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February 4, 2011

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by El Rincon de La Malinche Restaurant/Regorios, Cuna de Allende, #10.  Monroy Blues Band, this Friday and Saturday nights. Premium drinks are served during happy hours. Try out La Malinche/Regorios new, $100-peso bar and bistro menu, Noon 'til 9 pm, Monday through Sunday, you get plenty. Don't miss the Flamenco Show, each Sunday at 3 pm. VIP Club members (THE CARD HOLDER ONLY) never pay an entertainment cover at La Malinche! The same "month" any VIP Club member signs up or renews, go into La Malinche, anytime and get two, free, house drinks or cocktails! No need to buy anything else!


    In the past Your Club has had some of its members ask: "We haven't seen a Newsflash lately . . . " So now they are coming seemingly often, hot and heavy! 

    In order to try and cut down on the lengths of our News flash without eliminating spot-on, insightful and money-saving news, we're going to begin "bunching" certain information into attachments, labeling them properly so the membership can pick and chose what might suit them to read.

    Again, Your Club wants to mention it's finalizing details with a national medical group regarding a competent Tele Medical Service that will be available to members 24 hours a day, over the phone or internet, live, enabling them to get an English speaking doctor immediately!  Most of the doctors are from the U.S. and licensed in Mexico and available in Mexico. Exact details and prices for various plans to come next week!  Be on the look out!

    In this email we are going to cover events taking place during this first weekend of February and happening early in the week. As we have indicated a another flash with details about the new medical plan and more will come your way the middle of next week.

   Your VIP Club welcomes "The Zone," on Umaran, just over from Zacateros, formally Tapas y Tinas, full bar, live sports TV with their specialty being five different types of alitas. Mon-Fri-  2X1  5-8 pm/, Karaoke, Fridays, 9-12 midnight ( open daily 4pm - 1 am)  Super Bowl promotions for Feb. 6!  Brian Cuffney is your host. VIP Club members may take a 10% discount.

    Your VIP Club welcomes Clinca de Especialdades Dentales and Dentist, Claudia Llana, 20 de Enero S. #17-A, Col. San Antonio, 152-8044, Claudia (totally bilingual) does both general and cosmetic work. With 25 years of experience and a graduate of UNAM. Her work includes clleaning, filling, whitening, crowns, bridges, tooth reconstruction, etc. If a specialist is required, Claudia can make the appropriate referral. As a welcoming to the Club special VIP Club members may take a whopping 30% off services performed by Claudia! Your Club now has two dentists offering discounts (

Still time to get 90 free telephone minutes from Penny Babble!  You don't need to sign up for a long-distance or local plan!  You don't need to put down any money!  You don't need to do anything or make any sort of commitment! Penny Babble wants VIP Club members to try their system for free, for 90 minutes! No one else in this town or this country for that matter is getting such an offer!  We urge our members not to look a gift horse in the mouth.  All we ask is that some of you, especially those with land lines who make cel or long distance calls is to give them a try.  It's only 1.9 US cents per national call and 5.9 US cents international for the paid service.  Remember, all the phone companies tack on 16% I.V.A. in addition to the 2.5 pesos you're spending calling a cel.

For now just contact Liz Moran at or call her at 154-7375 or 044-415-119-5862. Your Club is told by Penny Babble that phone users are eating up this service around the rest of the country and this exclusive offer to VIP Club members is mostly falling on deaf ears.  Your Club feels privileged Penny Babble chose us as a test market for San Miguel. At the same time we realize all products and companies rise and fall on their merit! But free is free with no strings attached. Bob Wachi is the power behind Penny Babble, he's a Hawaiian guy, and Your Club is partial to Hawaiian guys since we stem from there too. We ask, give the brother a shot!

Do you know where your VIP Club Card is? If not email us back for immediate replacement. for webpage needs.

We like the Pack but are rooting for the Steelers!

R.I.P. J.J.

R.I.P. Alexis Edelin

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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