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January 26, 2009


     This VIP Club Newsflash is sponsored by Viajes San Miguel:  152-2537


Employ Viajes San Miguel's airport shuttle service to Leon, at least five times over a course of 18 months, and get the SIXTH shuttle ride to or from the airport, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Dig it! VIP Club Members who want to begin to take advantage of this exclusive offer MUST notify Your Club, at this e-mail address, immediately after you have paid-for or used the shuttle service. DO NOT CALL VIAJES! Viajes can not and will not handle the administrative burden nor keep track who is, and who isn't, a VIP Club member. Your Club will do all the bookkeeping and database shuttle trips taken by members. In the event the fifth trip takes place simultaneously with the sixth trip and the fair is paid directly to the driver and not Viaje's office beforehand, a refund will come your way once your five trips have been verified. Here's how to do it:

A bit more about how your VIP Club has teamed up with the library, Biblioteca Publica. Between now and February 28, buy or renew your VIP Club Card at the library location, ONLY, and Your VIP Club will pay for your new or library card renewal! . . . Now listen up! . . . Even the best laid plans sometimes go astray. Let's say you are a VIP Club Member, yet your present membership doesn't expire until May, or June, or July . . . and you still want to take advantage of such a deal. This is what you do. Go to the library, buy the card for the $400 peso price, DO NOT SIGN IT, once again, DO NOT SIGN IT . . .  Get in touch with your VIP Club at this address and we will make arrangements to exchange cards so you have your renewal good for the one-full year from expiration and your new library card on your Club's quinta!

Your VIP Club wants to welcome the new owners of VIP participating restaurant, EL TOMATO, Mesones #62, 151-6057. Mariano Alvarez and Wendy Vazquez Maria have taken over the reigns from one of a few restaurants that has specialized strictly in healthy type food. Now Mariano and Wendy want our members to know that eating healthy food doesn't have to be bland, boring or non-fulfilling. They plan to serve up a wide variety of tasty and well-prepared dishes that will make you look and feel good. There's an array of salads and fruits, pastas, soy products, protein-packed sandwiches, energizing drinks and full course meals for various appetites that include tuna and turkey. Consider options and meet Mariano and Wendy, English spoken. Open daily Noon - 8 p.m., closed Tuesdays. VIP Club members may take 10% off bill, 100 peso minimum. Daily comida special is not included.

Noel Gas:

Your VIP Club had a meeting with Noel Gas' General Manager! Seems there's been some glitches in the system. Some members would not follow the instructions on our webpage by at first calling and identifying themselves, some rogue members just flagged down Noel Gas drivers off the street and were flashing expired cards, or said they were members but couldn't locate their cards, holding up drivers to no end. Some pseudo members weren't members at all, yet asking and sometime insisting on the VIP discount. Noel admits some guilt yet a win-win situation for all parties was being ruined by a few. Plus, according to Noel they have decided to give a price reduction across the board and the present price is 5.07 a liter of propane. Noel and Your Club are huddling at the present trying to figure out a new method. According to Noel, all in San Miguel, retail-wholesale are paying the same price. Your VIP Club will keep close tabs on such and hope to again get our solid membership a deeper discount for propane gas. Noel says they appreciate the business and will continue to try and service VIP Club members as well as possible. Despite the bump we urge VIP Club members to continue to show the driver valid cards, to show our strength in numbers so we can get the discount back.

You would never know it but Your Club tries to employ brevity within Newsflashes but at this time of year there is just so much going on. Your Club also cringes thinking at times we are a nuisance inundating your in-boxes with a lot of gibberish, yet below our restaurant and other members have news for you.

VIP Club member Dennis Lanson, has teamed up with Nico Lanson and Stephen Billias and will be showing their 30-minute film Wednesday, January 28, inside Santa Ana, Biblioteca theater at 1:30 p.m. The title is: "Seeking 36." Seeking 36 is one of those esoteric gems involving a young person's quest to find solutions to a troubled world, a world in desperate need of a spiritual shift.

Remember, Free Valet Parking at Harry's.

San Miguel's local Mid-day Rotary Club is throwing a Super Bowl Bash at the Longhorn Restaurant, this coming Sunday, February 1, Salida de Celaya #6, starting at 4:30 p.m. It's a fat $150 peso admission, gets ya 2 doggies or 1 hamburger. There's gonna be pools, prizes, cash bar and good fellowship. For those of you who haven't given it much thought, your local Rotary puts community service in front of self. These men and women quietly make our town a better community for all and reach out to many who are less fortunate. For additional information about the party or maybe you might like to join or learn more about the merry-band of do-gooders, call John Doherty at 044-415-115-8239 or Larry Castriotta at 154-5749. Super Bowl, huh, mmm, for some reason I see RED!

While we are at it: Longhorn Smokehouse has a dynamite Thursday night meal for a deal! Beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon, salad, baked potato, all for $100 pesos, from 6 p.m. on.

VIP Club member Gordon Logan has joined the ranks of Select Real Estate.

Kudos to VIP Club member Mary Jones for her unbridled energy and for pulling off another great Chili Cookoff. "You wen did it, gal!"

Looking for a bit of spirtuality, try :

Our apologies to Doctor Beverly Nelson who we wrongly referred to in some of our last newsflashes, with us mistakenly calling our distinguished member, the wrong last name! (Duh)

A few newsflashes back one of our kind members sent in info that deliberate coughing could perhaps fend off the effects of a heart attack. First know our member meant well, as did we, us sharing that info with the membership just in case . . .  We should have known better, "we ain't no doctors!" Another astute member notified the Club that coughing, when sensing one might be having a heart attack, is not a remedy and actually could do harm. So the cough routine is strictly urban legend!

Two VIP Club members are having garage sales this weekend. Saturday, January 31 and Sunday, February 1. Paoia Correa at, Mirasol # 24 Fracc. Jardines, 2da seccion, 9 a.m. to 8 pm. for what she got to sell, email: 

Garage Sale #2, Calle Alondra #18, Fracc La Luz (behind Chrystler dealer on Salida QRO) Saturday, 9-4 pm and Sunday 9-1 pm, earlybirds will be shot! email: for the goods.

Hey! Kris Rudolph says she still wants your riches to rags garmet and other wearing stuff while helping her in her clothing drive for the poor. Just drop them off at Buen Cafe on the corner of Jesus and Cuadrante. Winter might be over so clean out the closets.

Charter member and exceptional lady of sculpt, Sharon Milligan has a new edition of bronze fishes. Check them out:

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club


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