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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by Berlin Bar and Bistro!

Umaran #19, open Monday through Saturday, serving, 5:00 pm. - 11:00 pm., night caps 'til ?, Closed Sundays. Popular, local bistro. especially for the young at heart. Hearty meals and robust cocktails. Easy-going local staff with Senor Carlos at the helm. Meatloaf Mondays, Mussels Wednesdays and Friday Ribs, so good they break the mouth. Happy Hour 5 pm. - 7 pm. Happy hour fish-taco specials; nightly menu includes authentic, old world German recipes, with other Berlin standout salads, soups and dishes heaped with meats, fishes and poultry delights.

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   Info from Your Club January 3rd newsflash some members may have missed.

    There will be no increase for VIP Club dues in 2018!

     VIP Club members employing BajioGo shuttles and other transportation services it's now a $5:00 USD discount off BajioGo's list price to the public.

Valid for VIP Club members, their family, friends and associates for transportation to-and-fro airports. All services for discounts must be paid UP-FRONT either by credit card, on phone or on BajioGo's website, or in person with cash when making the reservations either on line or at the company office.

Need propane gas? Exclusively for VIP Club members get 60 centavos off each liter of propane gas when calling Gas Providencia, for tank fill ups. One-thousand peso minimum, Major-Credit cards accepted with discount still being in vogue. Call the truck direct, Carlos or Eduardo, Cel 415-109-5357. Members must show card!

Your VIP Club welcomes BHAJI CURRY HOUSE, Cuadrante 34-A, 152-6439, open everyday for lunch-and-dinner.

Long established San Miguel eatery specializing in traditional Asian Indian cuisine along with fragrant and spicy Thai meals. Samosas*Bhahis*Tikka*Curries (mild, medium or hot), *Biryani*Kebabs*Thai Curry*Nan.  So good and so tasty they break the mouth!

Mixed platters including fish, chicken or strictly vegetarian, some shrimp enhanced.
Go to See other Bhaji Curry House locations in nearby Queretaro. VIP Club members take 15% off paying cash or 10% C.C.

VIP Club participating restaurant La Brasserie, Jesus #11, has now completely merged with Cafe de la Parroquia. From now on it's Cafe de la Parroquia! Breakfast, lunch and dinner full bar. Ricardo is your host, nothing has changed, the tried-and-true recipes remain in tack with the same steady crew on hand. Tuesday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 10:00 pm., Sunday, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Members still get 10% off when paying cash.

Three performances only! San Miguel Playhouse!

Your VIP Club welcomes HouseSitMexico:, where residents of Mexico connect with over 200 reliable house and pet sitters. One year membership is $79 USD yet VIP Club members, a 20% discount at $63.20. Optional: homeowner/renters, house sitters or both! Serving ALL of Mexico.
From Alex of HouseSitPet: "Any resident of the SMA area who hasn't already tried to connect with free house and PET sitters is more than welcome to a free offer! For the free membership, we ask that you list (create an assignment) within 2 weeks after joining. If you can do that, click here:  After you sign in with this free link, you'll see your Dashboard (which only members have on the site). In your Dashboard, you can create your house sitting assignment that goes online. You'll see step by step instructions there. We've successfully filled over 220 house sits since the website's launch 14 months ago.  I hope we can help you too."

David Halpern belts out Sinatra each Friday evening at Pork Belly, 7:00 pm.- 9:00.

Dr. Jim Starr and one-time VIP Club participating practitioner has returned to San Miguel and has this message. "I would like to offer a 30% discount to card members for any service that I offer at my Wellness Center. This includes: Chiropractic sessions, Physical therapy/ rehabilitation, or transformational courses." Dr Jim Starr Chiropractic/Physical therapy/ Rehab Center, Vicente Araiza #12, Col. La Lejona II 415-152-0983.

Your VIP Club's other participating chiropractic practitioner, Mike Lewis, is also back in town taking appointments for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Call, WhatsApp, or email at 415 119-4693 or



Suspiros #7, San Miguel's best kept secret for rockers, live music and dancing Thursday through Saturday nights serving tasty later in the evening treats.

VIP Club participating dentist, Dra. Claudia Llanas, 30+ years as a dental surgeon celebrating the 10th anniversary of her practice in San Miguel de Allende. Dra. Llanas, completely bilingual (English/Spanish), offers a broad range of dentistry for families and seniors, as well as cosmetic dentistry, fees are reasonable,yet more reasonable for VIP cardholders. Members receive a 10% discount on treatment, 20 de Enero #17A, one block from Stirling Dickinson, by appointment only. 152-8044 (office) and (415) 101-2454 (cellular).

Tickets on Sale, Feb 1.


Big shout out and congrats towards long-time VIP Club member and now author, Jannat Thompson, proving once again our membership is made up of many talented people.

Here's a synopsis by our Jannat.

"Corporate attorney Anna Thornbury is running on empty and too busy for love when she meets and marries handsome stranger Jonathan DeLuca, a successful car salesman with a six-figure income and a shady past. He soon reveals himself to be a remorseless sociopath who casts a net of lies and deceit from Texas to Monte Carlo, ensnaring—among others—a Texas billionaire, a seductive real estate tycoon, a burnt-out boat broker, an Austrian countess, an Italian mega-yacht captain, and two Swedish chefs.

As her husband leaves broken dreams, empty bank accounts, and shattered lives in his destructive intercontinental wake, Anna finds herself adrift in a sea of scoundrels, not knowing who to trust. While she struggles to keep her head above water and keep her job, she is forced to come to terms with her own devastating secret.

Inspired by actual events, Sea of Scoundrels explores the many possible answers to a question that has been asked of far too many women: “How could someone as smart as you fall for someone like that?”

Sea of Scoundrels, available on or Kindle. Jannat will have a book signing at Casa Katalina and CDR San Miguel, Correo #22, Tuesday, February 13, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.


This February 16th enjoy a wonderful evening under the stars with the fabulous Mavericks playing a tribute to Motown music, 500 pesos per person and includes the show, dinner and one drink. The show is at 6 :00 pm. Reservations 415 139-7653


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