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Friday, July 29, 2014

This VIP Club Newsflash is being sponsored by Shaw Satellite Direct TV. Get up to 300 channels including east coast and west coast time major US and Canadian networks! The CFL season is happening! NFL is right around the corner. Don't miss game or other major sporting event. See HBO, AMC, PBS and other desired networks! They even broadcast Late Night Naughty! Set up costs for antenna, box and hook up, approx $600 USD. VIP Club members receive their first month free and almost 100 USD value! Call and speak with Paul Fireman at 120-0200 or cel: 415-106-5600 or email: Cracker Jack service.

(Attention business people: Any business or individual can sponsor a VIP Club newsflash! We send out over 1800 emails to our members once-to-twice a month. Cost to sponsor a flash is 1000 pesos.)


Your Club has to apologize! There has been a drastic turn of events regarding Ci Banco. After inviting the membership to cash U.S. checks at Ci Banco the upper management has pulled the carpet right from under us!

As of Friday, July 25th, Ci Banco ceased to cash U.S. checks! Ci Banco insisted there were no plans to stop cashing members' checks. On Thursday, the 24th, Ci Banco announced, that in less than 24 hours check cashing would cease. If you have an account with Ci Banco you will still be able to wire transfer money and deposit cash.

We can't demonize the local personnel at Ci Banco. We understand that manager, Josefa, along with Cynthia and Isadora are devastated and embarrassed to be caught in the middle. For the higher ups at Ci Banco to make such a drastic move showed absolutely no respect for anyone banking there. We are sorry, yet consider, if the management of Ci Banco can summarily make decisions without regard to its clients, what else are they capable to doing in the future? I do apologize. I may have led on, having them to believe check cashing privileges would be available well into the future.

Onward and upward: Your VIP Club welcomes Provecho, Ancha de San Antonio. Ancha de San Antonio 10-A, 152-2073, open Thursdays 'til Sundays: 12:30 - 7:30 pm. Sat: opens at Noon and Sunday 11:30. The Byrne gals, Mom, Siobahan and daughter Jo Ann are long time sanmiguelenses. Jo Ann has been active in the catering business here for some time. The ladies have had the Provecho on a shake down cruise for almost a year. Since day one comments from diners have been positive. The Brynes sense they are ready to invite the club. Many members already do frequent Provecho. The menu is bi-lingual and international in flavor. Each dish reads as if it has that crowning jewel of an ingredient offering additional pizazz while making them unique. The breakfast menu served on weekends. Peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast! Full bar! VIP Club members may take 10% off for cash and cc. Welcome ladies!

Long time friend and member Rita DeBrito has been elected the new president of Biblioteca Publica! Congrats Rita! We know you will do a stellar job.

Rita has a tiger by the tail! Now Rita tells me that if every expat bought a library card, valid for one full year for a mere 100 pesos, that that alone would cover the library's general expenses!

At one time there were three major cultural centers in San Miguel. Sorry to say, two of the three (Instituto Allende and Bellas Artes) are not the centers of activity they once were. Yet Biblioteca continues to reach out to the children of our town, offering them scholarships that have altered the lives of many to a positive degree. The Biblioteca is, was and always has been, an extension of the expat community, perhaps considered the expats' contribution to the town and its people punctuating to the rest of San Miguel that they are a vibrant part of the community too!

Face it. The only long-haul way out of poverty for youth and society in general is via education! Biblioteca educates!

Your Club asks all members, and even those who might live outside Mexico, to lend a helping hand and sign up for a library card to keep your Your Bibliotec stay afloat. How about chipping in and raise the membership of Our library! (FYI: The library receives no compensation from any municipal, state or federal governments. They are on there own). When signing up take one copy of passport or INAPA Card or immigration card along with a utility bill. Be part of the community! Be part of the library!

VIP Club participating restaurant, Baile Cafe, along with accompanying business Arthur Murray Dance Studio also a participating VIP Club business has moved to Salida a Celaya #59. The studio is still owned and operated by Christie Olvera and continues to offer all forms of Latin, swing, ballroom and tango dancing lessons.. Coupls and singles welcomed. Daily personal lessons along with weekly groups and parties. Glide on the new, real, floating wooden floors!

Baile, the restaurant, will be open soon and still will be operated by husband Adrian Olvera featuring indoor and outdoor seating and full bar, Note: new phone 185-8282 email or VIP Club member are entitled to one free personal dance lesson/consultation, new students only Restaurante Baile will continue to offer our membership 10% off food and drink.

VIP Club bakery and restaurant, La Mesa Grande, stays open late Thursday through Saturday until 10 pm. and now has a changing dinner menu those evenings served along with their pizzas, salads and sandwiches. Plus Friday August 1, at 7:30 pm, a craft beer pairing with great food and three stout beers.

If any member has a construction project in mind desiring consultation or needs a contractor e-mail VIP Club member John Dougherty aka: J-D at John has vast knowledge about construction in Mexico and especially here in San Miguel. He's a straight shooter and tells it like it is and eludes wasting any one's money.

Mort and Norma are having a garage sale Saturday, August 16th, 9 - 1 pm featuring Mexican antiques and other decor, Cuesta de San Hose #29, or call for pre-sale appointment 152-8180.

Your Club keeps its ear close to the ground listening to our members and participating businesses. Members often tell us how they forget to use their cards (maybe they have too much money) and restaurants say they desire to see more card holders. If anything, even if a member doesn't wish to employ their cards, maybe make that restaurateur feel good by telling them "you are a member" flash the card at least to perhaps let them know their efforts at being part of the club are paying off!

Again, as an attachment we are posting as an attachment recent restaurants and businesses that have joined with us. Your Club has never been more robust with now 70 local restaurants in the fold along with 70 other services. Click the Restaurant link above.

Hanks! Start your weekend early. On Thursdays, buy two meals and get a complimentary bottle of red or white wine. If you're a foursome, it's two bottles! Plus, don't forget Hank's fabulous brunch menu, diverse and reasonable and your card works!

It's always steak night at Longhorn Smokehouse, especially on Thursdays.

It's always burger night at Sollano #16 on Thursdays.

More fashion from Coco de Agua (see attachments).

Spell check sometimes throws monkey wrench in these flashes at times. Last flash we wished to post the word "discretion" and don't you know, that trouble maker "spell check" moved around letters and it came out, "desecration!" Sheesh!

NFL football season is around the corner! We've have a kick butt fantasy football league that a group of us has played in since last century. Serious fans only but email back for details when the league begins, it's free and fun and competitive. We have lots of female fans too!

Finally, our State's fine film festival is in full swing. A plethora of films are still to be seen at the many venues in and around town. It's free, so get out there and take in a film or two or three and support what Sarah Hoch and her GIFF team have provided that has contributed to making San Miguel one of the greatest towns to live in on planet earth.

With all the strife on the planet we can be thankful for the fine place we live!

Thank you for your continuous and loyal support.

Your San Miguel VIP Club

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