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This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by "mivida" a San Miguel Italian themed restaurant with a Mexican accent," Hernandez Macias #97, 152-7482, open Wednesdays through Mondays, 1:00 pm. - 11:00 pm.

"mivida" is a bellwether San Miguel eatery, a favorite endorsed by locals and tourists in search of high quality meals. "mivida's" an intricate part of chef-driven restaurants pegging San Miguel as an epicurean destination while insisting on the best ingredients while serving:  anti-pastas, a sensational assortment of cheeses with prosciutto, carpaccios, various sea foods and vegetarian delights, rissotos, tortelloni and other home-made pastas, frutti di mar, fishes, pork, beef and rabbit. Wednesday evening is gourmet pizza night with live music. David and Greta are your hosts: VIP Club members can take 10% of cash or credit card.

(Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out over 1800 emails to our members once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1800 pesos.)


Most have heard the news?  . . . How about that!  . . . San Miguel named #1 city in the entire World by a readers poll sponsored by Travel and Leisure Magazine! Our town edged out world-class heavy-weight competition! All can beam with certain sense of civic pride.

Be proud! Many of You helped to make this happen? A city is way more than brick-and-mortar; a community's made up of people. We've got great people! Flashing good Mexican manners maintains ever-lasting impact,  "Buen Dia," "Buen Provecho," y "Mi Casa Su Casa!"  goes a long way in the minds of tourists once back home.

So there you have it. You're not only residing in the greatest city on Earth but you're now a VIP in the greatest city on Earth. How can it get any better?

Your VIP Club is proud to announce it welcomes Johnny's Favorite's Piano Bar, (The Frank Sinatra Bar) Insurgentes 55, 415-149-0678, Wednesdays 'til Sundays 9 pm - late.

For night owls who like bathing in low light, intimacy and enjoy being swooned and entertained by a diverse saloon singer and his friends, Johnny's is for you! Drinks and snacks. Long-time friends Johnny Favorite and Linda Brown are your hosts. VIP Club members may take 10% off their tabs, minimum 100 pesos.

Your VIP Club welcomes SMA Vapes and e-cig related product 415-149-3133. offering  a variety of quality devices.  SMA Vapes boasts the cheapest prices in Mexico! Custom craft a variety of e-juice flavors.

SMA Vapes' been helping sanmiguelenses rid themselves of cigarettes since the Spring of 2015. Robert Higgs is the operator. VIP Club members receive a 10% discount off their first purchase. Returning VIP Club members receive a free, 15 ml bottle of e-juice (140 peso value) with purchases greater than 850 pesos worth of product. On Facebook at "SMA Vapes,"

BIG SAVINGS FOR VIP CLUB MEMBERS who are music fans when attending the 39th Festival International de Musica, aka: The Chamber Music Festival August 4th 'til the 26th, a 10% discount when buying (packages of 3-consecutive Tuesday evenings, or 4-consecutive-Friday or 4-Saturday evening performance packages).

Seats: $650, $500 pesos and $150 pesos plus service charges if purchased electronically. For example if a couple purchased, let's say for 4-Saturday nights at 650 a piece, rather than paying $5,200, the VIP Club member's price is $4,680! That's a $520 pesos in savings! On-line purchase discount is in vogue, BUT NOT ON THE SERVICE CHARGES! Purchase tickets in person at the Consejo Turistico office on the Jardin.  9:00 am. - 5:00 pm, Tuesday through Saturday or on line: See dates, times, performers and tickets at:

For Security purposes: We've seen the TV commercials. A seedy guy rings a door bell saying he's giving free home repair estimates. We see someone answering their phone after the ring with an image on the phone showing the creepy guy at their front door.
The creepy guy is on camera and all he hears is an, "I'm busy!"  . . .  That very, stand alone wireless video door bell service, is now available here in San Miguel, honchoed by Paul Fireman of Shaw Satellite TV. A camera will be installed on your door bell with images in front of your door bell sent to your smart phone, or all can be combined with 1080p video surveillance system viewed from phone, tablet or computer. Wireless doorbell camera. $220.00 USD, Plus installation normally $25 USD. Or a 4 cameras, 1080p video surveillance system w/ 1tb. dvr. $450.00 plus installation and cabling. Better Call: Paul 120-0200


Hank's offers a tasty ala carte, inexpensive brunch menu, Sundays, 10 - 2 pm.
Also, Start your weekend Early on Thursdays at Hank's New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar, Hidalgo #12, ! Order two entries off of menu and get a complimentary bottle of red or white wine. A foursome? Two bottles etc. etc.

Your Club also heard from Armando Cruz at VIP Club participating restaurant and Hotel La Puertacita, Santo Domingo 75, wishing to remind members about the great buffet brunch La Puertacita serves each Sunday. 9 am. 1 pm. Lots of selection super service in a relaxing atmospehere

Other VIP Club restaurants serving Sunday brunch and breakfast choices: Cafe Contento, Cafe Rama, Cumpanio, El Correo, El Pegaso, Hotel Casa Primavera, La Casa del Diezmo, La Fulguera, Lolita, La Mesa Grande, Luna de Queso I & II, Media Naranja, Mon Bistro, Oso Azul, Ten-Ten Pie, The Restaurant and Vergel

La Sirena Gorda, Hernandez Macias and Umaran,  has spread her mermaid fatness somewhat buy expanding with a brand new tapas bar in the establishment!

From Cristi Fer: "Summer Special, July and August 2017 offered at Cristi Fer Art Gallery and Workshops, Zacateros #4. Painting workshops for all levels!
One Painting in One Day: Mondays: Abstract 101 Mixed Media, Tuesday: Doors of San Miguel, Wednesday: Secrets of color, semi abstract painting, Thursday: Windows of San Miguel, All classes meet 9:30 am. - 1:30 pm.. Requires preregistration. Regular cost $95.00 USD per class per person, including materials
SUMMER SPECIAL $300.00 for 4 sessions in 4 consecutive weeks or 4 classes during one single week. How to register? Send Cristi Fer Art an E mail ( specifying the dates and topics, or stop by the gallery. Receive an additional $20.00 USD discount with your VIP card."


VIP Club participating business Moon Rise, Organos #29 has s special sale on dental products through the month of July.





Some weeks back Your Club was touting Richard Simione's latest edition of "The Insider's Guide to San Miguel! We (I) sort of blew it by posting the wrong graphic. Below is the cover of Richie's publication and we apologize to our Marge Fahey for wrongly publishing the image of her fine San Miguel Guide book!

In the future from member Louise Gilliiam: "Casita Linda is a charitable organization in San Miguel de Allende that builds homes for the very poorest of the poor living in the ejidos. Each year Casita Linda produces an exciting fundraiser called the Spirit of Hope. Auctioned off will be luxury vacation packages. Six nights at The Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como Italy; A New York City stay at The Plaza Hotel with prime seats for the Metropolitan Opera and many more tantalizing getaways. "La Dolce Vita" will be held on October 14 at the Hacienda San Miguel and tickets will be available September 1  at Solutions on Recreo 11."

Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig!  Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig!Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig! Pizza Pig!

Alexandra and Gil out at Mon Bistro's new  location at Los  Labradores wants to thank all: "Thanks everybody for your support! It has been fun having you! Yes, Carlos plays on Friday  nights from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Now serving breakfast Sundays from 11:00 to 2:00. Our business hours are Monday and Tuesday closed, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:00 to 9:00, Friday and Saturday from 2:00 to 10:00 and Sunday from 11:30 to 8:00 and shuttle service under reservation only. The new phone 415 121-6386. We have underground parking and from there you can take the elevator. Thank you again and have a beautiful day!"

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