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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by El Rincon de La Malinche Restaurant/Regorios, Cuna de Allende, #10. Rock with the high-powered, rocker Kristi Johnson, back in SMA from Austin for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights only. Party at Regorios after the Chili cook-off! Premium drinks begin begin Monday for happy hours. Try out La Malinche/Regorios new, $100-peso bar and bistro menu, Noon 'til 9 pm, Thursday through Sunday, you get plenty. Back by popular demand: Monroy Blues, returns Super Bowl weekend. Don't miss each Sunday, the Flamenco Show at 3 pm. VIP Club members (THE CARD HOLDER ONLY) never pays a entertainment cover at La Malinche! The month any VIP Club member signs up or renews, go into La Malinche, anytime and get two, free, house drinks or cocktails! No need to buy anything else!


We often hear about hits on websites. Often they're hard to believe. The VIP Club is dedicated strictly to Your Club with news and information. During 2009 we had 3,532 hits, in 2010 the site had 6,340 hits, proving members are often using the site along with outsiders curious about the club and San Miguel. Our ad rates are inexpensive on the web site. Consider the site as an advertising tool. We also urge members to check out "the comments page/" Just click on the puzzle part set aside for comments on the Home Page. Read what your fellow members write about Your Club. Add your own comment of which you can do at the bottom of the webpage.

Twenty-eight VIP Club members took advantage and earned free shuttle trips from Viajes Travel in 2010. Were you one of them?

Wednesday, February 2, at 11 am at Life Path Retreats, Pila Seca #11,154-8465. Lou Christine, (that's me) will conduct a two-part, lecture and workshop. I've conducted a 30-year study involving the social science of Chinese or Oriental Astrology. I realize the vibe your VIP Club president might project on the street is the furtherest thing from what one might perceive as a Chinese Astrologer. Make no mistake about it, I am. Still, I'm a born skeptic but have been unable to dismiss the uncanny similarities about corresponding signs. I would never put my head in an oven over discoveries regarding Chinese Astrology. As for romance, good-and-bad matches, all I can say is: "It's a sin to assassinate an opportunity for romance! Regardless of the signs." This February we enter Year of the Rabbit or Cat, if you will.

Part one of my lecture workshop, at 11 am, I explain some of the lore, and describe tendencies, traits, positives-and-negatives stemming from each of the 12-signs and then: . . . I'll give my best forecast and interpretation for what the Orientals say might be in store for most during Year of the Rabbit, 2011. The cost for the lecture is $150 pesos. The talk should last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. (VIP Club members Take 10% off!)

At 3 pm, after lunch, during the workshop I will review the Elements and teach an easy method to identify them in accordance with the sign (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) including their relationships to the signs, and also discuss the 144-combinations of signs, where East meets West, so to speak i.e. Aries-Rat etc. I'll offer all opportunity to know which is their particular "house," (time of day born) when it comes to their secondary animal sign. And I will share further tendencies about all signs, their strengths and pitfalls and what to watch out for in one's self and others. The price for this session, can be taken separately is also $150. Combo lecture and workshop: $250.

Those attending should bring birth dates of those they might be interested in knowing about . Contact me, here, or contact Life Path Retreats, 154-8465. That's Wednesday, February 2.

Now for the real news flash business at hand:

Your VIP Club is very excited about welcoming Super 30, aka: Fiji Film, San Francisco #50, on the corner with Nunez, 152-2696, Super 30 offers VIP Club members 10% off cameras, dig/film, 120, 135 film, memory cards, cables etc. 15% discount on printing: able to print from any media, like 110 film, 135, 120 or digital print 4x6" until 24"x as large as needed! Hurry up jobs, no problem. WHAT'S REALLY EXCITING? Super 30 has the ability to take that box of old photos, those old tapes, super 8 film, VHS, Beta, memory cards whatever, and transfer them all onto your own DVDs. It's all the stuff you have stored under your bed or in some closet and a way to reorganize all those photos on computer or on paper to have eternally. The best part VIP Club members get 20% off of this service. Call and ask for Liz in the mornings, she speaks perfect English and will be glad to help. Put on just a few disks all your cherished memories!

Last newsflash we spoke of Penny Babble. Your Club's affiliated with Penny Babble enabling our members inexpensive local, national and long distance telephone calls! Some members have already taken advantage of the 90, 'count them, 90 free-minutes of long distance exclusively to VIP Club members as an introductory offer. We asked them to extend the offer until Feb 15. OK, OK, we understand you might have a plan in effect and don't want to mess it up. Perhaps you would like to have your present deal expire? Talk to Liz Moran, Pennybabble's representative here in SMA, 154-7375 or 044-415-119-5862 or She will give you the scoop. If you are just using prepaid cards or a land line, (doesn't matter land or cel) you might save big-time money using their system, besides the 90 minutes is free at no obligation! If you're happy, recruit another into pennybabble, club member or not, you get another hour for free! Hey, free is free!

Your Club is very excited about the vast medical services of Chapala Medical that will be shortly making its services available to VIP Club members We don't have everything just yet in stone but are presently putting together the final touches. Any valid member of the VIP Club will be able to get in contact with a doctor who speaks perfect English almost immediately, 24/7/365! You will have free, first-time consultation,. You will be able to have prescriptions delivered from a pharmacy to your home and the doctor will call it in, or members can pick them up at a pharmacy of their choosing. You will be able to have your electronic-medical files-transferred from the States or Canada to a doctor here in Mexico, your telemedicine doctor. Patients can have live, face-to-face consultation with the doctor on your computer screen. There will be 800 toll free #s to call from the States, Canada or in Mexico. They;re authorized with 2,000 worldwide insurance companies with no money out of pocket expenses and they will file your claim, same with the VA but one must have a 10% service-oriented disability. Their ordinary rates are inexpensive but our valued membership will have even a better deal with some free services thrown in. This service could save lives! This service could save confusion especially in matters of translation. Eliminate a long-time malady you've been putting off. This service alone could be worth the value of being a VIP Club member. Shortly we will be giving the precise details! This might be Your Club's best deal ever!

Jim Karger will be giving his popular weight loss/muscle building seminar, "Is That You In the Mirror?" this Thursday, from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. at Fitness International near Mega. The talk is free.

Don't miss the Chili Cook off, Saturday afternoon, January 29 at Real de Minas Hotel with proceeds going to Centro de Crecimiento, (Rehabilitation, Education and Training for Children with Disabilities.) (It's a great cause and a great time.)

Super Bowl Party, Longhorn Smokehouse and BBQ, Sunday, February 6.

A little Ouch! Last Newsflash we gave Sunset Bar, atop Iberica Cafe, a shout out! They're under new management that of Tim McCoy. Sunset is now serving Noreen's famed burritos! Sunset, with McCoy now at the helm, has not yet joined the Club. Some members went and attempted to use their cards and were declined. Perhaps we should have explained better, trying to give a personal member a plug with the restaurant in itself not a participating member. Sunset needs to work things out a bit, nail down a deal with Noreen and then perhaps they will come into the Club yet they are very inexpensive. We hope we didn't confuse, disappoint or shake up Noreen or Tim. Thanks for understanding.

R.I.P. The one and only: Pancho Gas!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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