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Friday, January 17, 2014

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Re/Max Colonial, Recreo #14 152-7363, a full service Real Estate Company. For more info go to:

(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out over 1600 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


Happy New Year to all!

Your VIP Club welcomes "Worldwide Insurance Services, San Francisco #35/8, 154-6924/152-4969. WIS offers Medical Heath Insurance policies, including temporarily travel health insurance and also; Emergency Medical Evacuation, having a private jet fly the patient out of Mexico to a destination of their choice in North America.

Much of WIS Services can be viewed at 
Victor Ruiz is your local, full-service insurance broker. Victor can be reached at the above phone #s or contacted at or VIP Club members will be entitled to a 5% discount off premiums PLUS there’s a Very Special price for members in the Emergency Medical Evacuation membership enabling patients to return to Mexico via commercial flights! The sky evacuation, plus return, is normally priced $800 USD a year. The same policy will cost VIP Club members just $700 USD with the guarantee return portion of the policy still in tack. WIS is putting together a package that will be one of the very few that covers people over 65. Look for more on this coming from WIS in February.

From VIP Club participating restaurant and bar, La Casa de Los Milgros' main man, Salvadore Orozco. Milagros, on Relox, is reopening the bar out front. It's happy hour for VIP Club members from 14:00 'til 20:00, Monday through Friday, 15% off when paying cash and 10% when employing a credit card. Only at the bar! Thanks, Salvadore!

 VIP Club participating restaurant and bar, Hacienda Guadalupe, Hidalgo #4, has installed a brand-new, wooden dance floor around the entire bar area. Dancing couples will be sure footed on the new surface. Not only is there hot Latin tunes on Thursday nights, but HG has added Friday night also as a spectacular dance night! Look over their new menu too. VIP Club members may take 10% off their tabs when paying in cash.

Let's get prettier! . . .  a post from the offices of "Clinica La Joya." "The Skin Clinic owned and operated by Dr. Manuel Velazquez and his wife Marsha Noble who've acquired a Fraxel CO2 laser! Eliminate age spots, fine lines and leathery- looking skin. Treatment is effective, reasonably priced and recovery swift and not painful. The initial consultation is FREE. Dr. Velazquez offers a 10% discount on laser treatments to VIP members . . . Besides laser resurfacing, Dr. Velazquez performs face lifts, Botox and Juvederm injections. He also removes precancerous lesions and skin cancers. Dr. Velazquez is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and an International Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The Skin Clinic is located in Malanquin, Malaga #34,, 152-2466 or 122-0013, Appointments Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays. 

We heard from our favorite Thai girl, Rod at Orquidea: "Cold weather! Come in for a delicious bowl of Tom Kha Gai, chicken-coconut soup with lemongrass and lime and little chili or we can prepare it without chili. Check out our new website Orquidea restaurant and bar, Umaran 36, now delivering. 415-150-7606."  Rod further says, “You don't have to pay a lot to have good food and fun.” (See attached photo)

VIP Club participating restaurant Dos Casas restaurant and B & B has a tasty deal: Dos Casas link

VIP Club member and author John Scherber has just published a new book titled: Into the Heart of Mexico: Expatriates Find Themselves off the Beaten Path. Just after two weeks now #1 on Amazon in the Kindle edtion, Nonfiction/travel/Mexico! Soon to have hard copies at Biblioteca's tienda and Deriva book store in Aurora. Way to go, John!

Here's the poop: See More

From Doc Beverly over at Life Path: Doctor Berverly link

 Moonrise Health, Organos #29 is have a 30% off sale on all their Puritan Pride products!

 News from VIP Club participating restaurant, "The Restaurant", Sollano #16. "Eat incredible world-class cuisine in a comfortable setting. Plan your next Sunday’s dinner at The Restaurant. Owner and chef Donnie Masterton will donate 10% of The Restaurant’s proceeds from Sunday evening dinners, sold in January, to the San Miguel Literary Sala's Wayne Greenhaw Memorial Scholarship Fund."

 VIP Club participating restaurant Cafe Contento plans another, Culinary Anthropolgy Dinner. Wednesday, January 29, Chef Bossuet and Kirsten West, teaming up for "The use of chiles in Mexican Cuisine!" It's seven courses paired with Mexican wines! Three dishes will be prepared with fresh chiles, while three others with dried with a touch of chile in the dessert.    

Kirsten is a maven when it comes to Mexican cuisine. During the meal she will offer special insight when it comes to using chiles. Here's the menu: Jalapeno stuffed with fish, Vera Cruz style; Creamy Bean Soup with Lobster nd Chipotle; Chile Poblano stuffed with cheses in an Epozote scented white sauce; Suckling Pig Sope in a Chile Ancho Abobo; Filet of Beef Taco with Chile Chilaca, Duck Gordita in Chile Pastill and Oaxacan Chocolate Mousse and Atole! . . .  Wednesday, Janury 29, Cafe Contento, Hernandez Macias #72, 500 pesos per person, all beverages included call 155-8020 for resrvations,

 San Miguel's local Rotary Midday Annual Super Bowl Party takes place Sunday, Februry 2 at Hotel Real de Minas, Ancha San Antonio #1. Attendies will join with Rotary in an attempt to eradicate polio from the planet! Doors open at 4 pm. kick-off at 5:30. 150 pesos a ticket. Call Tony at 154-9975

Your Club's very best propane delivery service in town, Providencia with a discount for our members, again wants to repeat the thanks to the VIP Club members who wrote testimonials on their behalf. Those posts were presented as hard evidence to authorities they weren't part of the rogue company that was impersonating them. A big “Thank You” from the management of Providencia!

It has been VIP Club policy that any member can give a shout out within the confines of our flashes. It can be asking for a ride north or wanting to sell their house. Your Club provides members a venue. Attached to this post is letter that member, Lani Waller, wanted to share with the membership. It's in reference to a property manging company they wish to tout. (see attachment titled Eden)

OK, some in-house business from your president: Each of you receive a greeting when joining or renewing with the few rules Your Club has in place.

We do expect members to read, understand and adhere to those mostly common-sense rules. Recently a participating restaurant reported that a member insisted their party were entitled a discount on four separate bills when showing one card. Your Club's contract with all restaurants states, "up to four diners are eligible for the discount, but ALL must be on the same bill! It is clearly written on our webpage and stated in our initial greetings to members and on the card.

At the same time we ask our membership to NEVER argue. Just pay in full. Get a receipt, dated and signed by the manager. Report to me and Your Club will do your sword fighting for you. We'll look into it and report back. No complaint has ever gone unanswered. Besides, savings are guaranteed.

 In this instance the rogue member intimidated the employee and went so far as to throw my name around “how they were going to complain to Lou and blah-blah etc.” Such behavior is uncalled for.  The establishment reporting this incident, has long been with us, accepts the card often, and is very familiar with the rules of our contract.

We love our members. We love our generous participating restaurants. Both are the life blood of the club. All are VIPs in our book, but being a member doesn't give anyone the right to be rude or abusive towards any staff. Every cardholder is a member and a representative of "their club". Thank you for your cooperation in these matters.

Get well: Jane Gulland


R.I.P. Paula Moran

R.I.P. Liz Noel

R.I.P. Grace (of Grace's Sofa fame)

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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