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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This News Flash is brought to members by events and entertainment taking place in San Miguel this coming weekend!

1:) Players Workeshop presents Incorruptible, by Michael Hollinger, a comedy set in the Middle Ages at the Santa Ana Theater, inside Biblioteca Publica.

It's Mel Brooks style mayhem mixed with a moral dilemma! Past weekend audiences have given the stage performance thumbs up! Directed by

Christine Foster, Starring: Chris Davis, Jim Newell, David Galitsky, Michael Erickson, Chuck Rubin, Gwenneth Holmes, Judy Newell and San Miguel's "thespian extraordinaire," Lola Smith!

Performances run Wednesday, July 18 through Sunday the 22 with curtain rising at 8 pm. The Sunday performance is at 5 pm. Tickets: $150-200 pesos with all seats for the Thursday performance being 100 pesos. (For more see attachment below)

2:) See and hear the musical quartet, Zambe, who have most recently been wowing audiences at Hecho en Mexico. Now, each Friday and Saturday, at 7:30 pm, touted as some of the very best music in town will perform at VIP Club participating restaurant Bacco, inside Hotel Sauto, Hernandez Macias #59. The group consists of local standouts: Papacho Syrdai: Piano, Mariano Pini; guitar, Gilberto (Beto) Gonzalez; bass, and Miguel Favero; percussion personified! Reservations 154-5513 (see attachment below)

3:) Instituto Allende's summertime Arts and Crafts Fair, rain or shine, the best in town, with over 80 of some of San Miguel's finest artists and craftspersons. This will be the sole Arts and Crafts Fair at Instituto for the season, Saturday and Sunday, July 21-22, 10 - 6 pm. Great shopping, live entertainment and lots of foods.

4:) San Miguel's favorite balladeer and former front man and co-founder of Vudu Chili, David Garza, aka Maple Lynx is visiting town and will have two performances this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, at Gusto Gathering Grounds, tented in case of . . . the corner of Guadiana & Mezquite, from 2 - 4 pm. Limited tickets available at Bajiogo, Jesus #11, 200 pesos or at the door if not sold out! Garza's performance will be recorded for a future CD as he does what many sense that he does best and that's performing Beatles cover tunes in his own tender and thoughtful way. Garza will be accompanied by the before mentioned percussionist Miguel Favero of Zambe. Easy going, laid back and a town favorite this is likely to be Garza's last concert in this neck of the woods for some time. If you've never heard David play and sing you've missed a rare treat.

Your VIP Club welcomes Garrison and Garrison Books, Hidalgo 26: Plaza Artesan Bicenterario, cel: 415-109-7387 Open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 10 - 6 pm. Books in English and Spanish, new and used! VIP Club members may take 10% off when buying 100 peso minimum!

VIP Club participating restaurant Berlin Bar, Umaran #15, has come up with another fantastic offer for the world! Every day, Filet Mignon, 250 grs, with 2 side dishes just 100 pesos! And Chicas, why each and every Friday and Saturday night, it's ladies night from 9 pm on. That means, for the ladies, gratis, beer, wine, and national drinks! That's free, nada, nothing, suck 'em up, so pug faces like me in their view look taller and get handsomer! Happy hour daily 5 - 7 pm.

Oh yeah, that loco Lymie, what's his name? who owns and operates Longhorn Smokehouse BBQ is getting all geared up and excited about the Olympics taking place back hometown, London, for Whatshisname!

Ole Whatshisname is so riled up he's gonna have "mucho" TVs going all during the Olympiad and here's the hard stuff . . . if a Brit wins a Bronze medal and you're in the audience for the event, it's 2 X 1, drink wise, and if one of Her Majesty's subjects wins a Silver medal and you're in the audience, it's 3 X 1 for your next round and, get this, if someone or a British team wins Gold and you're on hand at Longhorn, yeppers! 4 X 1. Longhorn will be open early everyday, as to not to miss an Olympic event taking place over the pond. See all the sports action and feast on BBQ! Thank you Whatshisname!

Your Club has gotten wind also that VIP Club participating restaurant and bakery, Cumpanio, on the corner of Recreo and Correo, has something special in store for the Olympics also yet they haven't provided us with full details but we will post them in our next newsflash.

Oh, yeah, The Restaurant, Sollano #16, now joins other VIP Club participating restaurants offering brunches such as Harry's, Cafe Rama, Bien Cafe and La Puertecita Hotel.

Also VIP Club participating hotel restaurant Andanza, within award-winning hotel Sierra Nevada welcomes a new executive chef with exciting meals in store for San Miguel. Also know that the beautiful park restaurant location belonging to Sierra Nevada is now open for drinks on weekends. More to come about that in the near future in Your Club's next News Flash.

VIP Club participating purified water company Marnier, 152-8886, for home delivery, locally owned and locally run, has had a slight price increase. Their retail price is 22 pesos for a garrafon. VIP Club members now pay just 19 pesos. For now, they will still take VIP Club members' "other companies" garrafons in exchange! For now!

Check out the attachment and photo of a nice dish served at VIP Club's participating seafood restaurant Pescau, Jesus #21.Photo provided by Laia of Coyote Canyon Tours fame.

Your Club mentions, especially to some who might be new to Mexico, about this time of year, when the rains first begin, to remember to clean fruits and vegetables with due diligence. You see, many farmers irrigate their fields with run off. Initial rains flood fields with many unmentionables. Be careful this time of year to avoid stomach illnesses.

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