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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Seguros Fianzas Auto and Home owners protection and insurance,
VIP Club members have been flocking to sales agents, Alejandra and Marina, receiving considerable savings as VIP Club members on auto policies. Insurers can be covered for a week, a month or a year. Various quotes are available from major companies including Qualitas, provided by Ing. Jose Antonio Jimenez, in business for 40+ years, credit cards accepted. tel: 01-442 2-12-47-28, ext 105 or email
For service in San Miguel call Marina at 154-4579 or her cell 044-415-107-4008, or call Alejandra at 044-415-100-3857, English spoken.

(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out over 1600 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


Recently Your Club welcomed BajioGo shuttle and travel services. BajioGo offers VIP Club members $5 USD off their advertised rate for shuttle rides to Leon or Queretaro airports. Show the front desk your card or . . . ask for your VIP Club discount in notes when making reservation on-line.
Drivers ARE NOT PERMITTED to extend the discount. (when working with the reservation counter, in person, or online, prepare to give BajioGo your VIP card # and date of expiration.) Your Club has nothing to do with reservations. The cardholder must make reservations with BajioGo directly to obtain their discount.


Celebrating this event BajioGo is making a bombastic offer exclusively for VIP Club members! Never before has BajioGo made such an offer to any organization!

For one day only, Friday, February 7, during office hours, any VIP Club member who shows up in person and purchases a BajioGo coupon book (5 trips) for $120 USD (cash or equivalent in pesos) WILL RECEIVE A SECOND COUPON BOOK (5 more trips) ABSOLUTELY FREE! . . . all together, that’s 10 trips. There's no gimmicks, no expiration date; the coupons are transferable! Use them at your leisure.

BajioGo is providing this sensational deal to celebrate their new affiliation with the VIP Club! A LIMITED amount will be available exclusively for VIP Club members. It's first come first served! Members must show in person and present a valid VIP Club Card. ABSOLUTELY NO EARLY SALES! The savings alone pays for over 3-years worth of VIP Club Card dues! Thank you Luis and John, and thank you BajioGo!


During recent past Februarys, in an effort to help increase library membership, The VIP Club says again: Buy a VIP Club membership at Biblioteca Publica and The VIP Club of San Miguel will pay for, (the cost 100 pesos) for the sign up's brand new library card good for one year at the library!
Go to the Library's tienda, out front, not until February 1 and bring ID, (two photo copies of passport or Driver's License with photo and recent utility bill to prove residence. In addition the VIP Club will make an additional contribution to Biblioteca Publica. This value can only be taken advantage of at Biblioteca and will be available to all for the month of February.

In our the last flash welcoming, "Worldwide Insurance Services, San Francisco #35/8, 154-6924./ 152-4969 aka: WIS Medical Health Insurance policies, including temporarily travel health insurance when traveling abroad we had some typos in on the link for the hot buttoned website. Those and phone numbers and email addresses are now correct: Victor Ruiz is your local, full-service insurance broker. Victor can be reached at the above phone #s or contacted at or
VIP Club members will be entitled to a 5% discount off hea
WIS is putting together a package that will be one of the very few that covers people over 65. Look for more on this coming from WIS in February.

Pizza Pig Wednesday special buy any large pizza and get a second pizza of equal or lesser value for 1/2 price, eat in or take out 110-2153. As for rumors: Neither was Pizza Pig or La Burger held up! There was a theft at the other joint (Closed for private party January 30.)

Club member, Rich McClarty, owns an upscale condo in Nuevo Vallarta Rich is offering 10% off to VIP MEMBERS, WHO HAVE LOCAL REFERENCES contact Rich at:

At 21 degrees north, swimsuit season is just around the corner. Maybe we had a cookie or two too much over the holidays. Consider getting in shape at San Miguel’s best health and fitness center. Fitnesss International, just past Mega on Salida de Celaya, 120-0700. VIP members get 20% off inscription fee and 10% discount off of most plans!

Tax Season is coming for Yanks so think about club member Herb Wilson's Tax Service. Herb's a year round resident who for over four years and has been helping Americans with their IRS filings and other accounting related needs. When VIP club members employ Herb Wilson's services they receive a 200 pesos discount or he'll donate 200 pesos off your bill toward the S.P.A. email Herb at:

Clinica de Especialdades Dentales and Dentist, Dra. Claudia Llanes, 20 de Enero S. #17-A, Col. San Antonio, 152-8044, Claudia (totally bilingual) does both general and cosmetic work. With 25 years of experience and a graduate of UNAM. Her work includes cleaning, filling, whitening, crowns, bridges, tooth reconstruction, etc. If a specialist is required, Claudia can make the appropriate referral. VIP Club members may take 15% off services performed by Claudia!

We had a member go to Matrix car wash. They did not accept his card! Reason being none of the car wash guys remembered the Club had a deal with Matrix. Reason being is that no members have shown at Matrix for their quality services. Maybe some had and just decided not to show the card. Showing the card is important even though a member may forego the discount so the participating business might know perhaps their affiliation with the Club enabled them to obtain that business! . . . So, Matrix, car wash and detail center, Stirling Dickinson #9. Consider employing this long established car wash. Matrix, open Monday through Saturday, 8 - 8, Sunday's 9 - 2 p.m. 152-3371. Such a deal for VIP Club members: Wash and wax: Small car Reg. price, 170 pesos, VIP Club price, 145! Med Size, 240 vs VIP 205! and for SUV size ,280, reg. while VIP is 240! The guys know their job and other detail services are available. Show the Card!

Max, Dry Clean and Laundry, Salida de Celaya, #85, 185-8571. Fast turn around. Dry Cleaning special for VIP Club members . . . 1 piece 10% discount, 3 pieces or more 15%. Additional 10% discount off of laundry when having something dry cleaned. Ricardo is your host. Now free pick up and delivery.

Big time Super Bowl parties: Midday Rotary at Real de Minas Hotel. See last flash for details.

Keith Thompson's Long Horn Smokehouse BBQ. Big time Super Bowl Party. Squares galore . . . FYI, Longhorn's new, Roadside, BBQ Smoke House is now open, just outside town but before Los Frailes. Same tasty and abundant menu at the Smokehouse’s Salida de Celaya location.

Hank's has a Super Bowl party with bar food and sound will have a special bar menu all during the game and special drinks. Sound on multiple TVs will be on in English and Spanish.

Lastly, for those who might be interested in the upcoming Super Bowl. Want to find out who is going to win? Your Club president penned a recently published article informing readers exactly how to win their Super Bowl bet, and then impress their friends and neighbors. The story also is attached for your reading pleasure.

Thank you for your loyal and continuous support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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