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  San Miguel de Allende
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February 6, 2009


     Sad to say Romanos has closed their doors. Your Club wants to thank Dave and Patrice for their fabulous generosity and Your Club wishes them only the best in all future endeavors. (Make no mistake about it, gang, these days it a very-very tough business.)

     La Toscana, Hernandez Macias and Umaran, 154-9608, a family run restaurant and VIP Club participating restaurant that serves up the taste of Tuscany, Italy, wants VIP Club members to not only take 10% off their bill but have their party receive a complimentary glass of wine on top of the VIP Club discount.

     VIP Club participating restaurant Villa Mirasol, Pila Seca #35, 152-6685 wants-to-up the standard 10% VIP Club discount to 15% on their Breakfast, Monday through Saturday, with a minimum bill of $100 pesos and offer one-free dessert at lunchtime that includes the standard 10% discount.

     Your VIP Club welcomes Laboratorio "La Lejona," Vicente Araiza #7, Fracc. La Lejona, 120-0745 Cel 044-415-113-5737 (emergency) 152-1585. Q.F.B. David Rosales Cervantes owns and operates the laboratory. It is located on the street just the other side of Mega. They professionally conduct blood, urine and stool tests and issue lab reports amongst other medical procedures. Dr. Rosales, or one of his trained staff, will come to your home at no extra cost. VIP Club members may take 15% off of all laboratory services with a minimum of $200 pesos in test fees.

     In addition just two weeks away, Doctor Rosales will be opening San Miguel's very first blood bank, (Banco de Sangre Allende) right next door to the laboratory. We will post those particulars on our website when they're opened

     Local physician Dr. Werner Ricardo Gordillo Morath, Hidalgo #28, 152-0430. Emg # (044-415-109-5961) has agreed to give VIP Club members a 10% discount off his medical services. English, German and Spanish spoken.

     Ortopedia J. Ortiz, Zacateros #41, 152-6004, San Miguel's center for medical supplies has also joined the VIP Club and offers a 10% discount off their retail products that include a myriad of medical supplies with a minimum purchase of $300 pesos.

     Also, the Havana Cigar Company, Hernandez Macias #92, 152-2991,  has joined the VIP Club and offers a 10% discount off of their imported Cuban cigars and Panama hats! Claudius Ruile is the owner, English spoken!

     Many new and old members have taken advantage of the Club's drive to recruit new library members. Renew or join the VIP Club at the local Bibiloteca Publica (Only) and Your Club will pay for your new or renewed library card. Offer good until the end of the month.

    See our webpage about the great deal we have made with Viajes Travel. Use their shuttle five times in 18 months and VIP Club members "Only," will get their sixth shuttle to Leon's airport absolutely free. There are special instructions written within our last VIP Club Flash that can be read at PLEASE ADHERE TO THE INSTRUCTIONS! Shortly we will have those instructions published in a number of places on the webpage.

     Tuesdays, Tuesdays, Tuesdays only, from 6 p.m. on at Harry's New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar, ALL THE FRIED OYSTERS YOU CAN EAT, along with a baked potato and cole slaw, just $98 pesos. Free Valet Parking!

     The Restaurant, of restaurant fame, AKA, Sollano #16, is now open for lunch with its diversified seasonal menu, Tuesday through Saturdays Noon 'til 4, followed by happy hour 5-7 and open for dinner at 6 p.m.

     VIP Club members Kirsten Dehner and David Hunter are part of the all-star cast doing live theater in Woody Allen's, Central Park West, all part of the Iguana Festival de Artes taking place from February 2 until February 28. BTW: David Hunter is your VIP Club's webpage maven! For the rest of the goings ons now taking place a the festival go to

     VIP Club member Annabella de Corro says she employs scientific hand analysis that just might, as she says, "blow your mind!" She has read the palms of celebs and politicians on both sides of the border. For more info call 154-4656 or

    Arts and Crafts Fair, this weekend at Instituto Allende.

    Someone from the States, named Dan Jacques, called Lou Christine at Border Crossings and asked for a call back. He did not leave a number. ???? If you read this, who is ya? 

     More and somewhat exciting news to come next week! Your Club is muscling up!

     Your $400 peso membership now goes for about $22USD, at around 14-1. Consider Your Club began in the year 2000 and we have kept our peso amount the same!  . . . Such a deal!

Get Better: Steve Kelso

R.I.P.: Brother Scot Mohoric

R.I.P.: Motorcycle Steve

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club



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