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July 12, 2011


Cafe Rama has reopened with their new expanded look! The look may have changed yet chef Jason is still cranking out great meals. VIP Club members may take of 10% off their tabs.

Repeat notice: In a joint effort to increase local library membership Your VIP Club has a one month promotion taking place at Biblioteca Publica.

Buy for yourself or someone else a VIP Club membership for the standard price of $500 pesos and the VIP Club will PAY FOR YOUR NEW LIBRARY CARD! Library cards cost 80 pesos but in this case Your Club will pay the cost. This deal can only be had at the library's front desk and for the entire month of July. (To join the library one needs to take along FMMs. Support your local library. Cards purchased at the library will be valid until July 31, 2012. (Perhaps this is a good idea for some members who have let their membership lapse! If you already possess a valid VIP Club Card and if you purchase another at the library, obtain your free promotional library card, return to us your new card (unsigned) to and we will replace that one and extend your present membership another full year! For instance, if a member has a card that will expire 30 November 2011 once you exchange the new card, not signed, Your Club will issue you another VIP Card valid until November 30, 2012.) Any questions? Bring 'em on.

Congratulations to VIP Club participating Hotel and Restaurant La Puertecita on their 20th anniversary! VIP Club members get a whopping 20% off on their bellwether Sunday buffet and the rest of their menu. Elude the downtown congestion and visit La Puertecita's new bar with new happy hour hours 5 - 10 pm with Antonio Cabrero on piano!

Speaking of buffets: Charter VIP Club member participating restaurant Buen Cafe, Jesus #36 now has a Friday evening comfort food buffet call 152-5801 for reservations. From fried cat fish to meat loaf to chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes, to pot roast and so much more, Chef Kris Rudolph and her expert staff prepare a sumptuous sit down for $150 per person. Another brunch headquarters is the Sunday 11 - 3 buffet at Mezzanine, Cuna Allende #11. Bobo offers a tasty offering for the most discriminating tastes. And two times a week it is Harry's, 10 - 2, both Saturday and Sunday. Harry's brunch offers a cavalcade of breakfast and brunch treats with complimentary mimosa, a basket of bread including corn muffins and a sugary, Leeziana beignet, then with a vast selection of other items reasonably priced and members can use their cards.

Hey, don't forget VIP Club's restaurant Mi Casa, inside Instituto Allende, with a great view and superb, traditional Mexican cuisine in an elegant atmosphere with great service and for the rest of the summer on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. view original Aztec Dancing and on Thursdays at 7:30 it's famed musician, Gil Gutierrez playing his guitar, accompanied with Claudio Alvarez on violin. $100 peso cover includes complimentary cocktail.

Let's talk burgers: So many stories and so many claim to have invented the beef patty tucked between two pieces of bread from Louis' restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut, to Delmonico's in NYC in 1826, back to the city in Germany and all the way back to the Mongols who supposedly brought it to Russia but here in San Miguel and within the ranks of your VIP Club participating restaurants we can shout out about our member restaurants who serve hamburgers so good they can "break your mouth." Baile Cafe has stepped right up to the plate with a juicy number! Casa Payo has long established itself as a hamburger haven which goes great with the draft beers and sports on TV. Harry's has a number of offerings from its A-52s to B-52s and their heftier versions that are a town favorite. And look out 'cause soon coming to Harry's menu is their Vudu Burger a very serious, spicy burger. Berlin restaurant gets high and I mean very high marks for their full flavored burger that some say is the very best in town. Longhorn, the BBQ headquarters known for its pull pork and ribs is no slouch when serving a dynamite burger. Ten-Ten Pie, both locations, serves a nice burger and they have a wonderful mushroom burger too. Tio Lucas, the steak house, can get belly filling casual also with a prime patty. The Restaurant, aka Sollano #16, has a new found famed reputation for its Thursday night gourmet burger with a wide wide selection of various ingredients to enhance any patty. The Restaurant also wants members to know that they strive to use as much organic produce as they can locally muster. Lastly we won't forget Oliver's, on Zacateros with an array of dressed up burgers with tastes from around the globe. So when in doubt about what you might have a hankering for the burger is always a great choice and our line up provides restaurants with some of the best burgers in town.

Twenty percent off EO at Moonrise, Organos #29. I don't know what it is but the ladies know it must be special. I guess it is something that makes one more beautiful?

VIP Club members Gordon and Sandy Thorpe have two, new, fully furnished villas for rent in Rancho Los Labradores, 2/bedrooms and 2/baths, call cel: 114-0984 or vonage 210-481-6244, $650 a month.

Repeats, 'cause we think both are important: In an effort to continue to expand services to our members Your VIP Club has recruited two, local doctors who will conduct "house calls" for the membership. They are a husband and wife team: Doctor Christian Salcedo and wife, Doctor Mariana Licea Elias, both who speak great English and both are licensed MDs. Both are authorized to write script. Because of other health related commitments the doctors can only call upon patients during mornings and early afternoons. Dr. Salcedo's cel is: 044 415 151 1223, and Dr. Licea's is: 044 415 119 4615. VIP Club members, in this exclusive deal, pay just $500 pesos for a house call. Write down and save these numbers! Yours or somebody else's life could depend on it.

Chamber Music fans. VIP Club members will be afforded a special discount at the 33rd Annual San Miguel Chamber Music Festival, July 29 until August 14. Tickets will be discounted within the first 8 rows for seats and those in boxes that normally run $450 pesos for each performance. VIP Club members pay $400 pesos for these prime seats. For the who's-who and what's-what and the all important schedule go to: Discounted tickets for members must be purchased in the office to the left once entering Bellas Artes from 10 am - 2 pm.

Click here to view the poster for the Beer Festival coming in August.

Lastly: Whatsamadder, Bunky, you say your sister and that cheapskate brother-in-law of yours came to town and you took them to one of our wonderful VIP Club restaurants and the schnorer, that he is and has always been, went for the U.S.D.A. cut and washed it down with some fancy wine and Don Julio and had a couple of side orders to boot, all on your dime, and that great, generous wife of yours announced it was "your treat" and when the bill came at least you could reach for your VIP Club Card and perhaps get a break but NO, wait, "you didn't have it!" and ya couldn't think where it is or was? No need for worry, report missing or lost VIP Club Card here before the schmoe shows so we can provide your replacement!

In our last flash we miserably failed to mention Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian members and friends! How about them Canucks . . . oh, well wait until next year so forget about it.

See your Club's webpage for our full line up: The page is breaking records with almost 4,000 hits the first six months of 2011, over 167,000 in total. Affordable advertising on our webpage. Read what fellow members say about Your Club on our member comment page!

Heal up: Eden Nordstrom (son of Darla)

Good luck: Tom Vincent. (going in for a procedure come Friday. You're in our thoughts Tommie!)

Welcome back: Rhonda and Al Lerner.

Congrats on a great wedding Bob and Antonete Remak.

The best is yet to come!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

Recent restaurants and other services offering VIP Club members’ discounts!

• Café Rama, Nuevoes #7 10% cash
• Carcasonne, Correo #34, 10% cash, 7% credit card
• Mama Tina’s, Hernandez Macias #93, 15% cash, 10% credit card.
• Bocca in Sicila, (Salida a Queretaro 10%)
• Baile Café, (inside Arthur Murray Dance Studio, 10% cash
• El Meson, Mesones #80, breakfast, lunch and dinner, 20% discount plus, 2 x 1 always for VIP Club members.
• La Puertacita Hotel Restaurant, Col. Santo Domingo. Now offers VIP Club members 20% off their famed Sunday Brunch
• Dragon Chinese Restaurant, 10% off, Wednesday and Friday, free corkage days.

• Dr. Claudia Llanas, 20 de Enero 17-A, Col San Antonio, 30% off her dental services.
• Providencia Gas (propane) cel: 415-109-5357, 7% cash, on-the-spot rebate, 1000 minimum.
• Galeria Izamal, Mesones #80, 10%
• Dr. Inkol chiropractic services, first consultation free (200) peso savings.
• Super 30, aka: Fuji Film San Francisco #50, 10% off all merchandise, 15% off printing and developing, 20% off recovery or converting photos, tapes, VHS, just about anything to DVD.

• Unisono wireless, 300 pesos off installation charge.
• Mariner purified water 15% off
• Shaw Satellite TV services, VIP Club members first month free.
• Luis Urribe-Clinica Automotiriz: Big discounts off auto mechanical, bodywork, total car care, insurance claims. See webpage for total info Discounts
• Alas Wings, Flying, 15% off lessons and aerial sightseeing, see webpage for details.
• Galeria Isamial Mesones #80, 10%, 300 peso minimum.

• All Natural HCG Is now available in Mexico. HCG is taken orally and triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as "food".  A 2 Oz Bottle is 70 USD or Pesos Equiv. They offr 10% discount to all VIP Members. We also offer Multi-Bottle Discounts (if you and your friends buy together)  For more information contact  Johnna or Valerie at Cell 415-153-2031 or email

• Cel phone help with Sergio 11 am until 6 pm at 415-111-4400 or email: His regular fee is $150 pesos per hour but first time VIP Club member pay just 75 pesos for their first hour for Sergio to straighten it all out.

• La Mesa Grande, cafe and panaderia and relocated to the corner of Pila Seca and Zacateros. Fernando and Robin are the principle bakers. cel: 415-113-8522 154-0838, 10% discount for VIP Club members still applies with minimum 100% peso purchase.

• Gas Providencia cel: 415-109-5357, On the spot, 7% cash rebate, minimum 1000 pesos.

• Lourdes Cordero’s original art. 15% off, Aldama #56

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