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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This VIP Club News Flash is being brought to you by "Posada de Los Raquros," a tranquil ocean-front get-away, located right on the beach in Troncones. Troncones is the closest beach town to San Miguel, an easy drive, just six hours away, in close proximity to Ixtapa and Zihuatanej.

Website plus you can find Los Raquros on Face Book:  Trip Adviser top vote getter for excellence, three-years in a row! Named: BEST B&B in Troncones!

 Offering VIP Club members special 15% off prices for the month of April. US$50.00, per night, for suites in the main house! US$85.00 for bungalows (Casitas, and US$110.00 for our two bedroom house "Casa SolYMar."  Suites have kitchen privileges. Casitas have their own kitchen. View details and photos on website.
For additional information, questions or reservations:, Hans Brouwers, US (SKYPE) 847-380-9594 Troncones: +52-755-553-2870 San Miguel de Allende: +52-415-121-0593

(Attention business people: Any business can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash. We send out 1500 to our members once to twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


     In a joint effort to help increase membership at Biblioteca Publica, Your VIP Club will treat and pay-for member's new library card, valid for one year, if they join the VIP Club by purchasing the Club Card at the "Tienda" inside Biblioteca, during the month of February. The VIP Club Card cost 500 pesos a year. Library membership is 80 pesos. Buy the card at Biblioteca (ONLY) and Your Club will pick up your library dues! Support your local library and you're supporting your community for the better!

     Super Bowl Happenings:

     A number of VIP Club participating restaurants are having Super Bowl happenings, including San Miguel's Mid-Day Rotary Club of which many members belong. The Rotary Super Bowl party is at Real de Minas Hotel and we will include the attachment below. Tail gate party starts at 1 pm in the parking lot with doors opening at 5 pm. This is a fund raiser to further help eradicate polio. ($150 entry fee) 2 X 1 all game.

     VIP Club participating restaurant hotel La Puertecita has a happening! See attachment, for hamburgers, chicken wings, arrachera steak, salads bar, crazy potatoes, Cost $250 pesos, includes 2 free beers and eats mentioned! (See attachment) Reservations 152-5011.

     Longhorn Smokehouse, 50 pesos entrance fee goes to charity. Lots of specials, games etc. Too bad (wink-wink) no Texas teams!

     VC and Friends, starting at 3 pm, 2 X 1, all day, up until end of game plus 2 X 1 for appetizers!

      Hank's, all day, 30 pesos for a full liter of draft beer when ordering nachos or chili dogs.

     Those wishing to contribute to Greg Gunter's quest to help publish his about to be published, new, political-thriller "The Cupola Collusion," have until  February 4th. For instructions to contribute go to:

     Seems we have a number of writers within the ranks of the membership and member Rebecca Fass wants members to know about her book:

     We heard from VIP Club participating restaurant Oko, and they want members to know they serve a full array of sushi each Wednesday plus new to their Asian style menu: Oko is talking about new maki rolls and what they call a weirdly fresh fish from clear water mountains streams around here, plus, spicy Red Curry with Tilapi & Coconut Milk, plus Korean BBQ Filet with Natural Arugula and Tomatoes.

     See attachment for La Conexion about meds being delivered for pick up at their office in Laredo! (see attachment)

     American Tax season will soon be upon us. Your Club recommends Herb Wilson's Tax Service, honest and competent, 200-peso credit to VIP Club members. Direct inquiries direct to Herb at:

     The Restaurant, Sollano #16, reminds members about their Sunday brunch.

     We got some feedback when we directed members to visit Cynthia at Ci Banco, at their new HQ, across the street from old location at San Francisco #25. Some customers were worried that perhaps Josefa is no longer at Ci Banco! Josefa is alive and well and still manages Ci Banco and either she or Cynthia are there to help members open accounts, cash checks or get that higher rate for VIP Club members when buying pesos or dollars.

    Juan of Cafe Etc. wants members to know that he has all the nominated movies and performances for this year's Academy Awards in stock. VIP members not only get 10% off Juan's fine menu but alos 10% off DVDs!

    Famed guitarist, Gil and company can be heard and seen each Wednesday and Friday at VIP Club participating restaurant, Mi Casa, inside Instituto Allende. (120 peso cover)

      Look for the partying to begin with Hank's annual Mardi Gras happenings. Look for Thursday February 7, bitta-boom, bitta-bam on who dat Mardi Gras opening martinis: Blue Hawaii Martini, or Cosmopolitan Martini, or Apple Martinia, your choice all day just 40 pesos!

     Like home-cooked French food delivered to your door and now a place to go and eat it

     The girls are back on the truck. Hierbabuena, look for them.

     VIP Club participating restaurant and bakery, La Mesa Grande now serves breakfast Monday through Saturday until 1 pm, 100 pesos minimum, 10% off for card holders.

    We did get a somewhat disturbing report from one of our retailers. He said his store was robbed by the thieves removing a grate on his window. That's bad enough but he also reported that gangs are marking the very spot they broke into places, with the least resistance by placing a star like graffiti drawing at the spot they broke it, leaving a tell for future robbers. if you see your home or business has such a mark, get rid of it right away!

    Don't forget that Marinier Agua sells garafones to VIP Club members for 19 pesos and they will take back any other company's empties and credit you. Call 152-8886.

     Your Club's great propane gas delivery company, Providencia, has been getting some heat from competitors. Some not true rumors have been started, plus the competition has complained some to authorities yet all is in order. We urge you use them and get that great cash discount (40 centavos off each litro) call the truck direct at 415-109-5357, ask for Daniel or Lazaro! Also sometimes your Spanish might not match theirs. We heard from a member who contacted us saying the men on the truck said they couldn't make delivery in a week. What he asked was what day do you want the gas this week. Just a little lost in translation but they are ready to deliver and serve six days a week.

     Marcia at Black and White aka: Tonina, Ledesma Margarito #12, Col. Guadalupe wants members she is still alive and kicking and open plus offering VIP Club members great discounts.

    We're attaching some foodie photos for your enjoyment!

Congrats to Rod of Orquidea on her engagement.

Get well: George (Disaster George) Keen

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club



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