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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This VIP Club Newsflash is being brought to you by Grace's Sofas. Diligent crafters of custom-made sofas, love-seats, chair, ottomans or anything else worth upholstering in a myriad of fabrics and slip covers for more infor or call Scott or Annie at 154-047. Now producing sofa beds!


We know, we know! You received a recent flash about a week ago, but we're in season, much is happening and we don't want members regretting they may have missed out on something.

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Your VIP Club welcomes the town's newest cantina as a participating member, "La 21unica," corner of Jesus and Cuadrante. Step back in time while living in the 21st Century at this real cantina. Full array of national drinks. VIP Club members may take 10% off their bill, 100 peso minimum.

Specials: Berlin Bar, Umaran #15. Every Friday and Saturday night is ladies night from 9 pm on, gratis, beer, wine, and national drinks!

Harry's has expanded its week-day, bar-food specials from three to four days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and now on Mondays, with Tuesday being: "Taco Tuesday," Tacos just 20 pesos, burritos, 30, with Wednesdays being "Cajun Chimi Changa," 6-for-25 pesos including special sauce and Thursdays being "Fish Taco Thursdays" 20 pesos (they're gooood!) and now it's "Mini Marlin Mondays," three, succulent mini Marlin sanbos for a mere 20-pesos. Served only in the bar area.

Longhorn Smokehouse BBQ is all geared up for the Olympics. If a Brit wins a Bronze medal and you're in the audience for the event, it's 2 X 1, drink wise, and if one of Her Majesty's subjects win a Silver medal and you're in the audience, it's 3 X 1 for your next round and if a British team member win Gold, yeppers! 4 X 1. Longhorn will be open early everyday, as to not to miss an Olympic event taking place over the pond. See all the sports action and feast on BBQ!

VIP Club participating restaurant and bakery, Cumpanio, Correo and Recreo, invites all and celebrates the opening Olympiad cerimonies, 2:30 Friday, July 25! Cumpanio will provide specials for the Olympics: Sandwiches: Ham and Gruyere cheese, Turkey breast and Manchego cheese, tuna and tapenade, Reuben, Gravlax on Rye, Duck and Avacado, veggies and Goat cheese, Quiche of the day, with a beer $145 or with wine $165. Pizza of the Day with beer $120, with wine $140. That's everyday during the games!

VIP Club participating restaurant bar and show place, VC and Friends, Hernandez Macias #83 with nightly entertainment, Wednesdays through Sundays, with Wednesday night being shrimp and Blues night.

There's still time left until the end of the month to take advantage of the VIP Club's participating gym, International Fitness. Sign up for 3 months, get a month free, six months get 2 months free and for one year, get 4 months free.

The fabulous singing Sybil English is back at VIP Club participating restaurant, Carcassone, Correo #34, 152-0053! See and hear Sybil each Thursday evening. It's the best dinner show in town. Reservations a must!

All About Love, an evening of music and love by singer Judy Marzulli and pianist Jorge Perez. For two weekends – July 27 and 28 and August 3 and 4 –they will once again perform some of the great, old standards that we remember from the past. The show includes songs like "Taking a Chance on Love," "How Deep is the Ocean" and "Cry me a River," at VIP Club participating business and restaurant at The Arthur Murray Dance Studio & Cafe Baile Hernandez Macias 68. Enjoy the show with dinner (6-8) and/or drinks (7:30). Show starts at 8PM. Reservations a MUST! Call 044-415-109-7720 or 415-152-0095, email

Oh, yeah did we tell ya yet, that VIP Club participating restaurant and hotel Sierra Nevada has reopened its parque location now on Friday and Saturday evenings. The spot has long been admired as a quaint get-away close to town. Right now Sierra Nevada on the park, besides drinks, are only serving botanas, but with new chef, Jose Martinez you can soon look forward for new and exciting dishes coming out of Sierra's kitchen for both their Andanza restaurant and that of the park. Also in the near future a VIP Club shindig is being whipped up for VIP Club members at the park location. Stay tuned.

VIP Club participating restaurant Antigua Trattatoria Romano, where Ancha San Antonio forks to Codo and Zacateros,(aka: Flat Iron Building) wants members to know their entire menu is available for home delivery, 152-3790, along with their authentic, Italian-style pizza pies. Minimum order, 160 pesos. They will accept credit cards at the door. VIP Club members get 10% off when paying cash and, for the entire month of August, VIP Club members get a complimentary Sambuca with their meal. See attachment below of their yummy "moussaka."

Also, please consider Your Club's line up of other fine Italian style restaurants, each a little different with regional cooking from areas they represent: Bocca, Vivoli, Sicilia en Bocca (will refund VIP Club members their taxi fare from down in centro) and Toscana. Live music with the quartet, Zambe, each Friday and Saturday at 7:30 at Bocca, Hotel Sauto!

Gabby and Jennifer's VIP Club participating food truck, La Hierbabuena, will be parked on Stirling Dickinson and Potrero, 10 am - 4 pm Mondays - Wednesdays - Fridays and this Saturday, July 28, La Hierbabuena will be out in Cienaguita feeding the gang attending Radiant Edge at the Chapel of Jimmy Ray.

VIP Club members Gordon and Maureen Morris are having a two-person art show at the Polyglot Gallery, (formally Atelier) at Fabrica Aurora, Saturday, August 4, 6 -9 pm, curated by Melanie Harris de Maycotte. Gordon will be showing his new work paintings and Maureen will present her original ceramics. Free food and drink.

Friends of the VIP Club and the local and fabulous musician couple, Jack and Francis have produced a new CD titled: "Milagros" Current performance schedule places them mostly at VIP Club participating restaurant Los Milagros, Relox #17. Every Friday 8 - 10 pm. Saturdays and Sundays 3 - 5 pm. Relaxed family atmosphere for a casual lunch accompanied by their superb guitar music. (415) 152-0097

August special: 15% VIP discount@ Abrazos Boutique, offering the largest selection of Mexican folkloric and contemporary fine cotton fabrics in Mexico and on all of its locally handmade creations—for that touch of fiesta in your everyday life. Patrice Wynne, owner of Abrazos, sells her designs all over Mexico and at Abrazos boutique on Zacateros #24 near Pila Seca you can buy aprons, handbags, men's shirts and ties, bathrobes, pajamas, baby bibs, table napkins, Kindle covers and much more, "the perfect gifts from San Miguel. Design your own using her fabrics, more than 100 fabrics styles from Frida Kahlo to Chili Peppers, Dia de los Muertos to La Virgin de Guadalupe, geometrics to gorgeous contemporary designs to fit every decor, every body, every imagination. Zacateros #24, 154-8580,, This week's special is Veau Marengo! . . . $120

Diced veal, mushrooms,onion and a touch of basil, in a delicious tomato and white wine sauce.

Comes with a generous amount of pasta! VIP Club members receive an additional 10% off!

VIP Club participating restaurant El Tomato, on Mesones, between Hidalgo and Relox, wants to remind members El Tomato serves Italian-Argentene fusion type food, choice meats and fresh veggie dishes, soups with great salads and pastas.

Report lost or misplaced cards here for immediate replacement.

Try and shop local, and consider often shopping at mom and pops!


R. I.P. Jon Anderson

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support!

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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