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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Rhonda’s Centro Histórico Guide & Street Map of San Miguel de Allende!

Rhonda Lerner has designed and created the kind of map she says she would recommend to friends. After ten months of tedious work the carefully drawn, chock with insider-knowledge, "Rhonda’s Centro Histórico Guide & Street Map of San Miguel de Allende" is now here! 

Find places to eat, visit, shop and explore easily! There's more than 295 businesses listed in categories ranging from galleries to culture, organic to outdoors, shopping to street food, bakeries to bars and ATM locations! Even info about Your VIP Club Card is included!

The Street Map features 72 colonias and barrios defined by color, one-way street arrows, pedestrians-only zones and more!

Rhonda will be officially unveiling her new map, all day, at The Gallery, at La Conexión, Aldama 3, Friday, July 12th. Please stop by, say hello and meet the cartographer, Rhonda. Pick up one or more copies (120 pesos) of what should pan out to be your new favorite map of San Miguel. (Click here to download a Word.doc to find out more and where one can buy one of our Rhonda's maps).

(Attention business owners: One can sponsor a VIP Club Newsflash for 1000 pesos. We send out over 1600 once to twice a month!)


    Your VIP Club welcomes Las Cuartro Milpas Restaurant/Cantina, Baranca #42, 150-0074, open Monday - Saturdays, 1 pm. - Midnight. Just down the block from VIP Club participating restaurant, El Manantial, aka: Sirena Gorda, Las Cuartro Milpas is a quaint corner cantina with full bar and active kitchen. Menu includes Beef dishes: puzzle, taco de cochinita, tacos de chichanita en chile guajillo. Fish: trucha salmonada, clad de camaron, tostada de atun fresco, Vegetarian: Felafel, tubule  . . .  and chocolate mouse for dessert! VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill for food and drink! Lucia is your host!

     Your VIP Club welcomes Dentist, Doctora Maria Eugenia Beltran, Calzada de la Presa #43, 152-2694, emergency cel: 415-566-4621. Maria joins two other female dentists, Karla Carter and Claudia Llanes, offering discounts for dental care to our membership. Maria is totally bilingual and naturally easy going. She offers both adult and children services and rates. We will attach her rate sheet at the bottom of this flash! VIP members may take 10% off their bill when having procedures performed by Dra. Beltran.

    Some in house business: Over the past 13 years now and then there are glitches, when employing your VIP Club Card, not often but they do happen. Sometimes there might be a new employee or manager or an employee who may not have been briefed about the card. We ask all members to please report to us immediately if and when this ever occurs. We ask members to obtain a nota de remision, dated and signed by the manager and never argue! We will take it up with the business and always guarantee those lost savings. 

    Reviewing, when it comes to restaurants our contract indicates the member may have up to four people receiving the discount, as long as the total amount for all is on one bill. If there are more than four in your party, inquire first, that you're a VIP Club member and how they wish to handle such. Some owners say "the more the merrier" and offer all a discount, with even one card, yet other restaurants strictly adhere to the four people rule. Know that happy hour and some special evenings, t-shirts and tobacco products, along with cover charges for entertainment are not part of the VIP Club program! (Enough said)

     Ouch! We neglected to mention in our last flash forgetting to shout out that new member restaurant, La Brasserie, features VIP Club member Billy Parker playing guitar and singing songs every Wednesday night! Also, I have egg on my face for misspelling long time member and dear friend Tuli Hardy's last name on the last flash. Shame on me!

   We heard from Doug Cullen at VIP Club participating restaurant Cafe Contento! Photos may not show yet we wanted to give you the full text!

     Benedicta Alejo, Traditional Cook From Michoacán Saturday, July 13, 11:00am to 5:00pm

Benedicta Alejo Please join us on Saturday, July 13 for a day with the traditional cooks of Michoacán. We have a special event planned with Benedicta Alejo, the best known traditional cook from the state of Michoacán and Chef Cynthia Martinez, the owner of the San Miguelito Restaurant in Morelia who will assist her. Benedicta is Purépecha and she will be cooking pre-hispanic dishes from her hometown of San Lorenzo in the traditional three stone kitchen.    Benedicta brings all of the ingredients, utensils and complete kitchen from her hometown. Many of the ingredients she brings are unavailable here in San Miguel de Allende. She sets the menu on the day of the event and chooses the dishes from one of 80 recipes she has memorized. She will also be making tortillas by hand grinding the masa on the metate and cooking them on a clay comal. If you have never had a truly handmade tortilla you will be amazed by the taste and the texture.  

The Kitchen At the start of the event, Benedicta builds the three stone kitchen on the ground and explains the significance of the individual components of the kitchen and their placement. She also explains which woods she uses to build the fire and why each type of wood is important.   A Culinary Master

Benedicta travels extensively cooking and sharing her traditions. In December, 2012 she was invited to the Vatican to participate in the Mexican Christmas Festival. In Early July, she was invited to cook as a guest chef at the Tamarindo restaurant Oakland, Ca. Two weeks ago she was a special presenter at the Guanajuato Sí Sabe culinary festival here in the state of Guanajuato. She is a true culinary master.    A day with Benedicta is a unique experience that you won't want to miss. English translation will be provided throughout throughout the event. The event will be held at a beautiful private home with plenty of shade and comfortable seating. 

Event Details The event runs from 11:00am to 5:00pm Saturday, July 13 and the cost is $1,200 pesos per person. The price includes food and drinks throughout the event. A 50% deposit is required to reserve.

Reservations tel. 154-8020   We need a minimum of 15 guests to be able to bring Benedicta and Cynthia to San Miguel de Allende. If you know anyone who would be interested please let them know. 

     The Blues Festival is back! Mark July 12-13 and 14th in order to get yourself a good dose of the blues! It's the fifth year of this great event. Cry in your beers at Hotel Sautto Friday and Saturday and then the finally on Sunday, at Angela Peralta Theater. VIP Club participating restaurant Bacco and its fearless leader, Ricardo (I love the Steelers) Sautto put much into these yearly happening. 

     See the attachment and invitationand story for Galeria Izamal's event this Friday, July 12 featuring club members Henry Vermillion, Britt Zaist and some other fine painters and photographes will showcase.

      Izamal, Your VIP Club family has experienced a tragedy! Members Bob and Antonieta Remak's 18-year old boy, Eddie, was hit by a train mid June! Eddie hung in there best he could. Sadly Eddie didn't make it! The family faces overwhelming hospital expenses! Our community has shown its grit and spirit by coming together and helping out the family yet more is needed! All info about the celebration of Eddie's life that will take place this Sunday, July 14 at Sierra Nevada's parque location. Further info can be read at          

 During the month of July, at The Restaurant, Sollano #16, will open Sunday evenings for dinner from 6 - 10 p.m. Know that 10% of their bill will be donated to Casa de Los Angeles Orphanage here in town. Dining at the restaurant will not only prove out to be an epicurean delight but also sending coin to a benevolent organization always in need.          

 Speaking of epicureans, VIP Club participating restaurant, Andanza, Sierra Nevada Restaurant/ Orient Express is having a special wine pairing feast July 26! Seating is very limited for this wine pairing feast. (See attachment for all the details!)            

Your Club heard from long time member Beverly Nelson

"Lou, As you know, LifePath will be moving to a new location at Rinconada de la Aldea #29 on August 1st.  I'm very excited about the move because our new home will give us a wonderful opportunity to offer our services in beautiful surroundings created specifically for LifePath.

     The walkway (Rinconada de la Aldea) to the new location is being transformed into a beautiful pathway with security cameras, painted murals and landscaping. This project is being endorsed by Colleen Sorenson who helped to create the Guadalupe Art Project. She's helped us find artists and children who will be painting the murals and creating an environment of beauty under the direction of Francisco "Nadie" Vega.

     "We'll also have a new fitness gym directed by Lisa Attridge Gordillo and Dr. Ricardo Gordillo. And, our new events room for Yoga, Qi Gong, meditation and other events is spacious and ready for the community to enjoy.      "New practitioner offices are being created and these offices and the Guest House are being decorated by Joseph Bennett and Eli Hans (Sublime Interiors)

     "Alejandro Negrete has added his touches according to Sacred Architecture and is designing our gardens using the art of Vastu Shastra as a guide for design (this ancient doctrine consists of precepts born out of a traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings) This has all been under the expert  architectural supervision of Abelardo Quero Inzunza.  If you ever need an architect, he's the best and I highly recommend him.

     "Thanks so much VIP Club for getting out the news and continued support,  Beverly"          

 VIP Club participating business and sponsor, Fitness International is still offering its sensation summer special, all July and all August. Sign up for 3 months, get one month free, sign upf for 6 months, get two months free and sign up for a full year and get four months free!          

 VIP Club member Mary Jane Miller wants members to know about Tai Chi Chuan y Chi Gung classes are healed Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays, from 8 - 9 am. on the back patio of Instituto Allende. Go and just a donation of your choice for all ages and all levels!

     Olimpia Zuniga, auto repair, service and tire, Celaya #68 offering members 10% off tune ups and oil changes and tire repair, air conditioning freon and more, while giving serious consideration to members on big engine or transmission jobs, says he wants to see more members and now wants members to know, during the month of July, Omar will give an extra 10% off the quoted price, exclusively to VIP Club members for body work and paint work! See Omar.        

From VIP Club member Anthony Dwyer: "Now offering a 10% discount a beautiful vacation rental home in Zihuatanejo on Playa la Ropa. Villa Casa Luna has stunning grounds, great views and a pool. Zihuatanejo is about  a 6 hour drive from San Miguel.

     Your Club is getting outstanding reports how they are saving big-time money by signing up with our agents Mariana, Alejandra and Jose Antonio.  Get the scoop here by clicking on the puzzle piece that says, "Other VIP Club Discounts!"

    Pizza-Pig! Pizza Pig! Going out to the country or campo, if you will? Pizza-Pig! Heading out Dolores way? Pizza-Pig, Pizza Pig Pizza Pig!

   Like sushi or Oriental food? Don't forget VIP Club restaurants Oko and don't forget Dragon Chino, Venus Lounge, Orquedia and Flor de Loto de Comida!

    Like free valet parking? Hanks! Lolita! Garufa!

    Like Italian? Bacco, El Tomato, Vivole Cafe, Antigua Trattoria Romano, Sicilia en Bocca!

     Like Middle Eastern? Fenecia

   At the same time, we invite our members to read "The members comment page" on Your Club's webpage (Click "Comments ") and read what your fellow members have written about Your Club!

     Coming soon! Lakeside Medical is hooking up with Your Club. Lakeside will honor and deliver your prescription medications right here in San Miguel to those insured by over 300 major health insurance programs. VIP Club members will be able to get their medications delivered here and paid for by their insurance companies, no muss, no fuss! Stay tuned!

     Your Club's Summer and Autumn updated brochure is at Your Club's sales outlets. If you have a box at one of the mail forwarders the most recent brochure will be stuffed in your box shortly!

R. I. P. Eduardo Kaczmarek

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

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