throwing a monkey wrench into what could be a great program!

     Harry's says they are sorry they ran out of fried oysters by nine o'clock Tuesday night on their all you can eat fried oysters, including baked potato and cole slaw for $98 pesos each Tuesday from 6 p.m. The turnout was out of sight. The oysters were mouth watering and the only place it was promoted, other than in Harry's was right here. Bob guarantees it will never happen again!

     Ok members in the news!

     VIP Club member Mary Marsh of Tecolote Bookstore, Jesus #11, wants members to know that Jeremy Woodhouse, will be signing his newest photo book at the store on Friday, February 13.

     VIP Club member Alicia Rappaport is part of the Iguana Festival de Artes taking place for the entire month, Alicia will be classically singing a line up of famous songs, many from Puccini arias. Alicia has an amazing voice. Show time, Sunday, February 15, 7 p.m., on Avenida Independencia #82.

     Like tango? Mark Monday, February 16, El Viejo Topo, Plaza Pueblito, Stirling Dickinson, Col. San Antonio for a great Tango show starring, Los Hermanos Macana, Enrique and Guillermo de Fazio who showcase their amazing abilities for male pairing tango dancing. (See Friday's Atencion) Plus, Luciano & Karina, who finished 2nd in the World Championship of Tango dancing in 2004. For both shows, 9 p.m. $300 cover.

     From VIP Club member Julie Galosy. "The Hospice San Miguel, which is free to all, is holding a benefit Card and Games party on Feb, 22, 2009 from noon to 5 p.m. at Casa de Sierra Nevada Hotel, Hospicio, 35.  Tickets are 150 pesos each for sale at Solutions, Victoriana, La Conexcion and both Border Crossings.  The idea is to gather your games stuff, cards, dominoes, majjong tiles, etc., and your FRIENDS and come to pass the afternoon playing your game for a good cause. There are great attendance prizes as well." 

     VIP Club member Deb Connor wants to spread the word about the benefit concert for F.I.N.O. featuring Gil y Cartas/Doc Severinsen 7 p.m. February 23 at Angela Peralta, tickets 100 (galeria) 150 (palcos) 225 (luneta. Find out more about F.I.N.O. at

     Two concerts at Instituto Allende, Wednesday, February 25, 8 p.m., at Mi Casa Restaurant a VIP Club participating restaurant, see and hear Frank Bravo and Son Soneros play hot salsa dancing encouraged, $100 peso cover. Then Thursday, February 26, 5:30 p.m., Rafael de la Rocha, singer guitar player at Instituto, $100 peso cover.

     Oh, yeah, Your fellow club member Darla is having a blow out sale at her shop on the corner of Correo and Recreo.

     Final Word: (whew!) Your Club spent some time at the swan song party for Dave and Patrice Brucia of Romanos fame, that we all know by now, is closed. We, along with Dave and Patrice, would like to squash some ugly rumors being spread by some pretty ugly and petty people. Do know that Dave and Patrice left town without owing any vendor or any employee a peso. Your Club knows that Dave is a mensch and holds personal integrity in high regard. Some little people have big mouths! (Ya)

Congrats to Iron Mike Corbitt and wife, over in China, on the birth of their healthy daughter.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club




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