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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


     This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by the 6th Annual Charros and Chili Cookoff, Saturday, January 28th, on the grounds of Hotel Real de Minas. Gates open at 1 pm. Free Chili tasting 1 -4 . All proceeds benefit the San Miguel Community Foundation with "grants" given to at least five charities they support. (They also assist dozens of charities, like Mexiquito, Casita Linda, Alma, Mujeres en Cambio, SPA, etc.)

     There will be a silent auction 1-5 pm. Team horse and cattle sorting in the rodeo ring 2 - 4:30; live music all day, including live mariachis, featuring the fabulous, songstress Maria, San Miguel's latest hip dance band, La Corporacion, and the anticipated return from the States for a special performance of the popular front-man, David Garza, who will once again be at the helm of Vudu Chili.

     Advance tickets $130 in advance and 150 at the gate. Tickets available at Longhorn Smokehouse, Biblioteca's Ticket Centro, Casa de Vidrio, Solutions and La Conexion. Also, limited tickets (100 only) for $1,000 pesos to be pampered at the VIP tent with unlimited spirits and other party favors, sponsored by Harry's Louisiana Cafe. With 100% of the proceeds going toward the charity event. 

     This is a tremendously worthwhile event involving our fabulous community pulling together and extending a helping hand in the form of need cash to those benevolent and deserving organizations and individuals very much in need. Be there! It's always a fun time.

     Your VIP Club welcomes Chocolates Johfrej, 152-3191, Calle Jesus 2-A, offering a delicious line up of fine chocolates produced right here in San Miguel. Not only is Chocolate Johfrej sell candies their hot chocolate beverage is above and beyond and VIP Club members, besides their 10% discount when paying cash for their chocolates they get free cookies.

  Your Club's reliable and extremely honest propane delivery company, Providencia, now has a cylinder truck servicing town. Those with tanks can attest the 7% cash rebate they receive when ordering a minimum of 1000 pesos worth of product. Now the cylinder service truck is working town for those of you who employ cylinders. We are waiting to find out just what the discount for card holders will be. We are still working that part out but we don't have a firm answer as of this newsflash. Still, call 418-109-4349. Sergio mans the truck. 418 is not a typo for the area code or use the 800 # Don't forget: if you need the tank filler or call for the cylinder truck.

 VIP Club participating restaurant Mezzanine has changed hands! Your Club was not notified of the change. The new ownership was not aware of the relationship between the VIP Club and the restaurant. Our policy has always been that when restaurants change hands we relieve the new owner of the existing contract. We will be meeting with the new ownership in the near future. We will keep the membership posted.

     VIP Club participating seafood restaurant Pescau, Jesus $23, celebrates two years in business! They are throwing a bombastic bash, open to the public, this Thursday, January 19th, commencing at 1900 hours to commemorate the exact moment they opened two years ago. Carlos wants to sincerely thank all for the vast support Pescau as received from fellow sanmiguelense. For reservations: 152-8800.

     A special tribute to retiring editor of Atencion, Suzanne Ludekens, will take place this Friday evening 6 - 9 pm at VIP Club participating restaurant La Casa de Los Milagros, Reloj #17. Come say thank you to Suzanne.

     There's till time to go see "Inherit the Wind." Some of our most esteemed members are in this cast. (see attachment*)

     VIP Club members Gary and Laura Richtmyer want other members to know that the fabulous Mayan Baths, at Rancho Arch Angel, will be open to the public January 21st. "We are having an 'open to public' event.  If you have interest in attending please drop us a note." Any questions please write or call. English – Gary Mexico  Cell 415 103-0249, Espanol - Laura 415 122-2981   Nextel 92*15*83633,, for map and more photos..... 

     Fans and lovers of Middle-Eastern cuisine, don't fret, VIP Club participating restaurant Fenicia will re-open at Zacateros #73, come Monday, January 23. Your Club asks members to show support and welcome back Fenicia!

     Speaking of small restaurants such as Fenicia, we would like to remind that some of our smaller venue VIP Club restaurants ask for your business. Baile Cafe, Cafe etc aka: Juan's, Dragon, El Tomtato, La Crepe, La Mesa Grande, La Sirena Gorda, La Toscana, Oliver's Hamburgers, Villa Mirasol Hotel Restaurant, Ten-Ten Pie (both locations), Venus Lounge

     Parking: Parking for VIP Club restaurants of Salida de Celaya: Longhorn Smokehouse, Real de Minas Hotel. Dragon, on the street just behind, Oliver's Hamburgers has twenty parking spots just behind it.

    For those how might have US. IRS questions VIP Club member and participating business Herb Wilson Tax consultant, in conjunction with other local tax experts will give a talk and answer questions about returns and etc. on January 24, at high Noon inside Biblioteca's Quetzal room.

     VIP Club member and local painter Michael Kibble presents "ISABELLA &!"  a painting series to benefit the local SPA with an opening at Fabrica Aurora's, James Harvey Gallery, Saturday, Feb. 4, 6 - 9 pm.  The entire opening night's profits will be donated with 50% of the take donated for the entire month of February. The 16-paintings include the artist's pet shitsu, Isabella, and a variety of famous personages from the Virgin of Guadalupe to Marilyn Monroe and even Lady Gaga. (We are attaching a sample of the art titled "Carmen.")

     Strap on your chin straps and adjust your jock straps 'cause the local Midday Rotary Club is hosting its 4th annual Super Bowl party, Sunday, February 5, beginning at 4:30 pm. at VC and Friends, Hernandez Macias #83. Proceeds go toward the various community helping-hand projects supported by MIdday Rotary.  VIP Club members Toni and David Bossman hopes you'll attend.and agree to be tackling dummies all during the game. HIT SOMEBODY! (See attachment) Also a big, game-day bash is planned at Longhorn Smokehouse.

     VIP member Tom Frazee has provided an in-depth poster related the wildly anticipated performance of Pucinni's classic "Tosca" promoted by San Miguel's Pro Musica! The two performances in San Miguel are sure to manifest themselves as a music lover's dream. Tickets are going super fast. Read Tosca's promotional link.

    We have placed two attachments below featuring VIP Club participating Hotel and Restaurant and now Spa, La Puertecita Hotel, Santo Domingo #75, 152-5011. Your card is accepted for meals and now the upgraded spa. Contact our friend and general manager Erik Sanchez. (See attachments below)

     Members, don't forget we have two good dentists available in Your Club offering discounts on dental work. Click on the piece of the puzzle "Health and Beauty!" Also, lab work! La Jona labs, two locations with stand lab work now costing about 450 pesos get that 20% discount by showing your card, see locations and details on webpage, pharmacy needs, Chelo's, offering our membership discounts and Doctor Gordillo also provides a discount and good care to members.

     Fitness International is looking for a floor/trainer, coach! Requirements: Those who apply need to have an excellent presentation, curriculum, certification or diploma, basic English or basic knowledge of English. For info visit Fitness International or call 120-0700 and ask for Betty.

VIP Club member and honcho, Kris Rudolph, of VIP Club participating restaurant, Buen Cafe, Jesus #36, co-hosts in conjunction with the Literary Sala, two, fantastic, travel trips coined "Two Fabulous Wildwriting Culinary Adventures," with Judyth Hill and Kris Rudolph! They are off to Slovenia May 2 until the 9th, followed up by a mouth-watering adventure to Tuscany (I don't think via a cruise line), from May 12 -19. For the total skinny go to

Happy Trails: Michelle Whey

Best Wishes: Suzanne Ludekens

R. I. P. Anna Randall

R. I. P. Yoshi

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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