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July 27, 2011


Your VIP Club welcomes Chicago Style, Salida a Queretaro # 185, Plaza de la Conspiracion, 121-0205, open Monday through Saturday, 8 am - 7 pm. . Chicago, now celebrating its one year Birthday Bash, has quickly become a favorite to those from inside-and-around the Second City. A full blown early breakfast along with Chicago favorite hot dogs, Chicago Style, deep dish pizza, meat-ball sandwiches and a host of other tastes from the City boasting big shoulders. No wind here: VIP Club members may take 15% off their tabs when paying cash and 10% when using a credit card. See their menu and other info at

Cafe Rama, Nuevas #7, again hosts what's becoming a tradition,their Friday night dinner! This Friday, July 29, Course 1: Hultalachoche ravioli with spiced chicken consomme and epazote; Course 2: Pulque Poached chicken with pureed sweet sweet corn and sauteed squash blossom, Course 3: Cactus fruit with lime, chili and mint, Course 4: Braised short-rib with potato and roast poblano pave and Ancho chill glace, Dessert, choice of: Mixed melon with basil and Earl Grey granite-Flour less chocolate cake and orange-cinnamon mouse with chocolate soup! Seating is a 7:30 with first course served at 8 p.m.. Limited to 30 people, 50% deposit required and cancellation notice 24 hours prior to serving. $400 per person, !60 optional accompanying flight of wine. $100 peso corkage fee. Reserve at Cafe Rama or by

VIP Club's participating restaurant Cafe Iberico, Mesones #101, 152-6154, your headquarters for Spanish tapas and more will have Rosa Guadalupe playing flamenco guitar, Friday evening 8 - 10 p.m. and trumpeter Luis Gasca and his crew plays Saturday night, July 30, 8 - 11 p.m.

VIP Club participating restaurant Sicilia in Bocca, just off the mirador on Salida a Queretaro emailed in an update to remind VIP Club Card holders: "Open Tuesdays to Sundays, 2pm to 10 pm. 10% discount to VIP Club members paying in cash or credit card, plus one, taxi fare refunded, within city limits, ask for a ticket from the taxi driver or just remember the number of the taxi you came up in, and in addition, all Summer, if a free corkage service at Sicilia in Bocca every Tuesday to VIP members, so they can bring their own special wine and enjoy the view and the sunset in our terrace."

We received a notice from VIP Club participating business establishment, La Covacha Garden Supplies (aka Garden Shack), Salida a Celaya #26, between Kuni Doni Restaurant and Modelo Beer Warehouse . . . look for two Bouganvilias and the scare crow.) 185-8461

La Covacha desires to notify members who like to tend to their gardens La Covacha is promoting: "Soil and Soil amendments!
Compost: Proven organic thermal compost our formula works well in San Miguel soil.It is prepared in our farm. Worm compost from the best farm in Queretaro. Live worms grown in our farm. Pot and planter mix with Ground coconut coir,perlite,forest top soil and our compost.
Michoacan Forest Soil and special mixes in bulk for gardens and landscaping.
Perlite and Vermiculite. Seeds. Hortaflor flower and vegetable seeds and our selection of vegetable and herb seeds.
Fescue, kikuyo, rye and ground cover clovers. Sod grass. Fescue,rye and Kikuyo. Supplied by special order.
Composter tumblers in two sizes. 200 liters and 50 lt. Made out of heavy duty blue plastic drums with a sturdy steel base with air mesh to protect from flies and for drainage.

Irrigation: Hoses and hose fittings. A variety of sprinklers,watering cans and wands. Drip irrigation. Hoses all all fitting, valves and connectors. Ollitas terra-cotta pots for irrigation. Organic Fertilizers Organic and environmental friendly pesticides.

Garden tools. Green House and nursery supplies. Garden and vegetable garden consultant advice and tips we gladly accept garden tips from fellow gardeners.

English spoken ask for Michael, Bob or Jenne.

Thanks a lot your observations are welcome. Have a good day.


You gardeners got the run down from Bob at La Cavacha Garden Supplies. . . He be the man! . . . Plus, VIP Club Card members get 10% off.*

And from another VIP Club participating establishment, La Mesa Grande, Zacateros #49, 154-0838, saying they'd like to remind members they're a newer, hip bakery/cafe, serving freshly baked bread daily, yummy pastries, hefty sandwiches, sizzling pizza, good selection wine-beer, full-service coffee bar, now accepting credit cards. Monday - Friday, 8:00 until 7 p.m.., Saturdays 9:00 to 5 p.m.,

Sundays 9:00 to 3 p.m..

Say hi to Robin and Fernando and VIP Club Card holders get 10% off on purchases exceeding 100 pesos.

Super Photo 30 Fuji Film has moved. The VIP Club participating business is now located on San Francisco #22. Super Photo has some outstanding services converting many medias to DVD disc and a host of other photo, video and keepsake options! Read what they offer members at Click on "other VIP discounts" and scroll down until you come to Super Photo 30.

VIP Club participating business Shaw Direct Satellite TV wants members to know their system will be presenting: Dexter - the new season starts in September on Showtime. Breaking Bad - Season 4 has just began on AMC, The Goodwife - new season will start in Sept on CBS, the missing in action, History Channel can be had. See Shaw's VIP Club one-month free offer along with all the channels available on Your Club's webpage: Click on the piece of the puzzle that says: "other VIP Club Discounts!"

Your Club wanted to address something in defense prices at our local restaurants and prices in general when compared to those of the States or Canada. Unlike most places north of the border tax is included in the price on menus. Restaurants in Mexico pay a whopping 16% IVA, a value tax on each and everything served. North of the border they tack the sales tax afterward. Even in the pricier taxed States, the hit doesn't come close to the 16 points the restaurants get whacked with in Mexico. Consider you get a 500 peso tab at a restaurant, do know that 96 pesos goes to the Gov. Why are we mentioning such? Perhaps only to provide some sort of mental comfort when comparing restaurant prices these days.

Time is winding down for the deal that enables those who are no longer members to permit the Club to buy you a new library card to help out the library when joining the VIP Club at the library. The offer lasts until July 31. Read the deal in the last news flash!

Thank you Claudia and Eric at La Puertecita Hotel for a lovely anniversary party and here's to 20 more years!

Report lost or misplaced VIP Club Cards to get immediate replacement.

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

Recent restaurants and other services offering VIP Club members’ discounts!

• Chicago Style, Salida a Queretaro, 15% cash 10% credit card.
• Café Rama, Nuevoes #7 10% cash
• Carcasonne, Correo #34, 10% cash, 7% credit card
• Mama Tina’s, Hernandez Macias #93, 15% cash, 10% credit card.
• Sicila in Bocca, (Salida a Queretaro 10%)
• Baile Café, (inside Arthur Murray Dance Studio, 10% cash
• El Meson, Mesones #80, breakfast, lunch and dinner, 10% discount plus, 2 x 1 always for VIP Club members.
• La Puertacita Hotel Restaurant, Col. Santo Domingo. Now offers VIP Club members 20% off their famed Sunday Brunch
• Dragon Chinese Restaurant, 10% off, Wednesday and Friday, free corkage days.
• Dr. Claudia Llanas, 20 de Enero 17-A, Col San Antonio, 30% off her dental services.
• Providencia Gas (propane) cel: 415-109-5357, 7% cash, on-the-spot rebate, 1000 minimum.
• Galeria Izamal, Mesones #80, 10%
• Dr. Inkol chiropractic services, first consultation free (200) peso savings.
• Super 30, aka: Fuji Film San Francisco #50, 10% off all merchandise, 15% off printing and developing, 20% off recovery or converting photos, tapes, VHS, just about anything to DVD.
• Unisono wireless, 300 pesos off installation charge.
• Mariner purified water 15% off
• Shaw Satellite TV services, VIP Club members first month free.
• Luis Urribe-Clinica Automotiriz: Big discounts off auto mechanical, bodywork, total car care, insurance claims.
• Alas Wings, Flying, 15% off lessons and aerial sightseeing, see webpage for details.
• Galeria Isamial Mesones #80, 10%, 300 peso minimum.

• All Natural HCG Is now available in Mexico. HCG is taken orally and triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as "food".  A 2 Oz Bottle is 70 USD or Pesos Equiv. They offr 10% discount to all VIP Members. We also offer Multi-Bottle Discounts (if you and your friends buy together)  For more information contact  Johnna or Valerie at Cell 415-153-2031 or email

• Cel phone help with Sergio 11 am until 6 pm at 415-111-4400 or email: His regular fee is $150 pesos per hour but first time VIP Club member pay just 75 pesos for their first hour for Sergio to straighten it all out.
• La Mesa Grande, cafe and panaderia and relocated to the corner of Pila Seca and Zacateros. Fernando and Robin are the principle bakers. cel: 415-113-8522 154-0838, 10% discount for VIP Club members still applies with minimum 100% peso purchase.

• Gas Providencia cel: 415-109-5357, On the spot, 7% cash rebate, minimum 1000 pesos.

• Lourdes Cordero’s original art. 15% off, Aldama #56


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