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Saturday, January 15, 2011

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by El Rincon de La Malinche Restaurant/Regorios, Cuna de Allende, #10. Daily and nightly entertainment, seven days a week! Vudu Chilli every Friday night. The month any new VIP Club member signs up or renews, go into La Malinche, anytime and get two, free, house drinks or cocktails! No need to buy anything else!


Here we go!

Your VIP Club welcomes El Meson Hotel, Mesones #80, 152-0580, open seven days a week, breakfast, lunch and dinner. A beautiful setting for any occassion. Recently the restaurant portion has been taken over by the hotel's management. Many of you know Alvaro, owner operator of the hotel, and also the force behind VIP Club participating restaurant El Correo. The hotel/restaurant serves a complete breakfast menu. The lunch and dinner menu is a diverse combination of traditional national and international dishes. VIP Club members can take 20, count 'em, 20% discount off food and beverage paying either cash or credit card! On top of that, from right now until February 28, VIP Club members only get 2 X 1 all the time on all beers, spirits and soft drinks!

VIP Club participating restaurant La Puertecita, up in colonial Santa Domingo, a charter member of the VIP Club has some news to members. Still, take 20% off your bill. Also, the famed La Puertecita Sunday brunch is now included in Your Club's discount as the famous all-star brunch can be had until 4 pm. Plus, Thursdays are now a no-corkage-day! Bring your favorite wine and don't pay anything extra. Speaking of wines, with a noted wine list, on Wednesdays only, VIP Club members can take a whopping 35% off the price of the bottle wines on their menu!

Speaking of brunches, Harry's New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar serves up a tasty brunch menu with an assortment of items, Saturday and Sunday, 10 - 2 pm.

More savings: We're talking telephone savings here. Your VIP Club has hooked up with "Pennybabble!" First off, pennybabble states they will charge you less for local, national and international calls then all the rest of the companies combined. They have two plans one for direct phones, no matter cel or land lines and another via the computer like Vonage, Skype and the rest. A comparison chart will be attached at the bottom of this News Flash. Even from your cel a call to the U.S. or Canada will be 5.9 US cents per minute. Call Mexico City, Guadalajara etc. it's just 4.6 cents a minute. Those interested should read further:

All VIP Club members, from right now, until the end of January, can get 90-free minutes without any obligation to spend a peso or a penny. Sorry but the freely offered minutes are just for land line based phones. Once you are in the fold and are happy and chose this money-saving telephone service as a VIP Club member, you get another 60 minutes every time you send someone their way! Here's what you do. Call or email Elizabeth Moran, perfect English ask her more questions. She has all the right answers. If you choose to try it out you must give her your VIP Club Card # plus date of expiration. Once she checks back with Your Club your free calling time begins. Elizabeth can be reached at 154-7375 (presently she has a machine with a Spanish speaking message) she is about to change that. Her cel for immediate response is Cel: 415-119-5862 or email Elizabeth

VIP Club participating bar and restaurant La Fragua is under new management. Presently they are not accepting the VIP Club Card, but after speaking with the new manager, and after the new ownership reviews the contract, they seem eager enough to get back in.

Playoff NFl Football at Rick's Cantina, Manolo's, Harry's and Longhorn Smokehouse.

Noreen of Burrito Bistro fame is now serving her famed burritos at VIP Club participating restaurant Sunset Bar, over Iberica in Casa Linda!

VIP Club member Sander Rosenberg and wife Suzi, wants us to tell other members about how they enjoy breakfasts often at VIP Club participating restaurant, Meson de San Jose, off Mesones and how he also enjoys his 15% discount!

It's not too late to get your flu shot. Many have had lingering colds. That ain't nothing 'cause flue season is February and March. Go to Chelo's and get a VIP Club discount on a flu shot. Don't get sick! Regular price, 400 pesos, Your Club's price, $362.

VIP Club member Ross MacDonald wants members to know the gym on Stirling Dickinson is in full swing and will remains so.

Your Club's membership is filled with diversified talent here are three examples of members showcasing an art or skill: VIP Club member Dennis Lanson has just produced a film: Gringolandia, showing at the Santa Ana in the Biblioteca on Monday at 1:30 pm, with a party after at Aqui Es Mexico. The film is 54' long. See attachment for more details Then VIP Club member Mike Hager has written an intriguing book, see his attachment below too. VIP Club member John Scherber too has penned a book. So, kudos, to our members with talents.

VIP Club participating member restaurant The Restaurant, aka: Sollano #16 continues with Mo' Betta Burger night on Thursdays. The burgers are luxurious, fat buggers, done in their own special way, diversified and unique with international flare, yet sad to say, our buddy, Chef Donnie, does not accept your VIP Club Card with the burger order. We love ya, Donnie, and your restaurant but you get a Bronx cheer on this one!

VIP Club participating establishment, Arthur Murray Dance Studio, Hernandez Macias #68 is offering children's dance lessons from age 3 - 11 years old. If interested email:

VIP Club participating hotel La Morada, just off the jardin, on Correo has a deal for members for the rest of the month says manager Francisco Reyes, see attachment.

Don't forget Instituto's Arts and Crafts Fair this weekend. If at the fair dine at VIP Club restaurant Mi Casa with great food and a terrific view.

Get ready for the Chilli Cookoff, Real de Minas Hotel, January 29. It is for a great cause. Get your tickets at Longhorn Smokehouse.

Contact us: We want to hear your praises, gripes, suggestions and what ever else you can share with us and the membership.

R.I.P. Henry Shoemaker

Thank you for your loyal and continuous support.

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