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Friday, July 18, 2014

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored San Miguel's regional division of AMPI, Mexico's Association of Real Estate Agents. Founded in 1956, in Mexico City, AMPI's brokers and agents consists further of Appraisers and Developers who embrace bylaws emphasizing a Code of Ethics. AMPI makes efforts to work with Federal, State and Municipal authorities proposing new laws and amendments directly related to Real Estate activities for the benefit of future buyers and sellers.

(Attention business people: Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out over1800 emails to our members once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


No summertime blues going on with Your VIP Club but read our notice inside this flash about the Blues Festival Friday and Saturday. We've been listening to some of the needs and wants of the membership and also giving n ear to what some of Your Club's participating businesses are saying.

Members! If you're in a large group dining at a participating restaurant planning to employ your card, when you place your order, ask for you-and-yours to be on a separate check. Sometimes members quintas, mixed in with others creates confusion and frustration for the wait staff. Some systems are computerized and once inserted it's tough sledding in order to retrieve and correct. Some establishments don't want to go through the hassle and may reject your card.

Tipping is always at the discretion of the diner. If normally a 10-15-20% or more tipper, to consider tipping on the top number, what the bill was before the bottom-line discount. For the hard working staffs a 30-peso-tip on a 300-peso bill makes them feel appreciated, more so than the 27-pesos one might leave . . . "some, VIP!"

The Club couldn't give away any free VIP Club Cards with its World Cup contest. Over 90-some sent in their picks predicting the final four. Many nailed three of the four yet no one predicted the final quartet. We'll see what happens in 2018?

VIP Club member, Ricardo Sautto, owner and manager of VIP Club fine Italian eatery, Bacco, inside Hotel Sautto once again is the host and the essential linchpin providing San Miguel with: It's-getting-better-all-the-time Blues Festival at Hotel Sautto, Hernandez Macias #59, Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 7 p.m. Along with some of San Miguel's very best "bluezers," a slew of international blues musicians and performers will be belting out such a severe cases of the blues the musicians' singing and playing might be having some of you crying in your beer! Tickets $150.

Once again, Sara Hoch and her hard-working team at GIFF will be presenting our town's fabulous and free film festival, July 25 until August 3. We don't quite have the details on all the films and venues but the film festival needs some help!

Due to the popularity or maybe even a lack of community spirit, as there has been in the past, the film festival is looking for some hospitality. Sleeping rooms or casitas are in need for some of the filmmakers and other contributors to the festival coming from afar. If any kind-hearted members decide to adopt a GIFF contributor for periods of time over the course of the festival email:

There's big talk going on about banking! Members, rest-a-sure and according to Josefa, manger of Ci Banco, Ci Banco has no plans in the works to discontinue cashing your U.S. checks! Ci Banco, San Francisco #25. Josefa has assigned Isadora Salazar to assist VIP Club members. If you register with Isadora, for now you don't need to have a Ci Banco account, but you'll still be able to cash checks!

VIP Club members get a higher rate of return than that posted to the general public! Call 152-4123, or Isadora's cel 415-112-3860. If Isadora is busy or not in the office ask for Cynthia. As for opening accounts bring passport and immigration status and a tad of patience.

Still in the dark somewhat about new U.S. laws dealing with international banking? Contact VIP Club member and participating service, Herb Wilson Tax Services at: Herb will set you straight. Toward members Herb offers 10% off his normal rates.

VIP Club participating business Honda, Salida de Celaya near the glorietta wants members to know buy a new Honda between now and December 31 and get a 1000 peso rebate. Club members get a free helmet when buying a four-wheeler or bike at Honda. first service free and 10% off service afterwards.

Congrats to Cafe Contento, Hernandez Macias #68, celebrates six years under the helmsman ship and guidance of Doug Cullen.

Abrazos on Zacateros 24 will be donating profits from the sale of a new collection of bird fabrics to Audubon Mexico! Called "Give Nature A Hug," the funds raised will support the Audubon Kids and Nature Program. The Abrazos-Audubon Bird Fabrics will be available in aprons, kitchen wares, table napkins, men's shirts, women's dresses and kid's clothing...or buy the fabric and make your own designs! For more information, contact Patrice Wynne, Or order online, Abrazos, tel 154-8580. See you at the July 24th fundraiser, "Birds of a Feather!"

Charter VIP Club member Jo Brenzo's Academia de Fotografia, is conducting a number of camera workshops. Cameras owners can learn new and different camera functions through lectures, demonstrations, assignment and critiques. Workshops last for three moorings 11 am. -2 pm. plus one-full day. Next work shop August 18th - 21st. For more info call Jo at 154-5366. or Some exciting photo shoots at a famous hacienda, Jaral de Berrios Excursion, July 25th and August 28th. Call Jo for more details on the trip.

In case you missed VIP Club participating business, Art Print's bombastic opening exhibition for famed local photographer Holly Wilmeth the photo exhibit is still up. The show is titled "Divine Nature" remaining up the rest of the month Art Print, Correo #46. We are attaching some samples of the great work.

We are posting a photo of some summertime items available at VIP Club participating boutique Agua de Coco, Sollano #13, (see attachment) Agua carries sporty and elegant clothing, new and vintage.

Also, posting an attachment looking so delicious looking pasta cake made at VIP Club participating restaurant Sicila in Boca, Salida a Queretaro #91, along with a photo of the creative women working the kitchen. (see attachments)

Congrats to Toni Ronci recently elected president of San Miguel's Mid-day Rotary an organization reaching out to the community.

Providencia, Your Club's home propane delivery service, now takes major credit cards and members still get the 40 centavos off each liter. Call the truck direct and talk to Lazaro at cel: 415-109-5357.

See attachment for showcasing a complete sitting area orchestrated by Grace's Sofas (see attachment.)

Three addition restaurants now have come under the VIP Club umbrella.

Your Club welcomes Diablo Panzon Grill House, Salida de Celaya #94,. This address is confusing because on either side of it the address #s are listed in the 20s, better perhaps to state the restaurant sits directly across from the new convention center. Wifi, full bar, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, open early, open late. Soups, Salads, Pastas, Paninis, steaks and desserts. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill.

Your Club welcomes No. 43 Deli, Relox #43, 121-2241, Thursdays through Sundays, 9 am - 9 pm, Mondays and Wednesdays, 9 am - 6 pm, closed Tuesdays. Traditional and special item breakfasts like churro pancakes and potato latka served until 2 pm. Smoothies, juices (beet, green and topical fruit), cold and hot Sandwiches, hot doggies and even kids' menu. Wifi connected. Kyle and Erik are your hosts.
In addition, No.43. has a special weekend in store Friday and Saturday coined "Pop Up Jewelry," with some the town's very best jewelry designers and artisans. beginning at 6 pm. Friday. Noted jewelers Brianna Armour, along with designs by David Gutierrez Gomez and Julia Hernandez Figueroa as both also will be showcasing their designs. The kitchen will stay open late cause come 9 pm there will be dancing with a hip DJ. There's a raffle too and lots of fun. The designers will return Saturday morning, too, at be at No. 43.10% discount cash, minimum 100 pesos

Marisqueria Pacifico has joined the VIP Club family, Carr. Celaya Klm. 4.8, 120-0522, just before Los Frailes on the right hand side of the road, open Tuesdays - Sundays, 12 - 7 pm. Pacifico serves up a wide assortment of sea foods including ceviches and full seafood platters. Shrimp, Pulpo, Calamar, Bacalao, with some fish dishes prepared Vera Cruz style, along with seafood soups and Caldos, like Chipachole de Jaiba (crab). Hamburgers too and full bar. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill paying cash or credit card. Minimum 100 pesos.

Your VIP Club welcomes Olio Fino tasting room, Zacateros 83-A, 152-3946, San Miguel's headquarters for rich and flavorful olive oils and balsamic vinegars. Olio Fino offers card holders 10% discount on all olive oils (including extra virgin and infused oils) and aged balsamic (dark and white), except selected premium priced oils. Olio are constantly introducing new products in accordance to harvests. The vast majority of products sell at the same price - the discount applies - whereas premium products are priced slightly higher and are exempt to the discount. Olio also carries an exotic array of fine chocolates, pastas, herbs, spices and other epicurean delights.

Happy Trails: Joe Minton and Alice Foster.

Heal Up: Oliver Carasco

Heal Up: Donnie Masterton

Congrats on forth coming marriage: Eric Kaplan and Martha

Report lost or misplaced cards here for immediate replacement.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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